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Hi – My name is Anthony Hayes, successful internet marketer, creator of the record-breaking SEO software and owner of Alpha SEO Software & MassMedia SEO ...

Listen, we all know that Google's recent Panda update totally screwed up SEO big time for businesses like yours and mine... BUT did you know that there are still some highly-effective white-hat ranking tactics that now work even better than before – even in the toughest niches (believe me, I know about tough niches!

Is this really possible... even post-Panda? YES! I'll show you

The problem with Panda...

Google's Panda update is a big problem for online marketers. And I'm not just talking about the spammy black-hat guys. I'm talking about the white-hat folks like you and me... just trying to get our sites ranked, or trying to do the same for our clients.

We all know that links are the oxygen of SEO, right? Without links you're dead in the water. Problem is, Google has got MUCH more strict about links in its recent updates.

 Not only do low authority links count less than they used to, you can even be damaged and down-ranked by having these links pointing to your site.

 You see, Google knows anyone can set up a spam site and fill it with links to websites they want to rank. So now these sites without proven authority will actually HURT your rankings if you have links from them.

 But by targeting these black-hat folks, good guys like you and me who want to legitimately promote ourselves and our clients... we get tarred with the same brush.

 SEO got turned on its head.

 But that's not even the worst thing...

 The even BIGGER problem...With its latest updates (and the ones that are coming soon) Google has made it clear that it's declaring war on people that are trying to manipulate their sites' rank.

 There's no more blog networks... more Web 2.0 profile linking more EDU and GOV links more trying to stay one-step-ahead of Google – even many traditionally white-hat tactics are OUT of game

...only GENUINE links from established authority sites will boost your site... and all other links will count against you!

It's All About Authority...

You already KNOW Google values authority... but now it's more critical than ever.

 Authority is the most VALUABLE currency in Google's eyes... because it can't be gamed!

 Google knows that legitimate sites that it should rank WILL have links from authoritative sites like news sites, editorial sites, industry famous blogs, etc.

 But how does this work for you and me?

 How Do You Get Authority? (and my Surprising Discovery...)

So you know you need to get links and mentions on authority sites... but HOW do you do this?

 Spend years creating your own authority sites? NO! (How would you even start?!)

 Spend months making friends with journalists for one measly mention? NO! (There's not enough time in the world!)


Exactly 16 months ago a chance discussion with a mentor turned me on to a strategy that guaranteed instant authority... AND it's totally white-hat and Google-friendly.

 In fact, it's Google APPROVED!

 I'm talking about...

Premium Online Press Releases

...more specifically, the LINKS in these premium press releases pointing to your sites.

Let's be clear, I'm NOT talking about the ‘free press release' services you see around. Those are the kind of low-value spammy links that can hurt you. You get what you pay for, remember.

I'm talking about links from world-leading sites like...

...don't you think that links from sites like THOSE would HELP your SEO? Of course!

WHY Press Releases Work...

Premium press releases are distributed to hundreds the world's biggest news sites, many of whom will publish it on their site, completewith links back to your site!

Imagine getting articles about your website onto the world's biggest news sites... talk about PERFECT for SEO!

Proof that Google LOVES Press Releases...

Google thinks news sites are some of the most authoritative sites online.

The proof is in Google News!

Google has a specific section (usually right at the top of page 1) just for news... for EXACTLY the sites your press release gets featured on.

So don't you think Google values the links from these sites to yours? You bet!

PROBLEM: The Cost!

The problem with Premium Press Releases is that they come at a premium price.

In fact, the ones I was sending cost $200 EACH!

Now, this was a fair price considering the sites I was published on, and how well they WORKED for my business... but I didn't want to have to remortgage my house just to please Google! releases worked so well I wanted to send LOTS, but I just couldn't afford to.


What saved me was a service I discovered that allowed me to send press releases for publication on all the biggest sites... for one monthly fee.

Now my business and my clients could get all the link juice we knew worked so well... for a fraction of the cost.

In fact...

...I couldn't risk this newly discovered resource being snatched away from me, so I bought the company for myself... seriously!

Now Available: Affordable Authority!

This tool has been off the market for over a year. The doors were locked shut and NOBODY has been able to join the ranks of the select few beta members.

My team and I have been re-tooling and re-working the service... combining hard work, my extensive SEO experience, exclusive industry contacts with thorough and careful testing. Now, it's FINALLY ready for a few new smart website owners to join.


Here's What You Get...

Distribution to Global news sites, blogs, News Networks and major Search Engines

Examples: AOL; Yahoo; Bing News;; USA Today;; New York Times; and More

Press releases distributed to our network of national and international news sites.

