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How To Use The YouTube RSS Feed Generator

Get YouTube RSS Feeds For: Channels, Videos, Playlists & Favorites

RSS Feed Generator Tool For YouTube Video Tutorial

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RSS Feed Generator Tool For YouTube Step By Step

All the YouTube RSS Feed Options work the same

Step 1. Add one or more channel names to the usernames box, this is unlimited, you can add your own channel or mix with other channels in your niche to get the RSS feeds.

Step 2. Choose which type of feeds you would like to create, you can generate the urls for YouTube rss feeds for playlists, videos, channels and favorites. You can choose individual rss feeds or you can mix more than one type of feed or choose all. This step will simply provide you with the RSS feed for each one that you choose.

Step 3. You will be asked for title, description and keywords, you can use this to mash up all the youtube rss feed urls you have generated in the first two steps above into one url to use on other places like rss directories, onlywire, your websites, squidoo and ifttt etc.

Step 4. The url created can be posted to 27 RSS directories by clicking the button below the url.

Youtube RSS Feed generator Tool - Commandotubetools

Generate Your YouTube RSS Feeds & Get 27 RSS Directory links

YouTube RSS Feed SEO Strategies

See The Videos In The Playlist Below To Give You Some Ideas On Using The Individual YouTube RSS Feeds for SEO

Also Check Out Our Free Google Plus + RSS Feed Generator Software Tool With Unlimited Use!

Also check Out Our Google Plus + RSS Feed Generator Tool

Why & When To Create and Use Youtube Playlist RSS Feed

Playlists are a great way to build relevancy to your own videos by adding in videos from other people especially with top ranked videos. This is also curation done in a very easy way, By creating Youtube Playlist RSS feeds you can use these to post to your wordpress blog, get rss directory links to get indexed faster by other search engines and you can also mash up multiple playlist feed urls into one and use that to post on for additional social links.

Why & When To Use and Create Youtube Channel RSS Feed:

Your channel feeds are a great way to syndicate content you upload to youtube on auto pilot, it can be done with a one time set up by adding your channel rss feed to websites and from there you can have it auto syndicated to places like twitter, facebook, tribber, pinterest and more by using some plugins, ideally you would take an extra step and manualy post to these sites after you reformat the blog post from the youtube post. To post direct from youtube to wordpress you can do this by using IFTTT.

I have several videos based around IFTTT strategies on my Video Marketing YouTube Channel

Why & When To Use an RSS Feed For Your Youtube Favourites

Using favorites allows you to syndicate content very easily, it also allows you to curate other peoples content too and build relevancy, RSS feeds can be syndicated to wordpress, blogger and other sites using tools like ifttt and plugins. Again, its better to reformat if syndicating directly to these sites to make the blog posts look better and easier to read.

Using The RSS Feed For Youtube Videos

Youtube Video RSS Feeds will create feed urls for individual videos, this is best done with multiple videos which the YouTube rss tool allows you to so easily but it also allows yopu to take the feed from important videos on their own and syndicate that content, again via tools like ifttt, onlywire, rss directores etc.

How To Create An RSS Feed From A Single YouTube Video

This is a question that some of you have been asking and the answer is to simply cfreate a YouTube playlist with just ONE Video in it.

You can also create blog broadcasts using the rss feeds with autoresponders like aweber. I do not recommend you use blog broadcasts unless you have taken the time to build the posts out, ad more text, images, reformat etc.

Quick Tips:

We can use RSS feeds from the channels, videos, favorites, and playlists to post to RSS directories which helps our content get discovered or indexed by bing and other similar search engines.

If posting to blogging sites its always best to add more content, relevant images and even parts of articles or news stories can be done by using free plugins like zemanta. When curating you should always give a link to where the original content came from, add an introduction (the more compelling the better) and a commentary of your own to the content.

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