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Step by step tutorials 

What You Need To get Started

Downloading The Software
AI Settings Set-up
  • We have multiple text-to-speech options integrated in our software. You can choose from our free options or paid options like Elevenlabs. In the software settings, click on your preferred option and it will direct you to the API key. 
  • Log In To Bing Chat & Verify 
Enable Open AI Billing

Without Open AI Billing, ChatGPT only allows 3 requests per minute. To increae the number of requests per minute, you need to enable Open AI Billing. 

Other Settings Explained
  • To upload more than 10 videos per day on YouTube, it is necessary to verify your channel by phone. Otherwise, channels that have not been phone verified are limited to 10 video uploads per day.
  • Downloader: Choose where on your computer you would like NicheBlasta Videos To Be Saved
  • How To Add Official YouTube API
Adding Your YouTube Accounts & Channels
  • Add and verify your Google accounts
  • Start Authorizing Internal APIs

Fully Automated Version

  • Create New Project & Choose Without Seeding Prompts
  • Add Project Info In The Pop Up Window
  • Checkbox The Project & Click On 'Start Uploading Videos'

Niche Poking Case Study 

  • 38,408 Views (Free Traffic!)

Semi-Automated Version

  • Click on 'Generate' & Choose Local Business Video
  • Add URL
  • Add Stock Footage
  • Choose YouTube Account & Channel
  • Choose Text-To-Speech Voice
  • Start Uploading Videos
  • Start Updating Key Moments

Re-optimise Existing videos

  • Create New Project & Choose Channel
  • Click On 'Import'
  • Choose The Videos You Want To Re-Optimise
  • Go To Glocal CTA Snippets & Add CTA's
  • Checkbox The Videos & Choose Your CTA
  • Click On 'Generate' & Choose Preferred Option
  • Click On 'Start Updating Videos' To Update Them on YouTube
  • Click on 'Start Updating Key Moments'

Affiliate marketing tool

  • Go To The NicheBlasta Tab & Create New Project
  • Click On 'Generate' & Select Preferred Option (FAQ Style Or Multi-angle)
  • Go To 'Options' & Choose Voice Over
  • Edit Video Info To Add CTA & Stock Footage
  • Checkbox The Video & Click on Start Uploading Videos

Breaking news tool

  • Find a URL For A Breaking News Story
  • Go To Semi Automated Version Tool
  • Create A New Project, Click on 'Generate' & Choose Breaking News Story 
  • Add URL

Upload To YouTube with Schedueling

  • Go To Settings
  • Go To Channel Upload Limits
  • Checkbox Your Channel
  • Edit Channel Limit
  • Choose How Many Videos To Uplaod & Daily Limit

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