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New Automated Social Bookmarking Software Drives Page One Traffic At The Click Of A Button!...

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An Intelligent Bookmark Tool  With Modern, Advanced SEO Strategies That Work Fast And Super Simple To Use!

  • The Most Powerful, Easy To Use, Social Bookmarking Tool Around!

  • Drives Fast Rankings & Traffic, Built Especially For Video Marketers But Will Work For Ranking Websites Too!

  • Built In Unique, Proprietory SEO Strategies Made Push Buttton Simple!

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Intelligent Video SEO Made "Push Button" Easy! 

Intelligent Tiered Linking 

Automation & Tiered Linking is the least we should expect from SEO software tools these days. We have taken this to a whole new level by adding proven, effective, intelligent tiered linking that does not exist anywhere else

Intelligent SEO Strategies

We have built in simple & advanced SEO strategies and made them push button simple. These are unique, proprietory strategies that just plain work, and won't be found on any other bookmarking tool.

Intelligent Site Management

Bookmark Alpha works with multiple platforms, with unlimited sites and unlimited accounts from those sites. Used with our built in strategies this is extreme power, especially for video marketers!

Bookmark Alpha In A Nutshell...

  • Works With Multiple Platforms To Give You Options Of 1000's More Sites!
  • Add Your Own Sites!
  • Built in multi platform site scraper with "bad neighbourhood" filterering!
  • Bulk 301 Url Shortner To Make Your Links Look Natural!
  • Lazy Backlinks IFTTT Strategy To Backlink Your Money Url Even More & Hands Free! *NEW
  • Easy Project Management
  • Our Own Built In Email Servers 
  • Proprietory Long Tail Synd Tool 
  • Built In Proprietory Push Button SEO Strategies That Work!
  • Automated, Multi Threaded, 1 Click Bulk Account Creation & Posting
  • Auto Indexing & Pinging!
  • Live Links Checker!
  • Easy Re-use of Your Accounts On Multiple Campaigns!
  • Easy Import & Export Of Your Profiles & Accounts
  • Advanced Site Management
  • Set & Forget Auto Scheduling with Drip Feed
  • Works With Popular 3rd party Indexers, Spinners, Captcha Solvers & Proxies
  • Multi Task With Different Tools
  • Make Unique Tiitles & Descriptions Easily
  • Designed With Video Marketers in Mind, But With Built In SEO Strategies For Websites too!

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

"I want to see your testimonial here soon!...

Anthony Hayes | Bookmark Alpha

"I want to see your testimonial here soon!...

Anthony Hayes | Bookmark Alpha

Time left to next price hike is just...

30 day Money Back Guarantee!

Want To See More?...

Take A Look At Just Some Of The Bookmark Alpha Features In Action!

Push Button SEO Strategies Built In!

Epic Long Tail Keyword Targeting!

One Click Account Creation

The Website Manager

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Bookmark Alpha

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Whats the difference between Bookmark Alpha and Social Bookmark Commando?

Bookmark Alpha is a bigger, more comprehensive software with extended SEO strategies and features. It is also built on a newer and more stable host which will allow us to grow the tool further as and when needed. Bokmark Alpa has far more features and more advanced options too. 

Social Bookmark Commando will continue to be supported and sold as a awesome tool that does what it does pretty well but is not qute in the same league as Bookmark Alpha which is an extensive social bookmarking and backlinking tool.

Is Bookmark Alpha suitable for ranking web sites and other content or better just for ranking videos, hangouts and YouTube live events?

Yes it is and the tutorial section covers what the best practices are for using Bookmark Alpha to backlink to websites and other content. It's common knowledge that YouTube videos for example can absorb a lot of backlinks without expecting to get a penalty in the Google rankings.

With websites we need to be a little bit more careful and always used tiered linking done strategically to get the best results. 

These strategies are already built into the tool, you just need to choose the right options which are covered in detail in the member area and will no doubt be brought up in the Q&A webinars too.

What training is provided after purchase?

We have a member area with tutorials and there will be regular webinars too.

We also have a very lively Alpha SEO facebook group with our regular customers discussing the tools, strategies, making siuggestions for new tools and helping each other out too.

Is This suitable for newbies or only intermediate and advanced SEO's?

If you are at an intermediate level with SEO you will understand this tool pretty easily. If however you are a newbie then expect a learning curve but with plenty of help in the facebook group to get you up and running.

Will you be adding more features to the tool over time?

Yes!, We always do and with the new Alpha range of tools we are building these as evergreen tools that we will continue to build out, tweak, improve and even change if need be to keep up with current trends and Google algorythm changes.

What about support?

Our support is now very stable and we have a good team in place these days.

Denise and Tina (Both from UK and living in Spain) are monitoring the suport desk several times a day. Erloel handles any tech support and John Curry who is my project manager for our desktop tools is also admin of the facebook group and is often providing additional training. 

If you need support just send an email in to [email protected] and the girls will respond as soon as they can.

This is your new text content. You can modify this text, add more paragraph, change font style or add images by clicking the edit button.

This is your new text content. You can modify this text, add more paragraph, change font style or add images by clicking the edit button.

We offer a no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee on all of our software tools. This is more than enough time for you to test and try the tool and see progress in real time, as we improve and add more features, strategies etc into the tool.

If for any reason you want a refund then just send a request through to my support desk by email [email protected] and either Denise or Tina will process the refund within 24 hours.

We have a full member site with tutorials area for every part of the tool, on top of that we do regular webinars, Q&A sessions at the end of every webinar where you can ask just about anything to do with my tools or SEO in general.

On top of that we have a very lively facebook group run by John Curry who is our project manager and is vefry hands on in the group as well as additional admins and support staff including tech support specialists too.

I also pop in there from time to time, but i am very active in there during a new release such as bookmark alpha to help, advise, and Listen to your ideas and suggestions for making our tools better.

Anthony Hayes

Time Limited Bonus!

This is a release of Bookmark Alpha to My own list and website visitors. When we get closer to a full out launch with affiliates promoting etc. Then we will have added bonuses from top SEO product creators.

However, i often give a lot of additional training, tools and add new features as suggested during the release to make the tool as strong as possible:)

Any new software coming from me is always involved in an evolution of growth, new features, added seo strategies built in and more. These tools arenot built for hyped up product launches, but for real SEO people to use and benefit from long term. In fact it often takes 6 months or more before we do a full blown product launch as we build out and improve our tools for our existing customers:)

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