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how to promote your blog

How To Promote Your Blog For 1000's Of Visitors To Every Post (Checklist)

Traffic & Blog Promotion Cheat Sheet

White Hat Blog Traffic & Promotion Techniques Designed To Be Do-Able With The Help Of A Virtual Assistant.

This blog post will be updated with more details on each and every strategy found on the chrome extension, i published it early for the benefit of the webinar attendees this morning.

Get The Blog Promotion Checklist Chrome Extension Here

Blog Promotion Chrome Extension

I have done similar posts in the past and free training webinars covering some of this before too. However, i felt that it would be really useful to make a chrome extension similar to the YouTube SEO Cheat Sheet that can be ticked off and used by a VA or yourself as each task is done.

In this tutorial you will find some unique techniques for some strategies, even if they sound familiar, It's worth giving a quick glance and hopefully you will find a few nuggets to stand out from the crowd in any niche.

Although this checklist may seem long and comprehensive, If most of these promotional strategies are followed you could expect to drive thousands of visitors to every post. That's assuming of course that the content is quality and with a great headline that encourages the click through.

Lets Get Started... How To Promote Your Blog

Content Aggregators: 

These are like blog directories. If you write quality content with great headlines these sites can increase traffic to your site significantly. There are several more but i wanted to have a quick and easy plan for promoting your blog and think these two are enough.


You need to be accepted in this site and if you can it is a good thing. My previous blog was accepted and this one your reading now was refused recently, perhaps because i was promoting some black hat seo services at the time, but i will try to get accepted again in the near future.




Content Upgrade (Essential For Some Promotional Strategies):

Content upgrades is providing multiple formats for your content, which we use to get subscribers opting into mailing lists and which we can use for further content syndication later too. I am adding these here as we will need at least some of them, in order to do some syndication to high traffic sites.


Video is very easy to do these days, and there are multiple ways to create videos and some very good tools around now too. More importantly, they can be used to convert traffic to take an action very effectively, and can be syndicated through some high traffic sites like YouTube, Video and Daily Motion.


I recommend getting this outsourced on fiverr for a high quality powerpoint that will also be given in PDF format with a nice design too.

Syndication with your own accounts on high traffic and top quality doc sharing sites only can be outsourced on fiverr too. I do not recommend buying services that mention 50 sharing sites for example, look for manual account creation services that have perhaps 15 or 20 top quality sharing sites, and use the same accounts every time to build up your accounts naturally as assets rather than thinking of backlinking.

You can also add video to powerpoint and i suggest you test it, it can be useful for increasing traffic and conversions.

This is a also a handy addition to use when doing guest blogging.


The top infographic sharing sites can drive decent traffic too and have a good SEO value as they are typically Do Follow links.

This is very easy to get outsourced for both infographic design and also submission to infgraphic sharing sites.

Remember though, that you cannot add links inside infographics themselves, so when referencing other sites or your own it needs to be in an easy format for the reader to re-type.



Creating a PDF is very simple, it can even be done with a simple chrome app extension when you are on a blog post or via a WordPress plugin.

You can add also add video to PDF which is useful as a content upgrade or lead bait to get people subscribing to your mailing list. I outsource on fiverr to get video added to the PDF and i recommend you use the same fiverr gig.

Powerpoint can also have video added to it too.

Chrome Extension

This is something new that i have been working on and still needs some testing but its a really useful content upgrade as its a practical tool for people following checklists and so much easier than using mind maps.

You can also create a firefox addon at the same time and appeal to users of both chrome and firefox in one go.

Its best use as far as benefits to you are for list building, growing your audience and building reputation for providing great resources with actionable tips if you use it the way that i do with my checklists. It can also drive a lot of traffic to your site.

You can choose to give it away free or sell for a low cost in order to build a buyers list.

By adding your extension to the chrome webstore you can expect to drive more traffic through a larger audience being available via the web store.

I am also testing this to upsell some of my premium tools with a simple link in the chrome extension and in the blog post link i use to give them a more detailed description of each point in the checklist.

