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SEO Maverick

A maverick for sure, and have been described as such since i was a chef way back when i worked for other people LOL.

Some things never change!

I create SEO software’s that are based on my unique strategies from the trenches, actually doing SEO for various projects, which in turn gives me huge resources of new product ideas i wouldn’t otherwise be able to dream up.

SEO & product creation is my passion. having been doing SEO since 2006 for my business at that time i turned to full time SEO consulting in 2008 and later to SEO training, info products and SEO software creation in 2011.

As you browse around the site you will see that i have and still produce high quality SEO training which is usually done for free with weekly “whats working now” SEO strategy webinars.

You will find in depth webinar replays for YouTube SEO and video marketing, WordPress SEO, How To Build Private blog networks, Press release SEO and more.

My products can be found on the sidebar of the site and new SEO products added there usually about one time per month.

My focus is always to create strategies around whats working now, and that has resulted in very unique SEO software tools for video marketing, including hangouts on air and YouTube live events. social SEO & syndication, Press Release SEO, Private blog networks, High quality low volume tier one link building as well as some of the most innovative tier 2 link building and syndication strategies you will ever come across. Currently we are building SaaS systems  for Social SEO, Private link networks, Document sharing SEO, and more in the works that i am not yet able to announce.

Currently i am living in [Country], with my girlfriend Wasana, her daughter Oy, and my two crazy but very funny Labradors: Bonnie and Sunny who make me laugh every day:)

New content is added to the site as and when i get time, but usually once per week there is at least a webinar replay.


While we still have some new SEO software’s in production, i have decided to change track a little.

I have started doing the weekly SEO Sunday Webinars and this will be followed by an epic blog post on the subject each week that will have PDF’s, Infographics, webinar replays and if and when i get time some shorter videos too.

The SEO softwares have been categorized and we now have Facebook groups for each section.
We have a Web 2.0 SEO & Syndication Facebook Group, A hangouts on Air/ Video marketing Facebook Group, and a Press Release SEO Facebook group and all being run by project managers.

This is giving me more time to focus on the SEO Training more via the webinars and the blog and we will are adding a weekly Podcast called Maverick SEO on various platforms including itunes from later this week.
With these changes we will be doing less new tools and instead there will be a constant improvement to existing softwares as we evolve the SEO strategies behind each.

An SEO Services section will be opened up too, which will include High Quality 1st tier backlinking, Guest Posting Opportunities, Content marketing services for SEO & Traffic, Tiered link building and some SEO packages that work really well from our own testing.

Please subscribe to my mailing list and join over 9000 others on my list who benefit from regular updates by email, discounts on my SEO products and of course the weekly SEO webinars that often are more suited to be mid ticket courses than free training. I rarely promote product launches and if i do promote someone elses product then its something i buy myself, use and think will benefit your business too. Besides, I get far more profit (read…satisfaction, meeting like minded people without hype getting in the way as well as monetization) by engaging my list with training and great content than i do from promoting product launches.

How To Keep In Touch & Discuss My Software’s, various SEO strategies, Services and other topical SEO issues:

You can also request to join the main Facebook group by connecting with me first on http://facebook.com/tonyhayesthailand and request to be added to the secret group.

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Little Bit More Info

Inspired by a question from a customer…

Originally this site was created for me to post my thoughts about product creation, list building, and my thoughts on growing an Internet marketing & SEO product business.
It became clear however, that with almost 800 SEO Training videos on YouTube that people were not getting the benefit from them as i was getting less time to spend on optimization and promotion for my videos.
Deep down i wanted to keep providing the free seo training, its a passion, its fun and it keeps me focused on whats working now, developing and evolving new and existing SEO strategies and is also a record of the stuff i get up to, including the new SEO strategies i create by being in the trenches working on optimization techniques.
With my core business being SEO software, i have the opportunity to provide high quality, free training for a range of SEO strategies with the focus on whats really working now.
This is training that others would be charging hundreds of dollars for, that i provide absolutely free and i have started to see my SEO strategies being added into other people’s paid products.Some are blatant copy cats, others have te decency to acknowledge where the strategies came from.

Is that a compliment or a curse?

Probably a bit of both actually because people end up paying for what i provide for free and some talentless twat gets to make himself look like a Guru.
Therein lies a major beef i have with the product creation business… The Gurus who are really only gurus because they have a ton of affiliates and they actually start to believe in their own hype lol.
Often their products are just good enough for launch, or as i like to say, “just short of shit”
Its one thing to copycat an idea from people who are really in the trenches, but its another to try and convey the in depth understanding of a strategy if you have never done it before and don’t understand it inside out.
Let karma decide as it has a habit of doing :)
So the goal is and always will be to provide the highest quality SEO training for free, regardless of the negative implications and the reason is two fold.
1. People get access to training they may not otherwise have been able to afford.
2. People get access to stuff that’s real, is working now and done by someone who is actually doing stuff in SEO on a daily basis. Most of which will never be seen or made public as they are affiliate campaigns, client campaigns, test campaigns and stuff i love to do in my SEO lab so to speak.
There is a third reason and that is that i actually really enjoy doing the training and getting my thoughts and ideas out in a more organised manner.
As long as i keep enjoying what i do then it will continue.

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