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Web 2.0 Commando

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Web 2 0 Commando ONE Click Bulk Web 2.0 Account Creator

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Adding Accounts To Web 2 0 Commando In ONE Click

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Seriously Powerful SEO

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Local Traffic Commando Is Back From The Dead!

But So Much Different, So Much Better, So Much Power!

My first attempt at any kind of software was around 2 years ago when i launched a product called Local Traffic Commando (yep, just 2 years and 1 month according to the original YouTube video post date…Iv’e come along way baby! :) This was and still is a very powerful plugin, but best kept well away from your money sites! Does it still work? At the time it was generating page one rankings for hundreds of keywords, but in truth, i haven’t used the plugin at all in the past year and a half. However, i reckon it still does its magic for long tail keywords although it could really do with an update if i was to use it for WordPress sites in future. Watch the video below and you will see just how powerful this tool was and below that i will explain what we are doing with it now.

See a Demo of The Old Local Traffic Commando Below

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Coincidentally the plugin came about as i really liked the Local pages ninja plugin and requested a couple of feature’s on how they could improve it. I heard nothing back and so decided to build on the original LPN idea and make something in the way i see it could be far more effective. Last week LPN relaunched a version 2 just as i am about to relaunch Local traffic commando but mine is Oh so different and really cant be compared anymore.

So what are we doing now? Well, in short…It is still a WordPress plugin but it doesn’t post to WordPress…say what!?

Now this is where things start to get really cool! It has been built into a new tool called web 2.0 commando which will post on unlimited web 2.0 accounts on different sites, so you could in theory created 500 accounts in each and Web2commando can post to them but using random accounts every time, drip feeding, varying anchor text, fully optimized with H tags, alt tags automatically inserted into images and randomizing the videos and images on every page. This makes every page unique even if creating 1000’s of posts at one time.

Web 2.0 Commando

Web 2.0 Commando


So instead of posting to WordPress, it send the posts into a scheduler to post top the web 2.0 sites AND you can even choose to do tiered links with it too. It will come with one of our trademark one click, bulk account creators too and it will add the accounts into the WordPress plugin settings! As long as you are using proxies you can literally have hundreds of accounts created in one click by using the bulk account creator which will create a Hotmail account and then as many profiles as you have specified in the account creator tool.  Check out videos on social bookmark commando to see one of our account creators in action, its crazy stuff!

Here is the overview video of whats to come!

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Lifetime License

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  • Create Unlimited Accounts
  • Make Unlimited Posts
  • Nothing To Install Except The Web 2.0 Account Creator
  • ONE Click Bulk Account Creation
  • ONE Click web 2.0 Account Uploads To Web 2.0 Commando
  • Create 100’s of Long Tail Posts in Competitive Niches
  • Automated On Page SEO
  • Every Post Unique!
  • YOU Control The Quality Of The Posts
  • YOU Control The Quantity of Posts
  • Use For Local Marketing
  • Use For CPA or Affiliate Offers
  • Nothing Like This In Web 2.0 Syndication 


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