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The Keyword Poking System

Watch live, over the shoulder as i find hundreds of easy to rank keywords in the ClickFunnels affiliate niche using automated keyword poking

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$5000 a Day Local Marketing Workshops

Imagine running simple workshops that can earn you $5000 a day with just ten attendees. Here's the step by step on how you can do it, where to find venues, what to charge, how to get attendees and more!

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YouTube Niche Mining

Discover how you can use a simple video tool with zero learning curve and produce at least one new channel a day with ChatGPT doing all your video scripts, description, keyword research and using the tool to make videos in under 1 minute each.

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YouTube Traffic Hacks

Building your own traffic source that grows over time is essential to creating more success within your niche market. Here's how you can do it for pennies using YouTube ads and Google search ads for remarketing.

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Coming Soon: Niche Hacking

A more automated and advanced and FASTER version of YouTube Niche Mining.

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Coming Soon: AI Launch Jacking

Imagine you could use a simple tool that automates affiliate promotions by creating quality affiliate videos for upcoming product launches and that its so easy to use that you can produce campaigns for different products multiple times a day...Welcome to AI affiliate marketing!

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