I.M Alpha Xtreme!

Let Me Help YOU Build A REAL Internet Marketing Business, A "Cash On Demand" Buyers List, By Designing A Great Software Product Idea For You That Will Sell & Attract Top Affiliates!



Whats Included...

Over the past 5 years, i have created top selling internet marketing products that have attracted thousands of customers and top affilates supporting them consistently, resulting in multiple 6 figure products and launches of 5000+ sales throughout the funnel. In fact i have even had 6 figure product WITHOUT affiliates too.

One of the most frustrating things for me is that i am too profilic at creating great product ideas, and cannot find the time to go and find new coders for all the projects that i would like to create. In turn, this has created a vacuum that offers the perfect opportunity for people who want to create products but don't know where to start, or how to create kick ass software product ideas.

Imagine having your own software product idea created for you, with high converting funnels designed for you, access to top copywriters at no upfront cost, access to retargeting campaign specialists for your launch, affiliate recruitment done for you, a back end post launch promotion designed to bring in minimum of 5 figures...And a hot, fresh profitable buyers list at the end of the project.

Hey i will even create you member site, software licensing and JVzoo set up!

Sounds too good to be true?

Normally i would agree with you but today i am offering this exact service to a maximum of 10 people!

Why would i do this?

The truth is i could never be able to create and take to market as many products as i would like to, but we have systems in place to knock out launch after launch consistently.

All i need you to do is find the coders for the project that i spec out for you, pay for the product to get developed by a programmer, provide your own support for the product, and be willing to profit share from the product launch and resulting webinars and share the buyers list with me.

In short, you will take care of getting the product software development done from the product idea that i have designed for you and agreed with you. 

This is fast track to the big time and there isnt a service like this anywhere!

Make The Decision To Build A REAL I.M Business & Take A Rapid Shortcut Into The Big Time Today!

So whats this going to cost?

I am going to give you TWO Purchasing Options

1. Everything as described on this sales page and FAQ's below for $2500

2. Everything as described on this sales page WITHOUT having to profit share with me for $5000

Please Do NOT Order Until You Have Read The FAQ's Below in ALL Four Sections!

  • Your Product Idea & Concept Designed For You
  • Extra Feature Upsells Designed For You
  • Your Product Funnels Designed To Maximize Sales & Recruit Top Affiliates Done For You
  • Product Licensing For Your Software
  • Member Site Done For You With Wishloop and Optimizepress
  • Sales Copy Written For Your Sales Pages, Including the OTO's
  • Initial Webinar and Email Promotion To My List Before We Get To Full Blown Product Launch.
  • Product Launch Affiliate Recruitment Done For You
  • Retargeting Campaigns From Launch Traffic Set Up For You
  • Back End After Launch Sales To Maximize Revenue Designed For You!

How My 3 Step Process Helps
Build a REAL Business Effectively For You

Product Launch & List Building

Fast Easy Product Launch with "Buyer" List Building Like We Do Ourselves That Gives You Cash On Demand From An Engaged, Targeted List.
This Is A Real Shortcut, With No B.S To Operate Like A Pro From Day One & Build a 6 Figures Per Year Business!

1. Product Idea Creation

Get Your Product Idea created for you, including upsells, funnels designed for you that convert and will attract top affiliates, including member site, JVZoo set up and sales copy!

2. You Get The Software Product Coded...

With the product idea designed for you with the funnel and upsells then all you have to do is go to upwork or freelancer and advertise for a software developer to create the product for you. Of course i am here to help and advise and do final interview with applicants that you have filtered!

3. Product Launch

You get the whole product launch set up and management and affiliate recruitment. We even take care of the retargeting campaign set up and back end post launch promotions for you too!

There will also be an initial release to my list via webinar and email promotions before we get to a full blown launch.

Lets Recap On How This Is a Surefire Shortcut To Success!...

  • Quality Top Selling Software Product Idea
  • One on One Sessions With Me
  • Member Site With All The Bells & Whistles
  • Sales Page Copy
  • Licensing For Your Software
  • Pre Launch Release To My List With Webinar and Email Promotions
  • Full Blown JVzoo Launch Set Up
  • High Converting Funnels Created & Built Into Your Software As Extra Features For OTO's
  • Affiliate Recruitment For Top Affiliates You Would Not Easily Get Otherwise
  • Launch Management From Experienced Marketers To Drive Massive Traffic To Your Sales Page
  • Post Launch Promotion Planned Out For You With Instant Webinar Registration At Point Of Purchase From The Launch
  • On Going Support From Me Beyond Your Launch
  • A Buyers List That You Can Profit From On Demand After The Launch
  • A Retargeting List You Can Profit From On Demand
  • Access To Our Ad Campaign Service After Launch At Reduced Price

You really have 3 options....

Option 1 - Have everything done as mentioned in this sales page and in the FAQ sections below. Cost $2500

Option 2 - Have everything done as option one, but you do not profit share with me on the launch. Cost $5000

Option 3 - Do nothing and maybe regret missing out on this offer when you had the chance. 

In 2010 i paid a well known product creator $5000 and got nowhere near the amount of service i am offering here, luckily for me i pulled through and created some of the most innovative products in the marketplace. You don't need to do that and you wont even need to be lost at any stage with technical issues or even a 6 figure product idea.

In fact my wife at that time was so against me spending that money, but i just had to find a way to make it happen so that i could achieve the freedom that i have today, and once i had committed to it, then i was going to make it a success.

In the past 2 weeks alone i have created 4 kick ass internet marketing product ideas that one of my top coaching students will benefit from and one more for a niche outside of internet marketing.

We even recorded a live session where a great product idea was mapped out in about 30 minutes for the first draft and we will be advertising on upwork for a developer in the next few days when i have done the final draft.

