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CopyVid NEW Automation

(9th of April 2023)

Hey Guys, this is the new automation in CopyVid from April 2023.

Now you can:

  1. Create a ChatGPT video script (On any topic)
  2. Generate YouTube Description, Keywords and Titles with ChatGPT in One Click (The prompts are already built in)
  3. Create the video with hyper-realistic human voices (or upload your own voiceover)
  4. Upload your video to YouTube and the tool will take the description, tags, title and optimize it. This means that you can generate videos with high quality scripts, upload and optimize and you don't even have to know anything about the topic! Niche Poking just became a real thing :)

VIDEO #1. Demo Video

In this video, you'll discover the simple walkthrough of the CopyVid tool and how to use it.

Quick Tips & Best Practices

  • Use this tag when you upload your videos to YouTube for automated subtitles yt:cc=on
  • When you want to create a new video, open the tool in a new tab for best results
  • You Need an Eleven Labs API Key To Use The Text To Speech Voices Which You Can Get Here
  • You need an OpenAI API Key which you can get here (you must be logged into OpenAI first)
  • If a video stops  loading during creation, refresh the page and try again - Sometimes when using free eleven labs API it doesn't process first time.
  • You can get 30,000 credits from eleven labs for just 5 dollars per month for more reliable video creation.
  • Join The Prompt Mastery Telegram Group Here

Example VIDEO (Repurposed Using ChatGPT & CopyVid) 

This video was created from a video from one of our Telegram group members. The original video is here, the video to your left is the CopyVid rewrite and text to speech version.

See the original video below that i created the CopyVid version from below. from.

Example Of Webinar Introduction 

This video was created for the webinar we were going to run last night but had to cancel, seems a shame not to share it :)

Example Of End Of Webinar Call To Action 

This end of webinar call to action video was created for the CopyVid webinar we were going to run last night but had to cancel. 

Optimization Tips (Coming In Monday Webinar)

In this  video, see how to quickly optimize your CopyVid videos with ChatGPT


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