How To Maximize Facebook Messenger List Building

We have seen a bunch of Facebook messenger tools come out lately for list building and sending notifications direct to people within their Facebook accounts.

Looking at some of the sales pages for these tools they have Case Studies, stats and data to prove that

  1. Messages sent from Facebook messenger get a near 100% open rate
  2. You can build an effective subscriber list using this method
  3. You can use these lists to make money pretty easily (case study info below)

This is a major new marketing opportunity for us but we do need to use some best practices to make it work for us.

The obvious bottleneck is how to get people to comment on your Facebook pages so that we can add them automatically to our lists and send autoresponder messages (broadcast or follow up sequence messages) via Facebook.

So i decided to put together some best practices to make these new marketing apps work for us.

First i went digging for opportunities to purchase existing Fan Pages that are for sale.

There are some Facebook terms that may state that you cannot buy and sell Facebook fan pages so you would do this at your own risk.

Nevertheless, i decided to list all the sites and services i found that can offer this type of service with pre existing likes and comments. (I will recommend a tool that can pull in previous commenters into a list even if you add this tool after they have commented…Pretty Neat Huh? :)

In fact if you could pull this off at low cost you will have a ready made list for a bargain.

Lets take a look at some screenshots…


If this last one is real and correct then you could effectively have a list 40,000 sports fans for just $350!

Powerful Huh?

Need the list of these sites?

Need A List Of These Sites That Sell Fanpages and All Other Resources From This Blog Post?

…All you have to do is comment on the fanpage (directly below this box in this post, just click on comment) and we will deliver the doc with all resources direct to your Facebook messenger:)

The Next Obvious Strategy Would Be Running Competitions on Facebook

Lets take a look at some suggestions i found around the net from people who are running competitions and stir up some of your own ideas too hopefully.

Many of these suggestions come from a blog post by Kim Garst and i have added my own suggestions to each. Kims post has even more ideas but i picked out those i could add suggestions to. Please check out her blog post and it may stir up more of your own ideas too. Also, she has tons of fantastic posts on her blog well worth checking out.

I will also share a free app in the resources doc that you can create and run competitions right now…within minutes of reading this post!

Facebook Competition Strategies & Ideas

Fill in the Blanks Competition
Just as it sounds, and a great way to do this would be to take a proven high converting headline idea and get people to fill in some missing words but based around your own promotion.

So here’s an example of what that may look like, using a headline that i typically get over 10% open rate for ith my aweber list.

(Name of Product)… Your Questions Answered On Automated Facebook List Building

This is forcing people to write the name of the product which is almost too simple but it goes back to the strategy used on TV often when they ask a really obvious question that 99% of people can answer.

The idea of this is to make as many people as possible respond.

Remember we just need people to comment on the Facebook page and they will be added to your list and you can re-market to them multiple times.
Asking fans to tag themselves as part of the contest
People on Facebook love this kind of stuff and we can use that effectively.

Perhaps you could run the competition asking for them to post a recent picture and tag themselves or similar.

Or you could even ask fans to tag their friends :)
Asking fans to share the contest on their timeline in order to enter
This would be a two step process as we still need that initial comment on the fan page to add the person to your list and then ask them to do the Facebook share.

There are some very effective tools for doing this sort of stuff such as upviral from Wilco.

Its a super effective strategy that usually works well when they are redirected to a page to receive a gift or bonus  and you have the option to force the social share as the last step to getting the gift.

My suggestion is to make the gift really good so that they do not hesitate to do the share in the last step to getting access.

Caption contests are great
They allow your fans to show a little personality. And an added bonus is that other entrants will actually enjoy reading through the entries

“Help us come up with an idea” Facebook Contest
These are great because they not only help you solve a problem or come up with new and creative ideas, but they get people engaged with and invested in your brand.

You can ask for help with naming a product, coming up with new product ideas, or ask for help with a particular strategy where the best or most practical idea wins.

This could be done with a poll or a survey too and a great way to get feedback from your audience.

