Learn How You Can Take Poking To Another Level And Rank For Hundreds Of Keywords With One Campaign That Have TRAFFIC & REAL VALUE! 

New Automated System With An Intelligent & Proper Approach To Keyword Poking For Profits

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Here's a question for you... 

You've probably noticed some recent products that promote the poking strategy and rank for multiple keywords effortlessly... 

Usually they are using YouTube videos to do this, which is great in some ways as its instant indexing, but its limited in giving a true indication to the value of those keywords or even if they have traffic or not.

So my question is how do we take this to another level and discover which keywords have any real value?

The Answer Is "Traffic" Poking!

I will explain more about Traffic Poking later in this post but before we get into that lets take a look at the strategy that most people are familiar with and that has been taught recently.

My guess is that many of the tools and training to date on this strategy have been geared to local marketing with the intention of renting out video channels to local businesses.

Now, i will be totally honest here and admit that i havent done a great deal of local marketing services for quite some time. The truth is i never enjoyed it even though i did have some very significant success with it as a business.

My favourite gig to go after at the time was large franchise companies, those big companies with offices in multiple cities and states and i sold them for massive orders for websites, traffic and marketing consulting.

Notice i didnt mention rankings in that last sentence?

One of the problems of dealing with businesses when offering SEO type services is that they dont always grasp why "the SEO Guy" thinks they are interested in rankings and cannot produce real data on ROI for their services or a comparison with paid traffic.

I mean we do poking to get rankings for hundreds of keywords, and rankings is one way of getting traffic right?


Only if the keywords you are ranking for are "traffic keywords" or high value keywords would this apply.

Now i dont know about you, but i would feel a little embarrassed if i raved about a few hundred page one rankings i got for a client and when they looked at the traffic stats they showed very little traffic.

In fact they would feel that i just sold them shit and that i was a liar! And in truth I would feel like a snake oil salesman and a little out of my depth if i did something like that. 

Credibility Shot!..

I think most people would feel that way unless they had an over inflated ego and couldnt admit to being wrong, and from my experience, those type of people are usually only really interested in themselves and their own rewards rather than delivering a service of value to the customer.

Business Owners Can See Through This Just As Easily As You Or I Can.

Of course we delivered multiple page one rankings for every city we built campaigns for, but our focus was on traffic with the intention of delivering a service of value that allowed us to upsell our "Marketing" consulting services.

The thought process was simple...

Once we have traffic we can work, tweak and improve on creating marketing and conversion strategies that bring profits and a postive ROI long term.

This worked really well for us. We would hop from one large franchise company to the next and show results.

Those results were not page one rankings, they were traffic stats with a comparison on money saved for paying for adwords for the same keywords we were getting traffic for.

That was way back in 2008 till around 2011 and things have evolved a lot since then. 

We Understood Business Owners Needs...

We were running a very successful 7 figure recruitment business for years before until the financial crash in 2008 and our approach was that of business owners who had benefited for ranking for high traffic keywords in our niche.

Heck we were even making up to $4000 per month just from adsense for our business site in those days due to the worldwide traffic we had from people wanting to work in the UK, USA, Canada & Australia. 

And do you know the best part?

The website content we created took us approximately two weeks of hard grind and then it was just news updates from that point forward. 

If only i knew then, some of the things that i know now and had the automation tools that we create today then we would have hit several of those high traffic niches and banked big!

I have revisited the strategy with years more experience and from a much more accomplished and improved marketing approach while keeping the core values of those days well intact.

In Todays Webinar Replay I Will Cover A New System That I Have Created And I Will Show You How We Can Use This System For Local, Affiliate Marketing & Even For Bloggers Or Adsense / Native Ad Type Websites

This is webinar 1 and is part of a series which i am recording for the benefit of my Traffic Scout Alpha customers, but i am making it freely available to the thousands of visitors to my blog and to my 25,000 + email subscribers to access the training at no cost. 

This is a step by step process of Traffic Poking to help you become better at identifying keywords, and groups of keywords that have traffic & value and easy to rank for, so that you know what to spend either time or money creating quality content for without the guesswork.

In this Advanced SEO Tactics training session you'll learn:

  • What Traffic Poking Is
  • The sneaky system to quietly HIJACK the Traffic Keywords of popular websites In a few clicks
  • How to construct a long tail keyword list properly knowing that if you get ANY of those keywords ranking then you have traffic!

I'm excited to show you this super-effective SEO technique, so don't miss it.

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