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how to use infographics for white hat seo backlinks series 01

How To Use Infographics For White Hat SEO Backlinks

This is the first of  12 White Hat SEO backlink strategies for 2016, which is a weekly 30 minute webinar series followed by a blog post with the full step by step guide. This week we focus on how to use infographics for white hat seo backlinks.

This strategy is often known as linkbait or egobait and the reason why will become apparent pretty soon if you are unfamiliar with either of those terms.

So let's start with the webinar replay from week one of the series and this post will build with step by step videos, more resources and download links as well as an infographic that i will be using for whitehat SEO backlinks :)

  Strategy Overview Webinar Replay…

How To Use Infographics For White Hat SEO Backlinks

  Now Lets Do This Infographics SEO Strategy Step By Step

Finding great content should not be difficult in most niches, and for me in the internet marketing and Specifically the Search Marketing niche it really is super easy, with loads of influencers around creating great blog posts covering just about every search engine optimization topic available.

To make it super simple to find what a really popular topic may be that is trending right now you could head over to and find what has been getting the most social shares by your specified time frame. There are also some great paid tools out there which i have included links to in the google slides doc, under resources section of this article.

If you're stuck you could also check out Pinterest and search for your keyword, from there you will get some ideas for topics there too, but you should take the ideas and type into buzzsumo to check the social share counts for several ideas you picked up, just to make sure they are popular topics.

What we are looking for is posts that are Epic, had lots of social shares and created by people in your niche that have a large following (Influencers) and have constantly high volume traffic to their blogs.

This infographics SEO technique would work best with list type tip posts as it is very easy to pick out some interesting tips and curate into one infographic. For my example i decided to stick to the topic we are working on now and that's using infographics for backlinks with a white hat seo strategy.

  I Cut My List of 12 Really Useful Blog Posts About Using Infographics For SEO Down To 10

This makes it simpler to negotiate for getting the infographic done on Fiverr or with any other Infographics design service. So my final 10 infographic SEO guides are as below and every one of them are great posts with tons of actionable content, with some nice downloadable PDF's and Cheat Sheets.

  Step 1 - Identifying GREAT Content About SEO Backlinks With Infographics

  My Article Resources To Build My Infographic Backlinking SEO Blog Post.


From the SEMrush blog, written by Anant Patel. This is a great post about why infographics are so effective. “From SEO point of view, infographic is still one of the most effective method of link building today. It can generate a large number of backlinks as compared to other link building methods on the web. Over the years, infographics have become more compelling! Check out Anants Post and find out why!

How Best to Use an Infographic to Boost Your SEO and Brand Awareness with Content Marketing

This is a brilliant step by step case study on how linkbird created an infographic campaign using polls to get content and show results in the infographic...Did it work well? You Bet and they got some astounding results.. Check it out and learn how easy it really was for them!

SEO Guide to Creating Viral Linkbait and Infographics

Not sure what linkbait is? This is a really comprehensive guide that will teach you the basics and more. It comes with a real story behind it that tells how Ed Fry had tried and failed multiple times to create successful SEO campaigns using linkbait and how he turned it around after just 2 weeks of the distilled internship...Impressive stuff and worth the time spent reading and learning from it!

How to Get Backlinks With Guestographics

This is one of the classics of our time regarding infographics by Brian Dean, who is one of my favourite SEO’s of all time! Brilliant strategy, easy to read and you won’t believe the results Brian gets time and time again with his SEO techniques. This is a quick and really useful guide packed with golden nuggets. Brian even provides a downloadable checklist:)

The Advanced Guide To Link Building

“Infographics are a link builders trojan horse” That’s a snippet from Neil Patel from quicksprout is one of the smartest entrepreneurs around today and he really knows how to drive traffic with SEO. This post is a step by step guide in which he shows how to find content ideas all the way through to embedding on your site and outreach to get backlinks. An absolute must read for anyone in SEO.

9 Awesome Reasons to Use Infographics in your Content Marketing

If you still need convincing that Infographics work for SEO & traffic the read this article. Jeff Bullas has a massive following and for good reason. He is a seasoned quality content marketer and has been using infographics regularly for a long time. This is a super simple guide, not too long to read and packed with stats and reasons how infographics can be used to drive traffic and rankings.

Why infographics are the secret to super SEO

Article from Victor Ijidola on on how to use infographics to get links, where you can create your own for free and what type of infographic links you really Do NOT want. It’s a short, easy read and you will learn something!