Just remember to keep it simple to help force the interaction

Fan of the Week Facebook Contest
“Skittles has devised an ingenious way to run a contest without having to give anything away. Does it get any better than that?

Each week they ask for entries into their BFF contest: Best Fan Forever (well…for this week only!).

Entrants are asked to send in a photo of themselves with a bag of Skittles – that’s it! One winner is chosen each week, and their photo is posted on the Skittles Facebook page”

You could run this very effectively and get people to tag themselves and their friends at the same time.

This would work really well if it were done with a sense of humor to increase engagement and people will enjoy reading the responses.

Vote for your Favorite Photo
“Ask for photo submissions, and then ask your fans to vote for their favorite. The best part of this strategy is that people tend to ask family and friends to vote for their photo…which can indirectly lead to extra likes for your page”

Another great strategy from Kim and we could take this further too.

Here’s how

We have all seen those photo banners around, especially based on sports questions.

Typically they will give two options like who is the best footballer, Ronaldo or Messi and an picture of each and a vote button.

This would be based on the same concept but asking people to comment the answer instead of a button and boom, they are on your list!

Q&A Facebook Contest
“This is another one that’s super easy to implement. Simply ask your fans a question and the correct (or the best) answer wins!
There are so many creative ways you can utilize contests for driving traffic and engagement on (and to) your Facebook page”

Another great suggestion from Kim and here’s how we can take that further.

Ask me anything (AMA) type posts and forum threads and twitter conversations are really popular.

This can easily be done on Facebook pages too!

If you have expertise (or maybe do this with a client if you do marketing for businesses) then this is a super way to show your expertise, build your own authority and get people to comment.

This could also be done with controversial topics very effectively.

Where there is passion there will always be people who want to voice their opinions and there are some real masters of the controversial news jacking strategy who i am convinced do it instinctively and without truly realizing what they are doing is one of the most effective marketing strategies around.

As an example take a look at Piers Morgan on twitter. 

Love him or loath him he is the master of created what i term “Twitter Riots” and inserting himself in the news.

Now if only we could build lists on twitter with comments and interactions!

Keep an eye out for my new Social Infinity software tool which we can use social interactions to growth hack Twitter, Facebook and Instagram audiences :)

This is actually a mild one from Piers, if you spend time going through his tweets you will find time and time again the same strategy being used, often about breaking news, with controversy and he does have 5.2 million followers to prove the strategy works well.

I’m convinced many of his haters follow him just to be able to jump on him whenever he does his thing on twitter.


Everyone loves giveaways. Running contests for free stuff is a great idea to engage audience on all social media channels.

My favorite way to do this is miniscraping.

A term i have given to a simple strategy that leverages other peoples hard work and influence with your own commentary and ideas added.

This can be done very effectively by sourcing cheat-sheets, checklists etc from influencers and turning them into consumable format like a chrome extension, an infographic (costs 5 bucks on fiverr!) or a simple PDF.

This has been a very effective strategy for me with some chrome extensions having 2000+ downloads and building a list for me on autopilot.

Here is an example of one of my own strategy tools, just in case some new folks reading this may not be familiar with my work, i do have my own strategies too but i love growth hacking that’s fast, low cost and works :)


This is a power strategy and i use it time and time again to great effect, its one of the lowest cost ways ever to build a list by getting them first to optin through links to a landing page on your blog or on social media and then redirecting them to the link in the chrome store.

This also saves support tickets on how to install an extension as the chrome store automates that for you.

That YouTube SEO extension took me an hours work and cost 50 bucks, it had generated more than 2000 subscribers before i added it to the chrome store too.

You can get my marketing chrome extensions from the resource doc by commenting on the Facebook page pinned post above or direct on the page.

I know that many of you will be wanting to know where to get chrome extensions done in the same style for 50 bucks.

I am creating a tool to do these exact layouts where you fill in the banks to create your own Chrome extensions and Firefox addons.

