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Discover Unique Chat GPT Prompts To Save Time, Save Money, Increase Profitability And Productivity 

ChatGPT pro tips:

Learn how to use ChatGPT to get more done, increase your productivity and achieve your goals faster with the help of this super intelligent AI

It's Like Having An Army Of Outsourcers Respond Instantly With Tasks Delivered In Real Time

Don't let ChatGPT's impressive feats distract you from its real potential: to help you save time, increase profits, and streamline your workflow.

This tool is the new go-to solution for marketing, and it's so simple that anyone can use it to generate a wide range of content - no skills or experience needed!

Keeping track of multiple marketing tasks can be overwhelming.

Don't let the stress and frustration of managing multiple marketing tasks and managing outsourcers  hold you back.

With our simple, actionable guide, you can learn how to use ChatGPT to save time, frustration and work more efficiently.

With step-by-step instructions and expert tips and tactics, you can transform your ability to manage marketing campaigns and take your skills to the next level.

ChatGPT is like having a magic genie on your side, completing the work of an outsourced team faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Say goodbye to slow turnaround times and hello to lightning-fast productivity

Genie and the lamp on the clouds illustration

No More Overwhelm Or Stress

Say goodbye to the stress and frustration of waiting for outsourced work. ChatGPT can help you get your marketing tasks done quickly and easily.

Explode Your Productivity

Don't let slow turnaround times hold you back. ChatGPT can help you get tasks done faster and more efficiently, and by learning the right prompts to use, you can unlock its full potential.

Save Money & Time

Cut costs and boost efficiency with ChatGPT. By learning how to use it properly with the right prompts, you can get tasks done faster and more efficiently, saving you both time and money.

Prompt Mastery
  • Creating high-quality content can be a tedious and frustrating process.
  • Traditional methods of content creation involve extensive research, writing, and proofreading.
  • Hiring a freelancer may not always guarantee quality or timely delivery.
  • Writer's block can be a major obstacle when you need content quickly.
  • Many people are discouraged by the overwhelming nature of content creation and give up on it.
  • Content is vital for driving traffic to sales and opt-in pages and for making money on Amazon with Kindle and paper books.
  • Those who abandon content creation often end up with subpar results and regrets about wasted time, money, and effort.

I was a little late to the ChatGPT party, but after seeing the name pop up on social media so much, I decided to check it out. I wasn't sure what to expect, but as soon as I started using it, I was blown away. I was astounded by the speed and efficiency of ChatGPT, and I knew right then and there that this was history being made.

For marketers like me, ChatGPT was a game changer. It allowed me to ramp up my productivity and get tasks done faster than ever before. I quickly learned that mastering the prompts was key to getting the best results from ChatGPT, and there were tons of tips and tricks that could not only save time, but also improve the quality of the content. I started using ChatGPT for everything from writing sales scripts and copywriting formulas that are proven to convert, to researching just about any topic.

I even used ChatGPT to help me rank two web pages and around a dozen videos, adding timestamps to YouTube videos without having to scroll through the video and manually stop, start, and write the time of each timestamp. ChatGPT is great for marketers who need assistance with SEO, copywriting, social media posts, sales pages headlines, sub-headlines, introductions, pros and cons, FAQ schema, and storytelling. Whatever you need to put on a sales page, ChatGPT can help you do it fast and save money on copywriters while creating copy that converts.

Overall, discovering ChatGPT was a life-changing experience for me. It helped me boost my productivity and achieve my goals in ways I never thought possible. It was like having an army of virtual assistants all great at every task and providing the responses in real time.

But Wouldn't You Like To Learn How To Get Even More Out Of ChatGPT & Turn It From Being Like An Army Of Skilled Assistants Into a Magic Genie?

  • Knowing the right prompts for ChatGPT can help you get better results and higher quality output.
  • By mastering the prompts, you can build a stronger marketing plan that is different from 99% of people who are still using ChatGPT for the basics.
  • ChatGPT is capable of much more than many people realize, and mastering the prompts can help you tap into its full potential.
  • Mastering the prompts can save you time and money by allowing you to get tasks done faster and more efficiently.
  • With the right prompts, you can use ChatGPT for a wide range of marketing tasks, such as creating content, managing campaigns, and optimizing SEO.
  • By mastering the prompts, you can improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and get better results for your business.
  • Better quality content: With the right prompts, you can create higher quality content that engages and converts your audience.
  • Greater flexibility: With better prompts, you can use ChatGPT for a wider range of tasks and projects, giving you greater flexibility and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances.