How To Build Links With Infographics

Another really useful step by step guide, this time from Justin Briggs on the Moz blog. In this post you will learn one of the best social platforms to use to drive traffic with paid ads at low cost, how to “seed” your infographics to drive more traffic and with of the best quotes ever about link building…”Don’t be afraid of outreach. It’s a lot like dating. You have to be willing to put yourself out there. Now, if only I was as good at dating as I am link building.” :)

SEO Strategy Case Study: 963% More Organic Traffic

This is another one from Brian Dean and is a follow up to his guestographics post. This time with case studies from his followers who took action and got massive results! Not just in the internet marketing niche either:) If this doesn’t inspire you to use infographics to get rankings and traffic then nothing will.

  And One Bonus Blog Post To Add In Here As It’s Far Too Important To Leave Out In My Humble Opinion, Because It's Spot On…

5 Techniques To Safely Get Links In 2015

Finally another one from Neil Patel, this time revealing his top 5 SEO strategies which includes infographics too. I will leave you with a quote direct from the post “2015 marks a new era in link building. Even though earning links is far more labor intensive, it is still important. You simply cannot have a top-ranking site without generating top-quality links”

I’m sure there are more awesome blog posts on Using Info graphics for SEO out there, but these 9 are quite enough to explain how to do it properly...AND get massive results.

It might take an hour or two to read through them but after you do you will understand how to use infographics for SEO as well as anyone out there, at least in theory. This is better value than a bunch of useless courses out there designed to make money for the product creators, and it costs you nothing but time and the DECISION to learn. The real test of course comes in doing and taking action!

  What Happened To The Number 10 Blog Post About Infographic SEO?

Your Reading It Now! LOL :)

Instead of taking snippets from each infographic, i decided to read through them and write a one paragraph reason why people should read each blog post and what they can learn from it. So that was actually Step 1 of the process. Identifying 9 great blog posts and writing a single paragraph on each with call to action to go read them. Super Simple Stuff!

  Step 2 - Getting The Infographic Designed

I have several great resources for infographics design and they range in price point as well as time to deliver and infographic promotion. In fact we have been building a relationship with a team of designers to offer a done for you infographics SEO service with my own team adding more value by doing some additional SEO promotion with info graphics.

This is for high quality design, with research included (which is optional). This service will be known as the Viral Traffic System and will also include Facebook ads to drive leads instantly and kick start your social sharing, as well as infographic site posting and a few other bits that my own team will do.

We are not quite ready to roll out that service just yet, but if interested then make sure you optin to my subscriber list and join over 19,000 other awesome people to get notified when that service goes live.

For now though, we will stick to a lower cost option as many people would prefer that to test the waters first with infographic design and promotion.

The fastest and cheapest way to get infographics done is definitely on, there are some very decent designers on fiverr and they can even deliver within 24 hours for $25.00 or less!

Let's take a quick look and watch me over the shoulder on video during the process of evaluating who to order from and to get the best price.

Video Will Appear Here Later Today As Soon as its Rendered

As you can see there are several options and i highly recommend that you:

  • Send Them Your Draft And Ask Them For A Quote, Stating Your Required Time Frame And Giving Them Some Pointers On What Type Of Design You Would Like To See.
  • Choose From Highest Rated Providers With Positive Feedback
  • Be Prepared To pay A Little Extra For fast Delivery
  • Start Promoting To Any Influencers You Have Included In The Infographic Immediately

  Step 3 - Your First Phase Of Blogger Outreach

There are several great tools that can be used for blogger outreach. The prices range from free with limited use to several hundred dollars per month. I like Ninja Outreach, but buzzstream has been around for a while and its a well thought out tool and at a reasonable cost too. To be honest i could do a comprehensive blog post on these tools on it's own so in order to keep things flowing see the video below to learn how to do it for free and low cost.

Keep Your message short and to the point but do mention any leverage that you have within your niche if you think they may not be familiar with you. For example i may tell the influencer that i have very active SEO facebook groups and add that i have an email list of 19,000 people (mainly buyers of my SEO products) that i will be mailing about the infographic that recommends they read their blog post.

That may or may not peak their interest, but its honest, truthful, not boastful or demanding and we can also add in a bribe as Brian Dean suggested in his guestographics strategy blog post.

Here are the key points to keep in mind at this stage of the outreach, remembering that there will be a second time connection after the infographic is completed.

  • Keep it short and to the point
  • Be yourself and be polite and personal
  • Mention any leverage that you have in your niche or industry
  • Consider to offer a bribe
  • Consider to offer a free giveaway for their subscribers or social followers

Here is an example of what i might write to Brian Dean...