Stay on my subscriber list to get notified when that tool becomes available :)

Now if you give something like this away on a Facebook page you could ask them to comment on why they want the tool, and to make this really effective you could ask them to fill in the blanks.

How about this as an example…

I would LOVE to get the Facebook List Building On Autopilot Cheat Sheet Because …..(fill in the blanks)

How To Run Free Contests On Facebook

There is a free app we can use to run effective Facebook contests and get people to comment, giving us automated list building at the same time.

The great thing is that the features are very easy to use and they provide analytics with the contest too.

You have to use premium version to publish on Facebook pages, but there is a workaround that i have included in the resources doc.

Lets take a look at what this looks like and in the Facebook page snippet above you can comment to get the link and resources for every tool mentioned in this blog that’s available.

And the published version looks like this

Now you can imagine how effective this strategy is, especially for an offer like the one i mention in the competition.

  1. It brings attention to an offer that would peak the interest any SEO
  2. It highlights my entire SEO product collection
  3. It will build instant authority in the eyes of those that may not be familiar with my work
  4. It will build my list on autopilot of i keep it running
This competition offer is not yet published but i will publish it on the Facebook page over the next few days, be sure to keep an eye on it and some other great offers i will be doing with competitions in the next few days and weeks. I may have more options for competition builders  to test before publishing

Have fun with this, you could build a five figure income per month using these strategies and just before i go i did promise to let you know about the tool that will add previous commenters to your list from any fanpage!

This is a new tool from Andrew Darius and i spent hours chatting with him this week about the product.

Andrew has some quality tools that many of you will already have purchased, he has a great team and fantastic support too.

He is also a quality marketer and has taken the Facebook Messenger list building further with some very subtle but effective strategies for building Facebook lists faster than any other tool out there with his FanContact product.

He has also done case studies on how to make money from it.

Here is a screenshot i got from Andrew just a few minutes ago showing $237.92 earnings from his beta testing.

This is all from using Facebook messenger lists and you can see that one promotion pays back the cost of the tool and still leaves a profit!

On the FanContact sales page there is another case study of earning almost $1500 in testing too. Andrew covers this in detail on exactly how he did it and he shows how to use jvzoo to track sales from Facebook messenger.

The sales figures above and in the sales page case study video do not show stats for the OTO sales which Andrew estimates to be around 40% conversion rates. So these sales figures are actually lower than their final totals by quite a margin and the video he shows how easy it really is to do.

So Lets Wrap This Up

I have given you some strategies that you can use to replicate results like these and if you watch Andrews case study video you will notice that these earnings are done with a relatively small Facebook messenger list.

Now i often get asked by people how to make money online and this has got to be one of the simplest ways to do it.

I did mention there would be a 2nd post done on using Facebook messenger lists effectively and for those that want to know how to drive traffic to Facebook contests and build those lists in record time then watch this space.

There is far more to come and the traffic strategies can be done at low cost of both time and money.

In fact its so easy i can say that its just a decision, a decision to go and do it and make it happen.

If you feel that sometimes your spinning your wheels, buying backlinks to “maybe” get rankings and “maybe” get traffic from those rankings then this is for you.

Its not about rankings or backlinks, its about Fast Traffic & Conversions and making money instead of having an expensive hobby where you are constantly stuck in learning mode and feeling frustrated.

Check Out FanContact, Its just $37.00 for the front end offer for to use with one Facebook account with unlimited fan pages.

You do have to purchase the OTO 2 to be able to add people to your list that have commented previously on your pages, so if you have fan pages with lots of comments this would be worth the money to instantly add them to a list and please do watch Andrews case study video on the sales page.

I will end this post at this point as its a lot to be getting on with for now, but will do a part 2 at some point as i have a lot of material not yet covered, including driving TRAFFIC to your pages and competitions.

Let me know of your own ideas in the comments and you can access the resources from this post by commenting on the fan page pinned post here.

My Recommended Tool For Building Facebook Lists

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My Recommended Tool For Building Facebook Lists

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