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The Secret to Effortless YouTube SEO: Introducing the Keyword Poking Tool

Discover the Keywords You Can Actually Rank For – No More Expensive Tools or Time-Wasting Research

Tired of spinning your wheels with content that never ranks?

Imagine knowing exactly which keywords will land your videos at the top of YouTube and Google search results. No more guesswork, no more wasted content. With the Keyword Poking Tool, you'll consistently create videos that bring in real traffic and boost your channel's visibility. Find the keywords you can rank for in minutes!

Here's what you will get:

  • The First Ever Themed Keyword Poking Tool
  • Reduce Risk Of Getting YouTube Channels Banned 
  • Proprietary Internal API For Unlimited Uploads
  • Automated Rank Checker (Unlimited Use)
  • Automated Thumbnail Creator
  • Unique Strategy Training
  • Works With Shorts and Standard YouTube Videos
  • (NEW) One Click Delete All Or Some Videos From YouTube With Checkbox Option
  • Automated SEO Removes The Guesswork
  • Keyword Poking With Fewer Videos
  • Bypassing YouTube API Limitations
  • Google, Google Video & YouTube Rank Checking
  • Built-In On Page SEO
  • Automated YouTube Backlink Tool (Bonus)
  • You can use shorts videos for TRAFFIC poking
  • Breakthrough Competitive Niches Where The Real Money Is With Simple 3 Minute Campaigns

Its Super EASY To Use...

Watch This LIVE Demo!

Insert Video

As you can see in the video, this is a fast and easy way to create campaigns in just a minute or two and start finding keywords you can rank for easily, removing any guesswork BEFORE you start creating content, making it simpler to create around the search intent for keywords and topics that you know you can rank for and that have traffic

Here's How You Can Use Keyword Poking To Hit The Ground Running For Your SEO Campaigns...

Method 1 - Traditional Keyword Poking

  • Create a Simple Video 
    You can easily create a video using any video tool with a voice-over and a presentation slide. In fact, it takes about 10 minutes this way. Quick Tip: Use an AI tool to create a PAS Script (Pain, Agitate, Solution) and your video will be short and just right for this type of campaign. Use ONE Video to upload multiple times across multiple channels, which can be from multiple Google accounts.
  • Get Keywords For Your Topic
    You can use two free tools like i did for the demo video (Ubersuggest and And this should give you a few hundred keywords. Divide your keywords between 2 or 3 projects if you wish. Add the keywords to the Long Tail Alpha tool.
  • Create Tags For Each Angle
    Use Long Tail Alpha keywords for both your Title and Tags. Create a description (you can use spintax if you wish) and choose automatic thumbnail option.
  • You Will Upload The Same Video For Each Of the Keywords. Upload Using The Keyword Poking Tool and Wait for 20 to 30 Minutes  To Check Your Rankings. 
  • You can delete the videos in one click, either by choosing to checkbox all or just some of the videos and choose delete and from the drop-down menu choose 'Delete from YouTube Channels' and the software will delete them for you.
  • If you want to do higher quality videos (that will not be deleted if they are ranking) and with a more in depth keyword poking strategy that targets multiple keywords for each upload, the tool has that capability too. Please see method 2 below.

Method 2 - Themed Keyword Poking

  • Create a Simple Video 
    Here's where the difference in campaign quality is... Creating simple text animated video WITH a Call-To-Action will hold the retention and can convert too. I get these videos done on Fiverr for 5 bucks. These are often good enough that you don't need more content created when they start ranking.
  • Create Angles Around Your Topic
    Your video will cover multiple sub topics, identify the angles and that how many uploads you need to do.
  • Create Tags For Each Angle
    Create tags (usually 5 for each video) using my title optimization hack, the software will do rank checking for whatever tags you used in each video, there's little use in using the full title, use the tags rank checker to find long tail keywords you can rank for.
  • Upload The Same Video For Each Angle With Its Own Set Of Keywords. Upload Using The Keyword Poking Tool and Wait an Hour Or Two To Check Your Rankings.
  • Create Content Around The Keywords You Can Rank For - Or Keep The Ranking Video Up And Bank From The Traffic
  • If you want to do traditional keyword Poking with high volume keywords, the tool has that capability too. In this case, make sure you use the video intro, outro and automated thumbnail creator options.

Plus A Step-By-Step Course

The Keyword Poking System

Here's You'll Learn in This Course

  • Video 1 - Ways To Use Keyword Poking
  • Video 2 - A Goldmine Of Information (Right Under Your Nose)
  • Video 3 - 5 Free Tools To Identify Keywords (Tool #1 Is Crucial)
  • Video 4 - Backlink Hacks & Parasite Opportunities
  • Video 5 - Keyword Poking Campaign Live Demo (Results Shared In Video 6)
  • Video 6 - 3 Types Of Videos That Work Best For Poking And WHEN To Use Them 
  • Video 7 - Landing Page Template (Free WordPress Template)
  • Video 8 - This Works Every Time (Take It To The Bank)
  • Video 9 - 5 Easy Backlink Types To Use On YouTube Videos
  • Video 10 - Let's Test Push Ad Traffic Vs. YouTube Ads (Both Are Penny Per View or Less)

Your Questions, Answered:


I'm not an SEO expert. Is this tool still for me?

Absolutely! The Keyword Poking Tool is designed for creators of all levels. We make complex SEO tactics simple. Our training covers everything you need, even if you're a beginner.


How does this differ from typical keyword research tools?

Most tools focus on search volume alone. Keyword Poking goes deeper. You'll see where you can actually rank, based on your channel's authority and the existing competition


Do I need to create lots of videos?

Not at all! Keyword Poking helps you do more with less. You can upload the same video multiple times with different keyword sets to see where it has the best chance of ranking.


Can I use this for affiliate marketing?

Yes! Keyword Poking is perfect for finding profitable product and review keywords. See where you can easily break into the top results to maximize your commissions.


Does this work for channels outside the "make money online" niche?

It works for ANY niche. Find untapped keywords for gaming, hobbies, travel, local businesses – the possibilities are endless.


Will this get my YouTube channel banned?

The Keyword Poking Tool includes features designed to help you stay safe. Our methods reduce the flags that trigger YouTube's attention, letting you experiment with confidence.


Is there a guarantee?

Yes! We want you to be thrilled with Keyword Poking. If you're not seeing results within 7 days, we offer a full money-back guarantee.

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Keyword Poking Tool

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