Hey Brian, 

Its Tony Hayes, i'm not sure if you are familiar with me but i just wanted to let you know that i have started a free 12 week webinar series, with follow up step by step blog posts and resources on white hat SEO strategies for 2016 and i am referencing quite a few of your awesome blog posts and case studies.

I just wanted to ask if you would like me to send you a link to the completed blog posts with the step by step guides with short videos, webinar replays and infographics etc whenever i mention your content and white hat SEO techniques.

I will also be emailing my 19,000 subscribers and posting links in my Facebook groups with over 4000 group members. I know that it will drive traffic to your blog and truly hope that you gain many more followers from it. You were a major influence on my decision to do this free training, and i'm sure my followers would be thrilled to know that you are interested in the series.

All the best


Now that is short, truthful, concise and to the point and it doesn't have to be any harder than that. Influencers are people too, many are very decent down to earth guys that just happen to be very good at what they do, due to the hard work and determination they have put into to their work.

There is no reason why you cannot achieve the same too if you made the decision to put the effort in, because that is all it is, a decision to do it and the determination thereafter to stick to that decision until you do.

  Step 4 - Receiving & Syndicating Your Infographic

The first thing i like to do when i receive an infographic is to re-purpose it in order to syndicate it to sharing sites. To do this, i would have it turned into a PDF and a Powerpoint slide.

Next we head back over to fiverr and we find gigs that will syndicate manually to the best sites such as visualy, scrbd, slidehsare etc.

We need to be careful when doing this in fiverr because you may be tempted to take the gigs that post to 50 sites instead of 5. The truth is that some of those sites are not that great to get links form.

So Focus On:

  • Manual submission gigs from providers with high rating and good feedback
  • Take the gigs with Lower amount of sites, but they have the  top sites for each category (PDF, Powerpoint & Infographics)
  • Look to see if they will create new accounts for you which you can brand and re-use next time. If they do not have that in their gig extras then ask if they will create your own accounts for you and tell them you are planning to work with someone long term for multiple campaigns, but you want your own accounts.

  Step 5 - Writing Your Blog Post

Its crucial to get this part right because it will make the difference of your blog post getting links and social shares or not. That means it should be well formatted, with an easy user experience to read (many people glance and do not read the whole thing as we are all busy), it should be useful, actionable information and worth the time spent visiting your post.

This blog post has taken me about 3 hours in total to write (not including the video recordings, but i love doing videos anyway and don't feel the time go by when doing them) and that's actually pretty reasonable for a post of this type, but you can choose to do it simpler and even faster by using more bullet points.

  Step 6 - Your Second Influential Blogger Outreach

Ok so this is often the most important part, and the most exciting part. We are going to connect with the influencers and send them the link to the blog post that has your infographic with your additional commentary in the blog post.

This really does need to be kept short and to the point as they will be aware of you by now and you know that they are likely very busy people and also you don't want to "oversell yourself" with long drawn out emails.

Here is an example of what i would write to Brian (If he replied the first time)

Hey Brian,

Thanks for your response last time regarding my white hat SEO series. Here is the link to the completed blog post, with step by step guide using infographics. This is a step by step with short videos, the webinar replay, the infographic and direct links to the Top 10 Blog posts about how to use infographics for SEO.

The post has links to two of your posts about guestographics strategy, and also the case study of your students who had great results by taking action on what you taught them. Congrats on the results they go by the way, and i'm sure your really pleased for them. I hope that your already seeing traffic from my email list and social followers and that you gain a few more subscribers from this. 

All the best


So at this point i will wait and see results and will be coming back to update this blog post in about a week or two to share my results with you.

Here are my thoughts on this Info graphics SEO strategy for difficulty to do and scalability

  • Difficulty - 5 out of 10 (There is work to be done to do it nicely)
  • Time To Do - 6 out of 10 (Its about 3 to 4 hours work in total depending on how much time and effort you put into the blog post. There is also with some waiting time for infographic design, outreach and waiting for content syndication to be done)
  • Scalability - 6 out of 10 (I think if you get this system flowing then its realistic to think that one of these infographic campaigns could be done per week, which is actually very good)
  • Trainability - Is that even a word? LOL :) - 5 out of 10  (This requires your own input at each stage which means that although parts of it can be given to a virtual assistant, it's just one of those strategies that is hard to let go of some aspects of the process to get the best results)
  • Would i Do It Again? - 7 out of 10 (Its a fun thing to do, its really not that difficult, but would depend on results which we are waiting for at the moment. If the results are good then its definitely a rinse and repeat strategy)


Here is The Google Slide Used In The Webinar

Mind Map Of The Infographic SEO Strategy 

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