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video synd alpha preview

Video Synd Alpha Preview!

What Would The Ultimate Video SEO Software Syndication System Be Like?...

Video Synd Alpha, Video Distribution Software, Creates accounts & syndicates videos to video sharing sites with 14 Unique SEO strategies Built in

video synd-alpha logo

Here Are Just Some Of The Main Features!

Video Synd Alpha, Video Distribution Software, Creates accounts & syndicates videos to video sharing sites. 14 Unique SEO strategies Built in!

This is The Full X Version Demo, In Launch there Will be Basic, Advanced and X Versions Throughout The Funnel!

  • Video Sharing Site Account Creation
  • Automated Hands Free Indexing & Pinging of Published Videos
  • Automated Video Spinning Between Each Upload to make Every Video Different Byte Size
  • 10 second Social Bookmark Profiles Set Up! (24 sites in total)
  • Automated Back-linking From IFTTT Strategies
  • NEW Fan page Video Syndication & Ranking Strategy Built In!
  • Automated YouTube Channel Networks For 100's of Internal YouTube Links Every Time You ever Upload a Video to Your Main YouTube Channel!
  • YouTube Link wheels 2015 Style!
  • Favorite a Video and It Gets Linkwheele'd too...Say What!!!??? (YEP It Sure Does!)
  • favorite All Your Older Channel Videos Too and Linkwheel Them By Clicking a Button!
  • Long Tail Web 2.0 Posting To Be Added (In Desktop version of Web 2.0 Commando Strategies)

Watch the Video Synd Alpha Preview Video Here

Youtube Video Direct Link Here

Get Video Synd Alpha Here!

Check This OUT!

  • In This Project 71 Sharing Site Accounts Created In 3 Clicks! 
  • Each Video Upload Will Be The Same Video
  • Which Will Be Spun For Different Byte Size
  • Spun As Well In Title & Description
  • Making a 71 Spoke Linkhweel
  • Posted URLs Will Be indexed & Pinged
  • Bookmarked & Syndicated Around web 2.0 Sites Too

All Of The ABOVE With Less than 10 Minutes Work!

Get Video Synd Alpha Here!

More Video Sharing Syndication Sites Being Added!

video synd Alpha Preview

Video Synd Alpha Preview: 71 Video sharing Accounts Created in Less than 30 Minutes for ONE Project1

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Get Video Synd Alpha Here!

12 Unique SEO Strategies using Video Synd Alpha!

All Videos In This Playlist on YouTube

  1. YouTube Linkwheels or Silos
  2. Sharing Site Linkwheels
  3. Linkwheel Your YouTube Linkwheels From Sharing Site Linkwheels :)
  4. Auto Updating YouTube Channel Networks, Massive Internal Linking To Your Main Channel Videos!
  5. Long Tail Synd (similar to Web 2.0 Commando)
    Long Tail Synd Strategy Triple Whammy!
  6. Instant Automated Indexing & Pinging
  7. Easy Social Bookmarking Using Long tail Precision for Buyer Phrase Domination!
  8. One Click Syndication Strategies (favorite a video or watch later and BOOM! You Are Adding To High PR Network...Crazy hands Free SEO!)
  9. Automated Authority & Influencer Copntent Curation With Your Backlinks
  10. Fan Page Ranking System
  11. Set & Forget High PR, Web 2.0 Blog Networks
  12. Hands Free PBN Backlinking

Updated Preview From Broadcast Email Sent Out!...

What Would The Ultimate Video Syndication Tool Be Like?

We have been quietly working on a new brand and new
direction since the two December launches and have been rebuilding our codes from the ground up to accommodate the new ALPHA tools.
So whats with the ALPHA name?
Simple explanation is this...I take an important SEO base strategy
I modernize it with my own unique SEO strategies that i have created and use myself and know that work...
And we automate them into the ultimate "Alpha" software tools.
But its more than that
You see we were doing that anyway with the Commando tools, but this time we take it to the limit, let me explain with the Video Synd Alpha example...
The Base SEO Strategy is Video Syndication in This Software.
The UNIQUE strategies are as follows:
  1. One Click Automated YouTube Linkwheels
  2. One Click Automated YouTube Silos
  3. Sharing Site Syndication
  4. Sharing Site Linkwheels (use this to linkwheel the YouTube link-wheels and watch rankings!...seriously try it!)
  5. Buyer KW Long Tail Syndication (using 3 keyword elements 1. modifiers, 2. keyword and 3. location or product name)...Syndicating to Video sharing Sites!
  6. Long Tail Syndication Triple Stacking
  7. Plain Web
    2.0 Video Embed Syndication 
  8. One Click Social Site Syndication
  9. One Click High PR Web 2.0 Blog Networks
  10. Instant Auto Indexing & Pinging
  11. Comment Silos On All YouTube Video Comments
  12. Fan Page Video Ranking System
  13. Video PBN Auto Backlinker
  14. And more too!
Then we have tools to help us with making the software as useful and easy to do campaigns as possible like...
  1. One Click Sharing Site Account Creation
  2. One Click Social Bookmark Account Creation
  3. New and Improved Campaign Manager
  4. Video spinning in between every upload
  5. Spin Titles, URls, Descriptions and tags
  6. 3rd party Proxies, captchas, spinners and indexers integration
  7. YouTube Channel
  8. Onlywire integration
  9. Older Channel Videos Syndicator!
So what have we done here?
These are all real working strategies, and 90% unique to what i do,
create and teach too!
The good news is that these strategies have been working well for a long time and we have now improved them, we have made them simpler to do via the software.
This is the ultimate video syndication tool
No one could come
close to this, because they do not have the strategies and wouldn't be able to compete with us on price or SEO strategy even if they tried... Because i really stack the value and i keep creating new unique SEO strategies at will. 

Watch The New Preview Video No' 2

Just Recorded!

New Screenshots!
Video Synd Alpha Social bookmarker. better campaign management

Social Bookmark Poster With Options To Assign Profiles To campaigns

Video Synd Alpha Built In SEO Strategies

Built In SEO Strategies Made Push Button Easy... Check Out The Tube Linkwheels Button...Linkhweel your YouTube Linkwheels With Sharing Site Linkwheels in ONE Click!

Build 100's Of Networks Of YouTube Channels Easily

Build 100's Of Networks Of YouTube Channels Easily & Use My Strategy To Hvae them Auto Update Instantly linking to ANY New Video Uploaded To Your Main Channel!

Super Easy YouTube Lin kwheels.

Super Easy YouTube Lin kwheels.
Videos will be spun to different byte size in between every upload...meaning One Video will Look Like Different Video To YouTube every time and You Can Spin Titles, Description & tags!

long tail apha tab Video synd alpha

Long tail apha tab in Video synd alpha. Create thousands of buyer keyword Phrase Long tail video sharing site posts effortlessly!

Video Synd Alpha Preview 3 AND How To Get It!


Linkwheel Your YouTube Linkwheels, With Sharing Site Linkwheels:)

Lazy & Effortless, Kick Ass, Video SEO!

Long Tail Syndication Strategy Added!

Now You Can Easily Create 1000's Of Optimized Long Tail Video Sharing Video Posts

Dominate The Long Tail With Video Synd Alpha!

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