Two of the ideas have already been started with upwork software developers,  you will see the first of those in about 3 weeks time, and i guarantee that this one will be a 6 figure product that will rock the marketplace!... In fact it may even hit 6 figures before i do a full blown launch!

ALL of these ideas are worthy 6 figure products!

My products are not designed just for a launch, they are designed to be the best they possibly can be and evergreen.

They range in costs of between $1500 to $3000 on average to get the software tools developed.

This is your chance... You Have 3 options as detailed above! 

A Maximum of ten customers will be accepted and i have a top affiliate mailing his 40,000 subscribers with this same offer so you will have to be fast if you are serious about the opportunity.

Option 1 

I.M Alpha Xtreme

Option 2

I.M Alpha Xtreme

Will You Create The Product Idea Around SEO Tools?

Yes, it can be SEO or other Internet marketing products, i am so profilific that many product ideas will never get created due to time constraints and many are traffic tools that are not necessarily SEO products.

Will You Design ONLY Software Products?

Yes!..The reason is that software sells very well and maximizes your chances of hitting mid 5 figure to 6 figure + launch!

What Do I Need To Take Care Of Myself?

You will be responsible for advertising and filtering software developers and then pass them over to me for the final interview and cost negotiation, you will pay the cost of development and any advrertising to get the coders. 

You will also take care of support, which you can either do yourself or hire a VA to help with support.

You will also take care of sales page design, although i will do the sales copy for you. This is typically around $300 for design.

Will The Product Be In My Name Or Yours?

It will be in joint names as this will give instant credibility and attract top affiliates and help maximize launch sales!

What Other Costs Will Be Associated To Take The Product To Launch

Apart for paying for the software development, you will also be responsible for facebook ads campaign and retargeting ad spend which we will agree on in advance for announcing the product to affiliates, retargeting sales page visitors and post launch campaign too. Normally in a launch i will have an ad spend of around $1000 per launch but you could do this as low as $500.

Do You Offer Split Pay Options?

At the moment i am limiting this opprtunity to a maximum of ten people, if we cannot attract 10 people from my list within 2 weeks i may offer a split pay option.

Anything Else I Should Be Aware Of?

You will sign an agreement of non disclosure which will be notarized in your own country, and waive rights to develop the product if you choose to refund. 

Take into consideration that all launches i am involved, with my name on it is almost guaranteed to be minimum of $50,000 and more often than not (90% of the time) my launches are 6 figures!

Before you get over excited at those numbers you need to be aware that affiliates take at least 50% of the launch, there are JV zoo fees, paypal fees and we will be working with launch partners who will want a share of the launch, but they will drive sales via their own lists and additional affiliate recruitment.

The main thing you will have from doing a launch with me is that you will have a buyers list that generates cash on demand when you promote offers, and there will be a back end promotion planned for after the launch which will not have the same partner costs. This is often a 5 figure promotion strategy, and where you make the real money is from this, and your buyers list.

How Long Will It Take Before I Can Launch This Product?

There are TWO stages in creating products with me.

  1. When the product has been created we will release to my list first via webinar and email promotion
  2. We will then schedule a full blown loaunch with top affiliates promoting the product, timing of the full blown launch will depend on availability of JV managers.

Why Are JV Managers Involved In A Launch & Taking a Percentage?

In simple terms they drive traffic (and high volumes of traffic) via their connections with top affiliates.  They do not work for free, they require copy of list and percentage of sales but this is the fast track to a latge buyers list that will bring you profits from promotions.

How Does The Affiliate Recruitment Happen?

Myself and the JV managers use our connections via my own JV group on skype, other JV groups on facebook and many top affiliates email for each other as long as the product fits their list. We often reciprocate, althoug there is no obligation to do so... but the key is a quaility product, a geat idea and a great funnel thats likely to convert well.

How Involved Will I Be In The Launch?

You will set your support up, you will record training videos (or i can do this if your not commfortable using camtasia and recording videos and you will be available via your facebook group to welcome new customers and engage with them. The rest is pretty much taken care of for you.

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What is involved in a Post Launch Promotion?

With every launch there is a fresh buyers list and this is the time to provide great value and engage with your customers. We will set up some promotions for after the launch where you can profit without the JV managers and use your retargeting list to drive traffic as well as your email list for post launch promotions.

It may well be that we will offer your list a discount on one of my Alpha tools or you can create a course or have another tool or extra features ready as an upsell.

Often we will use proven high converting products via webinars with one of the top affiliates who have proven sales stats for their webinar previously.

You will also need to set up an autresponder, a Jvzoo and Zaxxa account for vendors and buy your domain for the product launch.

Do I Profit Sare With You Post Launch?

Yes, because i am still working hard for you at this stage to bring in extra revenue and teach you how to go on from this point onwards, but after this your on your own to create more products, keep the connections and introductions made by me and your affiliate list too.

How Long Will I Get Support After Launch?

It will be continued but within reason. I will be available for you to connect with, ask advice and there will be a facebook group for I.M alpha where i will regularly post traininga d content for product creation, list buildinga and customer engagement.


Is There a Refund?

No, one we have done teh first one on one session you will realize how high value this service is, i am giving my time, knowledge, expertise and experience to create a kick ass product idea that you just have to get coded into a software. There is no refund after that point.
If you do not like the product idea then thats fine, i will offer it to someone else and create a new idea for you.  I will do this only one time and if i find you try to create tat original product idea on your own then the service stops immediately.

Will I Really Be Able To Do Minimum $50,000 Launch?

Yes! In fact $50.000 would be a major disappointment for me and the JV managers, we are used to doing 6 figure launches consistently and with my product ideas and funnels they are designed to sell well right through to OTO 4 with recurring income in the funnel too.


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