This is what the cheat sheet format looks like, its almost like mind map but can be used in real time in the browser as people are going through campaigns.

Youtube seo chrome app

We will be providing this service for firefox and chrome bundles for checklist type extensions very soon, if you are on my email list you will receive details when we are ready to release it.

Social Signals & Reshares:

I recommend that you do at least justretweet and viral content buzz for social reshares as both sites have influencers. Onlywire can be automated and Google plus is too easy not to do.

justreweet screenshot

Justretweet is a site that allows you to post tweets and your blog posts that you want to be retweeted or shared on Facebook or Google plus. There are some influencers on this site from the internet marketing niche and it can drive some decent traffic to your site.

People choose which content they want to promote to earn more credit for themselves and many are careful to make ure its high quality content that they will share wit their social followers.

You can also enhance this by purchasing sponsored spots, or you can simply buy credits/points to use when you have a new post to get shared.

justretweet credits

Quick Tip:

You can bid high enough to stay near top when people search for the highest credits offered, this gives you a bunch more social shares from people who want to increase their own credits quickly by sharing your content.

I normally bid 20 credits and use this more for a social kickstart to new content, but have seen oters bid 100 points or so just to get shares done quickly.

Viral Content Buzz

This is co owned by Ann Smarty and she has a twitter account @dailyseo with almost 15,000 followers that often shares my content.

What i like about Viral content buzz i that you can set up an RSS feed from your blog and it will automatically send your latest posts through for approval with just a one time set up.

There are two monthly plans, the honey bee and the busy bee. I use the busy bee as there are more benefits and it does drive decent traffic to my blog, in fact i have some posts still being promoted on there that Viral Content Buzz have sent over 1000 visitors to.


They also have a forum and a udemy course as well as a skype group tat you can join.

This is a new one that i just started using, they also have an RSS option for your blog, and its similar in design to

I have to admit there is more of a learning curve with this one and i havent yet spent time learning the process properly.

your With onlywire you can add social bookmarking site accounts and social networks, which totals around 50 accounts if you create accounts on all of the sites they work with.

I suggest to use main use your main accounts and get someone on fiverr to create the others for you.

Onlywire has an option to add up to 3 RSS feeds so that you can get social bookmarks and post to your social networks automatically and i use this option for both my youtube channel and my blog.

It costs 49 bucks a year to get 1000 signals per month and i prefer this to IFTTT for white hat SEO purposes, but for blackhat SEO, IFTTT offers multiple options.

We have seen videos ranking with just onlywire and good on page SEO on YouTube.

Google plus


This is so easy to do, that everyone should do it to get a do follow link

Google plus also has communities that you can tap into and drove a lot of traffic

Blogger & Social Communities:

These are sites where you can post your links (often via RSS) and other people will share them. They are normally communities interested in specific topics that you can post by category and drive additional traffic to your blog posts.

Blog Engage

Blog engage is a blogger community and they are pretty active on social media sharing your content.

If you buy 3000+ credits with viral content buzz you get a free blog engage account to the value of $30.00 too which is handy.

  • Bizsugar
  • Blokube
  •  (Marketing Niche)
  • Reddit
  • Quora


Targeted Traffic & Backlinks:

  • Forum Posts
  • Warrior Forum Blog (Marketing Niche)
  • Linkedin Pulse
  • Email Subscribers
  • Press Release
  • EDU Links
  • Concept PBN Expired Domain Sites
  • Google News



  • Video Syndication
  • Doc Sharing
  • Infographic Sharing


Paid Promotion:

  • Facebook Sponsored Stories
  • Promoted Tweets
  • LinkedIn Sponsored Updates
  • Stumble Paid Discovery Ads
  • Reddit Ads
  • Native Ads
  • BuySellAds
  • Retargeting



  • Ninja Outreach
  • Buzzstream
  • Content Marketer
  • Buzz Bundle
  • Quilio
  • Headline Generator
  • Seomofo Snippets Tool


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