Profit from ChatGPT: The AI-Powered Marketing Solution for Business Growth

Are you ready to revolutionize your marketing strategy and take your business to new heights?

Look no further than ChatGPT, the powerful AI tool that can help you generate a wide range of high-quality content and optimize your marketing efforts.

With ChatGPT, you can easily create and sell articles, ebooks, video scripts, and courses to other businesses or individuals, or use this content to drive traffic to your sales or opt-in pages. ChatGPT can also help you tap into the power of SEO by identifying valuable keywords and creating optimized content that will improve the ranking of your online properties.

And that's not all - ChatGPT can also manage your social media campaigns, schedule posts, and engage with followers, all while saving you time and effort.

Plus, ChatGPT can help you boost your sales and conversion rates with persuasive copy and optimized landing pages. And if you're looking to generate leads, ChatGPT can create compelling lead magnets like opt-in pages, quizzes, and surveys to attract and capture leads.

As a skilled marketer, you can even use your expertise in ChatGPT to offer consulting services to other businesses and individuals looking to leverage the power of AI for their marketing.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to supercharge your marketing and take your business to the next level with ChatGPT.

There are several ways that marketers can use ChatGPT to make money:

  • Create and sell content:
    ChatGPT can be used to generate a wide range of content, such as articles, ebooks, video scripts, and courses. This content can be sold to other businesses or individuals, or used to drive traffic to sales or opt-in pages.
  • Optimize SEO:
    ChatGPT can be used to generate SEO-optimized content and identify high-value keywords that can help improve the ranking of websites and other online properties.
  • Manage social media campaigns:
    ChatGPT can be used to create and schedule social media posts, as well as engage with followers and respond to comments.
  • Improve sales and conversion rates: 
    ChatGPT can be used to create persuasive sales copy and optimize landing pages for better conversion rates.
  • Generate leads: 
    ChatGPT can be used to generate lead magnets, such as opt-in pages, quizzes, and surveys, to attract and capture leads.
  • Provide consulting services:
    Marketers who are skilled in using ChatGPT can offer consulting services to other businesses and individuals looking to improve their marketing efforts with the help of AI..


What People Are Saying About ChatGBT


Kaushal Mistry

Keyword Intent gives very valuable long tail keywords for research and content creation for myself and my students - Highly recommended.

5 of 5 stars



The Facts File YouTube Channel

“Mind blowing. Thank you so much for sharing such a valuable tool with us. I am not able to afford Ahref and SemRush. Now I will use this keyword research tool. Once again thanks"

4.5 of 5 stars

Another YouTube Creator from the Facts File Channel



“The Best Keyword Research Tool of 2022 | Better Than Ahrefs & Ubersuggest!...."

4.5 of 5 stars

“This review came from RipoN who created a YouTube video review of keyword Intent and posted on his channel which has 243k subscribers, so far the review video has had 28,837 views

What will you get with Prompt Mastery?

Keyword Research

There are multiple keyword tools within Keyword intent, including the main  tool which can filter by wildcard, how to, comparison, best, questions, most, alternatives and ideas filters.
This allows you to use the filter that best suits the results you see on the first page of google for a main keyword.
There is also a KGR (keyword Golden Ratio) tool that will help you identify keywords that you can rank for easily, even without backlinks.

New Topics and Angles

One thing you'll notice quickly is that when you run a search with Keyword Intent the results provided are relevant, but don't always have the keyword name that you searched.
The algorithm behind the tool understands the semantic nature of the results that it provides, and this is a great way to know exactly what topics, sub topics and keywords you should be using in your content, blog posts, videos and even in your ad campaigns.

'Real Time' Questions 

Understanding what questions your target audience is asking is a massive advantage to planning content that will not only rank, but will drive traffic.
You can run the 'Reddit Topic Hunter' tool to find questions being asked in your niche today within some high traffic sub-reddits
There's also an in depth 'People also ask' tool which provides up to 200 questions that Google actually ranks  and is therefore relevant to your niche.

This is Much More Than an SEO or PPC Keyword Research Tool, It's a Multi-Strategy Search Marketing Software Suite Designed To Help You 'Move The Needle' and Get Targeted Traffic.

The products included with Keyword Intent are...

The Main Keywordd Intent Tool

The main keyword tool is unique in the results it provides compared to other tools. You'll quickly discover that your content can almost write itself with the results provided. Full training is available too on how to get the most out of this tool.


