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Warrior Forum Marketing For Traffic & List Building

Warrior Forum Marketing offers a great opportunity for internet marketers to drive fast, targeted buyer traffic almost instantly. Forums like the warrior forum have a vast membership and high volume targeted traffic all day, every day, to tap into and build your list and increase revenue.

By being helpful and a little creative we can drive traffic, build subscribers lists and make sales on a daily basis with very little effort as i explain in this webinar replay.

Want Targeted Traffic?

...Here's Why Warrior Forum Marketing Works!

Drives Evergreen (Perpetual) Highly Targeted Traffic

You will find your traffic stats increasing daily, weekly and monthly if you follow these simple forum marketing strategies that i share with you today!

Builds Attention & Awareness

As a new marketer you may find your struggling to break through with so much noise around. With the traffic volumes that the warrior forum gets every day you can put yourself in front of huge amounts of people and build awareness to your own special, unique insights.

Super Easy To Get Social Shares

Driving traffic from warrior forum can be done in multiple ways, and as long as you have your marketing elements in place, like a social locker to get access to a giveaway (free report, infographic, powerpoint or a tool) for example then its super simple to get social shares.

Super Easy For List Building

Again having a good call to action, with an optin form that really takes as little as 5 minutes to set up you can be building a highly targeted list from today!

Backlinks That Rank! (I Use This To Deep Link)

How many times have you seen warrior forum threads and posts and even blogs ranking in Google? It happens a lot, and these backlinks which you should use to deep link to your own site will push your own site up the SERPS

Really EASY To Make Sales

Warrior forum users are buyers!

There is absolutely no doubt about that and with the ability to stat building a list quickly then you can easily make sales when selling your own products or promoting other peoples products as an affiliate.

Although This Blog Post Is Focusing On The Warrior Forum It Can Work On Others!

Here is some of what you will learn from the webinar replay and the subsequent warriorforum case studies we will be doing over the next month or so.

You Will Discover This is Very Easy to Do!

None of the strategies that i am about to share are difficult or even time consuming apart perhaps going through the learning curve of doing a WSO (warrior special offer), but even this can be outsourced.

If You Follow Along and Take Action You Will Increase Your Following!

Taking action is the key to making money online and if your not prepared to do that then you will learn some great stuff but never fully appreciate it until or unless you actually take action and do stuff.

You Will Discover That You Will Often Can Hit Page 1 Of Google With Warrior Forum Content That You Create

Although the warrior forum itself drives a LOT of traffic you will learn pretty quickly that by posting new threads or blog posts from there that it will rank pretty easily, without you having to do any backlinking which is pretty cool white hat SEO:)

You Will Learn Free or Low Cost Paid Strategies That Just Plain Work!

I will be teaching you strategies and doing live recorded case studies of each that do not cost a lot of money, or even time for some of them, but they will drive traffic and leads and sales!

You Can Outsource These Strategies & Expect a Decent Return on Investment

This is something that i wanted to do for quite some time for my own business and i will be training an assistant to do just that and you will see exactly how i do this and where i find them, as well as how to  reward them fairly based on performance.

This Can Be Can Be Semi Automated Using Forum Tools Provided By The Warrior Forum

There are pre-built tools in most forums, and these are often simple things like daily emails if you have subscribed to a topic that you can respond to a few minutes each day. The warrior forum has various unique ways that we can take advantage of to do better marketing and test multiple strategies quickly and easily

You Will Be Thrilled How Great These Strategies Are For Targeted List Building!

Even if you have never built a list before you will not only learn how to but you will be exposed for the first time how to make money in internet marketing the easy way! The money is in the list, this is your time and your chance to see first hand and experience it for yourself. Once you have learned this you will never look back:)

This Is Also Great For Offliners Local Biz Client Marketing, Or Your Own

There are suitable forums for just about every niche out there, especially business forums and niche forums for your offline clients. Many of these strategies will work in any forum.

You Will Discover That You Have Instant Buyer Traffic On Demand!

An this is what its all about. We do internet marketing to get sales and make money. Having access to instant buyer traffic is not very hard. As you will see:)

Keep an eye on the blog and this post for links to each warrior forum case study as and when i get them done. More info is in the webinar replay on exactly what we will be covering and of course you can download the slides and resources used in the webinar. Just click on the annotation in the replay video above to access the slides.

The Warrior Form Marketing Strategies We Will Be Testing...

Main Form Wide Banner Ads

These Warrior forum banner ads that you see at the top of the forum (above the forum threads) cost $100 a day but it's not about the cost, it's all about return on investment. In simple terms if i can generate 100+ optins from each day then i am happy paying a dollar per lead, but my gut feeling is that this will be much lower lead acquisition costs. The offer is crucial here but we do have plenty to offer here from free tools, to cheat sheets and even Google Chrome extensions and firefox add on's

Classified Ads

If you take a look at the classified ads threads in the warrior forum you will see some significant traffic stats to some of the threads posted there. To stand out there has to be some great offers with huge appeal and well written headlines. This one should be fun to test but it's relatively low cost compared to the banner ads.

Warrior Form Blog Posts

I have already started doing this and there has been increase in traffic to 3 minute blog posts that have links to new blog posts on my site. Some of these posts even have moderate ranking on page 2 or 3 of Google with no more than a couple of paragraphs on each. The initial 3 minute blog post strategy was to generate traffic to my original in depth blog posts and optins for webinars and free tools. This needs to be tested further with more epic type blog posts to see just how well these blogs do rank with quality in depth content. It's almost as authoritative as guest blogging!

Ask Me Anything Threads

This is a very interesting feature of the warrior forum!

A quick look at the traffic stats to these AMA threads is again significant and it needs to be done for very popular topics. For my topics it will be about SEO, Video SEO & Product creation.

Signature Testing

For the ask me anything threads what we need is a very compelling signature with a call to action. That goes for any forum activity but especially for the AMA threads as it does give me a chance to show knowledge, expertise and helpfulness which in turn can get traffic and optins from my site.

Contest & Competition Threads

Another very interesting warrior forum feature and another one that needs to be creative, compelling and with a great reward to encourage responses.

Virtual Assistant Forum Posting

One of the easiest ways to get yourself, your content and you offers noticed in the warrior forum is to be genuinely helpful. Having a VA do a lot of the grunt work and pay them bonuses on top of salary which is based on performance is the way to go i believe. It doesn't get much easier than this and it's just a decision to do it and build a following or not.

To make sure you don't miss out on these case studies please subscribe to my email list and get notified after every case study and see in real time traffic being generated, list building made super simple as well as rankings increase and sales generated all from the warrior forum with very little effort.


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