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White hat seo

12 Whitehat SEO Link Building Strategies For 2016

Happy New Year!

First, i hope you had a great time over the Christmas & New Year celebrations and allow me to wish you a great year ahead! In a moment i will be giving you details on how to join my new white hat seo link building training for 2016 at no cost, but before we get into that, i have a few things i would like to say:)
This time of year we tend to reflect and some of us make decisions for the next year which adds extra excitement & hope for the future.
I am no different, and for this coming year i have decided to get more involved in doing more White Hat SEO that i know works 100% and that we will benefit from in the long term regardless of any Google Algorithm update.
That doesn't mean i will stop the other stuff, but i will certainly be building more white hat link building into the mix for 2016. 
The fact is that there's still far too much to explore with creating more new and unique grey hat stuff, that my curiosity will not allow me to let it go completely.
Even at the time of writing this i have over 200 "Untouched" PBN sites (not linking to any of my sites or blog posts, videos or even web 2.0 content). I have 3 Google news sites (rarely used for testing to date), and there is also a major new tool in the works (Backlink Alpha), which will be such a beast of a tool that truly can not be described anything other than Black Hat.

So what am i really up to with the white hat SEO techniques?

Quite simply. Resolving an internal conflict!

I want to dig into white hat link building and start creating new strategies that work, that are easy to do, and that will never be be in danger of any future Google slaps. This is a great opportunity for you if you are offering, or want to offer white hat link building services.
The real Issue with White hat link building for me has always been scalability. I mean in comparison of doing stuff like first tier web 2.0 blogs, then blast the first tier links with GSA has been so easy that its hard not to do it instead of the White hat stuff.
Quite frankly this sort of spammy strategy is becoming boring, unimaginative and always open to future Google algorithm changes, and ultimately to Google slaps that may be extremely hard to recover from. But now thinking long term, if you want to know how to increase organic traffic to websites you really need to learn what white hat vs black hat SEO is really about.

Yep, i really did say that!

But...In Fairness, 90% of my link building tools can be used as white hat too. Most of them from IFTTT Backlink Commando to Video Synd Alpha can be used without being spammy if you choose to not be spammy, and are really handy tools for syndicating content for yourself and clients without venturing into black hat stuff.
I do know a few people who use them for their white hat seo service as they automate much of the process for each new client they get, and used properly they can provide SEO case study examples. Many of these tools can actually be used for white hat seo techniques and used for providing seo traffic services for clients.
I found myself thinking about direction of SEO in general, my own stuff, the performance over the past 12 months and had a major conflict inside.


Quite frankly i fell out of love with SEO and unless you really LOVE what you are doing then you cannot do your best work in my humble opinion.
Over the years i have created some very innovative strategies and been able to knock them out at will.
Even at the rate of one per week while we were doing the SEO Sunday webinars, and quite honestly i would have no idea what next weeks strategy was going to be from one week to the next.
...But i knew deep inside that something unique would be taught the following week and this was true every single time. I always had that "certainty" mindset that there would be a brand new strategy, that no one ever taught before, and that would be something unique and fun.
But then i stopped wanting to do it. It wasn't fun for me anymore, i felt at times that i had enough and wanted to go in a different direction, but i kept going and quite honestly i don't think my heart was truly in it enough for me to be as good as i can be.

Список дел. Быть лучше! (To do list. Be better!)

Even this blog has not been up to standard, i made a feeble attempt at the beginning of the year to turn that around and got way too busy to do what i had intended to do at the beginning.

There has been very little backlinking done (internal linking, black hat, grey hat or white hat) for this site and some of the posts are way too long and poorly formatted.
My job for this blog for the next year is simply to re-do some posts for 2016 and 301 redirect the older ones to the new ones. (Yep that means i will lose social signals and some link juice, but i cant leave those posts as they are).
Even this post will be either redirected or completely rewritten updated at the end of the webinar series.

Turning Things Around

Over the past couple of weeks i have gone back and looked at strategies and software tools we created, and decided to start reworking them. Even to the point that i was prepared to completely re-do some of them.
You seen the result of that just a couple of days ago with the updated search and click tool, which i built a far better overall strategy into the tool by turning it into Vid Attack Alpha. This is a black hat tool, absolutely no doubt about it, but the overall strategy has been made better and the thought process of making it as undetectable as it can be has been fairly solid.
You can expect to see more similar type upgrades over the next few weeks and months too. I won't stop the grey/black hat sort of stuff completely.
I just can't!... I honestly do not think that anyone can, unless (or until) you are a big brand or a major influencer with massive social reach...The truth is that most of my customers and followers are neither big brands or major social influencers, and i teach to help them, often with no buy button at the end of those training sessions (99% of the time actually).
Some people might call that bad marketing and think there should always be a buy button, but my style of marketing has always been very subtle when it comes to using my training sessions as content lead magnets, and i can tell you now that over the past year we have sold over $665,000 of products without being greedy.
That doesn't include the $58,000 in affiliate commissions i generated and that could have easily been 5 times more. I refrained from doing affiliate promotions for long periods, even when i was generating thousands of dollars more from being on leader boards via prize money.
There are better and far more classier ways of making money online than hustling! Each to their own i guess but it really needs to fit into your personality.
Over the past year there have been over 40 FREE training sessions done by myself personally without a buy button at the end. Often with as many as three in the same week.
So i sat down to do my "ultimate product creation method" and over several cups of coffee i mapped out a "12 mini webinar series" for White Hat SEO Link building that is easy to do, and just as scalable!
A lot of my inspiration came mainly from two guys, Brian Dean and Ryan Stewart, a recovering blackhat SEO :)

The word Applause surrounded by colorful stars to symbolize support, enthusiasm, approval, ovation, or other positive reaction or feedback

The good news is that by doing this outline for the white hat link building webinar series i got excited again! :)

These Mini webinars will be a maximum of 30 minutes each.
I want them to be short, concise, with step by step on how to do them and how to scale them up.
By the end of each webinar you will have an easy plan of action and you will not feel daunted in any way
,...And also, not bored sitting through a 60 to 90 minute webinar.
This is 12 white hat seo link building strategies, unique, easy to do and scalable too!
I really do hope that  you can come and join me and learn as i put the fun back into SEO for 2016...

You can sign up here for the webinar series

Its FREE training and these white-hat link building strategies will stand you in good stead long term.

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