The questions that Google adds to the first page results can be really insightful for the search intent of the user and give you instant ideas for sub topics for articles or even for categories within your website. Its also great for creating an informed outline for articles,  videos, podcasts, and ad campaigns.

KGR - Keyword Golden Ratio

The Keyword Golden ratio strategy is a calculation based research that divides the number of allintitle competition by the search volume provided by keyword tools and choosing keywords that have 250 searches or less and the result of that calculation (KGR Keyword Golden Ratio) comes under 0.25 then it should rank without backlinks within days. The software finds the data needed to do the calculation and highlights those keywords to add to your content.

Google SERPS 'Related' keywords

When you do a search in Google you'll see 8 'Related Searches' at the bottom of the search results page. This tool pulls that info in so that you can get ideas for sub topics for your content outline. It's essentially Google telling you how to optimize your content with terms that are relevant.


This is a good little tool for getting seed keyword ideas to put into the main keyword intent tool. These 'auto suggest' keywords are what people are searching for in YouTube and that have traffic. It;'s a great place to start by adding a main keyword and watch as the too, updates as you type.

Google & Bing Top Ten SERPS Results

When you have identifies keyword phrases you want to target, it's best practice to look at the first page search results to see what content Google is already ranking and look at the format of that content (video, articles, news stories, how to posts, etc.) and this will help you create your content outline, titles, angles and style of content needed to rank.
The SERPS tools inside keyword Intent allow you to do that without having to leave the app.


Reddit is a great place to find out what your target audience is asking about right now. The Reddit Topic Hunter tool brings back real time results and you'll know within seconds what real people are asking about on the forum, rather than just keywords that keyword tools provide. This is also a great way to map out your new websites, existing content for updates and great for video content topics too.

Indexing Tools 

The indexing tools are designed to help you find any pages that are not indexed on your site and provide the URLs for those. There is also an indexing service to help get your content indexed faster. Both of these tasks are done via 3rd party services and are conveniently available to use within keyword Intent via api keys.

Benson Headline Formula 

Ever struggle to write catchy headlines? Well this goes way beyond that and is a great solution to most people ass we have taken a powerful,  but simple headline formula from Jon Benson who is a billion dollar copywriter. Fortunately Jon has great tutorials on his YouTube channel and we have created a tool around his easy headline training to help you write great headlines within his formula, not only that, you will also have great sub headlines from it too.


How can better topical and keyword optimization impact traffic to my content? 

Topic optimization makes your content search engine and user friendly.

The impact can happen in both ways, and as well as rankings helping you get more traffic for more keywords it can also help you build an audience with better and more informative content that brings people back to your next pieces of content too.

This is relevant whether you are creating content with articles, blog posts, videos and can even be used effectively for ad content like video ads or finding multiple angles to use in your ad groups.

Keyword Intent gives you a head start in discovering angles and sub topics at speed to save you time and quickly see opportunities that you might have missed otherwise.

What if I'm not good at creating content ?

The results this keyword tool provides gives you a lot of help in creating good content. And don't worry about it too much. The only way to get better at creating content is to write more content. So, get writing, or hire a writer and give them access to your keyword Intent research.

Do i need to purchase anything to use keyword Intent?

You can optionally buy credits for the 3rd party indexer we have integrated for website pages and bulk pages indexing (good to index your backlinks, but that's totally optional. You'll also need 2captcha to use the KGR tool.

How accurate are the search volumes?

We get the search volume data direct from Google API, but the more keywords you rank the more traffic you will get.

Keyword Intent is designed to help you focus more on 'Topical Optimization' which is how to optimize your content for SEO today.
Focus on a main keyword, but also for topics and sub topics, with multiple keywords being targeted within each sub-topic and making sure that you met the search intent for each section sub heading for best results..
Keyword Intent makes this easy and intuitive with the data provided.

What training is provided and when?

The training is done in short video format showing how to use the tools with an example campaign done in the form of a live demo, moving step-by-step and using a logical flow from content mapping for a new topic gathering ideas and angles to use for multiple pieces of content, though to mapping out an article with main keyword, sub headings, featured snippets questions and FAQ schema optimization.

This is designed to give you an easy to understand grasp of creating content for SEO, video marketing and even advertising strategies that work today.
This will also be followed up with broader weekly webinar training that will cover multiple digital marketing topics including Content optimization, Google and YouTube ads, list building and lead generation,  audience building and more.

