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Easy Guest Blogging SEO Strategy For White Hat SEO Link Building

In this post i will show you how to use an easy Guest Blogging SEO strategy, for scalable white hat SEO link building (like a pro), watch the strategy overview webinar replay and claim the slides & mind map at the bottom of this post and grab this "white hat SEO strategy using guest blogging" cheat sheet to follow along with this tutorial.

This post will be updated several times with a complete step by step, over the shoulder video guide case study. I am posting it now because we have a lot of people who want to watch the webinar replay who could not be on the live webinar.

What's In This Guest Blogging SEO Strategy For White Hat SEO Link Building?

This week we look at the steps needed to do a Guest Blogging SEO White Hat Strategy successfully, and the tutorial covers:

  • Why You Should Consider Doing Guest Blogging SEO
  • What You Need To Do First Before Creating Any Guest Post
  • What Your Main Goal Should Be When Guest Posting
  • How To Get Your Marketing Elements In Place Before Posting
  • Ideas For Your Marketing Elements
  • Some Outside The Box Tips For Lead Bait When Guest Blogging
  • How And When To Do Blogger Outreach
  • Resources & Tips For Finding Influencers
  • Ways Of Bribing Influencers To Get A Guest Blog On High Traffic Websites
  • Where To Find Guest Blogging Communities
  • What To Watch Out For When Choosing Sites To Guest Post For
  • Mind Map And Slides Available In The Blog Post
  • Coming Soon..Full Step By Step Case Study Of This Guest Blogging SEO Strategy

Here Is The Guest Blogging White Hat Strategy Overview (Webinar Replay)

Here's a Quick Recap For Those That Don't Have Time To Watch The Webinar

(You Will Find More Information In The Slides in Resources Section Below At The Bottom Of This Post, And This Blog Post Will Be Updated With A Complete Step By Step Case Study)

Why You Should Consider Doing Guest Blogging For White Hat Link Building

  • High Traffic Potential
  • Instant List Building Opportunity
  • Retargeting Opportunity*
  • Increase Awareness Of You or Your Brand
  • Quality Backlinks
  • Quality Social Shares 

The Guest Blogging SEO Strategy I Recommend That Is Easy To Scale

This is something i have done a few times before. In fact i did this 3 times in one week back in 2011. These 3 posts created over 10,000 hits to my old KISS I.M blog, its that easy to scale and it's super simple!

  1. Make a list of at least 3 awesome guest blog topics that you could cover with authority. For mine i used "how to create a link on wikipedia", "How to optimize YouTube Videos" and another that i cant recall now. These posts will be video based in a over the shoulder camtasia video training session, like the ones i do.
  2. Go to a guest blogging community site (I used but there are others listed in the Google slide at the bottom of this post). And create a membership and find where the "guest blogs offered" section is.
  3. Add a thread or info on the blog posts that you can provide and wait for responses.
  4. When you get responses, you need to analyse them and look at the alexa traffic, SEO metrics just for the info, and the social following of the site that wants your guest post. Now whats really important to note here is that with offering video posts you can use it more than one blog. So DO offer to provide a unique text commentary for every guest blog that would like your training video.
  5. When you have agreed with the blog owner to do the post then get it done quickly, post in your own WordPress site as draft and format it. Provide quality images to go with it and if you can then do an infographic, failing that then get a quick PowerPoint done. Send the html code from the text area of your draft blog post (in WordPress there are two tabs at right hand corner of the text editing area, one with visual and one with text, click on text and copy and paste the html code into a txt file to send to the blog owner).
  6. Make sure you add a call to action and have them go to a landing page to collect their email for something related to the post (lead bait) and also add a retargeting pixel from Facebook to the landing page too.

Try it, This Guest Blogging SEO strategy really does work well.
I will have my case study done within 2 weeks and we can track the results of that too:)

Some Tips For Blogger Outreach If You Are Reaching Out To Influencers and Not Using Guest Blogging Communities...

  1. Use Ninja Outreach or Buzzstream to identify Influencers within your niche.
  2. Be Short & Concise (See My Example In The White Hat Infographics Strategy Post)
  3. Offer a Bribe (In the webinar i suggested to offer retargeting and/or email your list if you have a list)
  4. Point To Some of Your Quality Blog Posts or Guest Blogs That You Done Before
  5. Mention Your Own Reach If You Have Some (Your List Size, Social Following, Facebook Group Members etc)
  6. Offer Retargeting To A Product or Offer If You Have One (This Can Be To The Gust Blog On An Influencers Site, Or To A Product You Have Using An Affiliate Link For The Influencer, Or Direct To A Product From The Influencer With Or Without Your Affiliate Link)
  7. Offer To Mail Your Own List (This In Itself Can Make All The Difference To Getting A Guest Post On A Top Site)
  8. Pick ONLY Quality Sites For Quality Backlink (Forget SEO Metrics That Can Be Manipulated & Instead Focus on The Sites Traffic and The Site Owners Social Following Count. One Question You Need To Know Is..."Will This Site And Owner Drive Quality Targeted Traffic In High Volume"
  9. Tell Them What You Plan To Giveaway (A Giveaway Can Be A Cheat Sheet, A Tool, Or As I Suggested On The Webinar An FAQ Type Post With The Best Questions Answered in Detail On Your Own Site)
  10. Promise To Be Available For Post Comments (This Is A Must Do task When Guest Posting, Be Available To Be Helpful To Readers Of Your Guest Blog)
  11. Create a Personalized Video (This Works Well When Doing Product Launches, No Reason Why It Shouldn't Work When Asking For A Guest Posting Opportunity Too)


Access The Guest Blogging SEO Strategy Resources:

Google Slides From The Webinar

Mind Map Of The Guest Blogging Strategy

Last Weeks White Hat SEO Strategy Using Infographics Blog Post

Add More Social Shares To Your Follow Up Post (On Your Site) After Your Guest Post

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