Examples:;;; International Business Times; and More.

Distribution to TV station websites across the country
Examples: CBS; ABC; NBC; and More.
Distribution to social media sites
Examples: AOL Lifestream; Blekko; StumbleUpon;; and More.

Clipping reports showing many of the major websites your article was posted to
(NOTE: Researching ALL the places your article appears would take too long, but this will help you see the results of your press release distribution)


PLUS We Do Additional SEO For Your Advantage & Ours!

  • When You Submit A Press Release With A Video We Use YouTube Live Events To Stream Your Video To Our Own YouTube Channel Linking To Your Original YouTube Video URL
  • Our YouTube Channel Is Connected To 1000 YouTube Channel Networks All With Saved Playlists Section On The Channel Homepage Which Auto Updates Everytime We Live Stream Your Video To Our Channel!
  • Our YouTube Channel Is Connected To 1000 Blogspot Accounts With The Saved Playlists On Every Home Page Of Each Blogspot Blog
  • Our YouTube Channel Is Connected To 1000 Google Plus Pages Packing Even More Authority To Our Main Channel & Every Channel In Our YouTube Channel Network!
  • We Embed Your YouTube Video On Web 2.0 Sites Using Video Synd Alpha
  • We Bookmark Your Video Using Boookmark Alpha
  • We Use Our RSS Xtreme Advanced SEO Strategy For Every Video Creating 86 YouTube URL Variations, Adding Short URLS To All Of Them, Adding To Feedburner, Sending The Feed To RSS Directories & Finally Pinging And Indexing All The Links...This Is Powerful!
  • We Add Your Press Release To Google News
  • We Add Your Press Release To Our Own Massmedia SEO Blog Which Has Automated Social Sharing
  • We Run 301 Redirects to The Video URL For Even More SEO Impact!

I can confidently say Mass Media SEO totally blows other press release services out of the water!

NO MORE wondering how to get the right kind of links to boost your SEO.

NO MORE worrying the links you're creating might hurt you instead of help you.

NO MORE paying $200 per press release just for a few links!

Imagine This...

Imagine getting regularly featured on the world's top news site

Imagine getting regularly featured on the world's top news sites

Imagine getting a steady stream of new links from these sites, day after day... for no extra cost

Imagine not having to always worry about Google's newest ‘slap' ...because you know your tactics are devastatingly effective, yet totally white-hat... even Google approved!
Imagine being able to show clients you got them featured on ABC's website... or a link from the New York Times!

An OPPORTUNITY not a curse

FACT: SEO just got WAY harder

Links are more difficult to get. Knowing which links will help you and which links will harm you just got more difficult.

Google has made it harder for the regular guy to get ahead... and it's only going to get worse.

FACT: This is actually good news for YOU!

See, it sorts the men from the boys... the SEO chancers from the SEO pros.

If you know how to use Google's algorithm changes to your advantage (hint: affordable authority) you win because everyone else is giving up, or just spinning their wheels... having zero success while you charge ahead and beat them to the top of the rankings.

Other less savvy and less fortunate entrepreneurs just don't have access to the kind of knowledge or systems or high-level distribution I've perfected over the last year.

...So your competition is left pandalized while you totally KILL it in the rankings!


The regular price for Mass Media SEO is $297 per month For 10 Press Release With The SEO Extras.

This is excellent value, when you consider that you're able to send many press releases to top-tier sites for just the price of one regular release!

$297 per month is what it will cost when I launch the service to the public in the coming months. BUT right now I'm accepting a limited number of charter members to provide feedback and testimonials I can use when I sell the service at full price.

So I have a killer deal for you!

I'll cut your monthly fee by more than HALF for LIFE!

It's a seriously no-brainer offer! Send press releases to the world's biggest news sites for LESS than the regular price of one release!

So how can I afford to offer this quality of service at such good value... such a low price for so much exposure and authority?

The truth is I can't! The truth is that I built this for myself... for my own business and my clients. After a few friends wanted in, I realized I could make back a little of my considerable investment by allowing access to a few select members.

Like I said, the price will nearly Double once this short promotion is over, and very soon membership will be closed for good. I need to preserve the resources for myself and my clients, so I can't saturate the distribution!



5 Press Releases Per Month

MassMediaSEO - Premium Press Release Submission

10 Press Releases Per Month

MassMediaSEO - Premium Press Release Submission

20 Press Releases Per Month

MassMediaSEO - Premium Press Release Submission


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