However, we do a Q&A session at the end of every live training session, and you can ask questions about Keyword research, Keyword Intent, topical optimisation, or any other online marketing topic that you want to ask about

How much does Keyword Intent cost? What factors go into content optimization costs?

Keyword Intent is priced to be affordable for everyone, it does not cost hundreds of dollars per year and is much lower cost than other keyword research tools.

Content optimization costs depend on whether you are creating your content or outsourcing it.
Keyword Intent can lower your costs by helping you create a proper outline of your content with keywords to use within each section, ready to hand over to writers and keep the costs down for research time, while helping you get a better ROI from the traffic you generate from your content.

If you're looking for an easy to operate tool That Focuses On Topics, Angles and Keywords to help you optimize and create better content without spending endless hours of researchthat won't cost you hundreds (or thousands) of dollars per year, then this is for you...

So who is this for exactly?

Anybody who falls into one of these categories:

  • You struggle to come up with topics and angles to use for your content marketing or ad campaigns.
  • You don't understand the ins-and-outs of complicated and hard to learn keyword research tools.
  • You don't want to spend hundreds of dollars per month on tools that need a huge learning curve just to operate at a level that's useful to you to get meaningful results.
  • You already started - but struggle to come up with angles to create original content or ad campaign ideas to grow your audience.
  • You just want quick and easy research handed on a plate that you can easily identify content angles, and sub-topic ideas quickly and dig deeper into for fast content mapping.
  • You want a tool that you can give access to your writing assistants to use as a quick guide to expand the search intent of your articles to help you rank faster and get traffic.
  • You don't want an expensive monthly commitment for tools you know you will never get the most use from because you don't have time.
  • You want unlimited access to the tools you pay for without credit limits that you barely understand.
  • You just want fast, easy research to find multiple keywords to create content around with search intent that digs deep without having to spend between hundreds of thousands of dollars per year just for their basic packages.
  • You want to be a founder member of a product that keeps improving with new, unique and exciting features on a regular basis.
  • You want to be part of a community that can share strategy, ideas and even suggest new features and feel like you're being listened to.
  • You want to take advantage of early pricing and lock it it forever while we build the membership up and not have to pay more later.

Did of of those hit a pain point? 

If it did you're not alone, and i want to solve those problems for you today.

The Main Keyword Intent Research Tool

keyword intent screenshot 1

The Main Keyword Intent Research Tool 

Finds Opportunities For Topics and Angles

keyword intent screenshot 2

The Main Keyword Intent Research Tool 

We Tested It For Launch Jacking With Exact Product Name From a Launch last Week

The Main Keyword Intent KGR (Keyword Golden Ratio) Tool 

Super Easy Keyword With Traffic...

kger tool - keyword intent

The Main Keyword Intent People Also Ask Tool 

So We Can Put The Product Type Into People Also Ask Tool To Find What People Are Asking...

This Could Make Great Blog or Video Content

people also ask keyword intent

Grab Keyword Intent Today From Just $67/ year!

Here we have a highly attractive offer for you and you need to make a decision right now if you want to take advantage of the founder members offer. Keyword Intent will not be at this price for very long, jump in now and lock in your special discount.

keyword Intent
keyword Intent

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

I like and use, 

I started with the free version which is easy to use, and has search volumes. When the paid version came along, I upgraded to premium. It was a no brainer for me. 

It quickly gets ideas for topically relevant keywords. 

It also has new powerful features found in much higher subscription tools but not in a single subscription tool. I also own some of those, so I can see the difference and I use this tool first.

sterling hall

Keyword Intent is a game changer! It has helped find ways to increase Topic Optimizations in new ways and show even more buyer intent searches quickly.

Andrew Samootin

Only just digging into keyword intent, however the keyword research tool itself is saving me a bunch of time clustering keywords and gathering information regarding search volume, competition and trends.
I can now get rid of several keyword research tools and subscriptions, as this tool is pretty much an all in one. It's a strong alternative to Ubersuggest, and I am likely going to stop needing to purchase credits from Keywords Everywhere going forward. The people also ask tool is also a massive timesaver, and it means I don't need to go crawling through Google to find relevant Q&A details to add to my content.

This has very quickly become my favourite keyword research tool

Dhes Pillay

I was able to write a blog post outline within minutes using Keyword Intent that is 100% better than what an Ai tool could provide and is completely unique to my content too. This is a great tool and so many ways to use it too with long tail Keyword Golden Ratio and the Reddit topic hunter generates some cracking ideas for new content. Brilliant job!

Peter Dawson