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You can massively grow your YouTube video views as well as YouTube shorts and TikTok  're-watches' with the new worldwide P2P Mobile IP access !

Your License key will be delivered in a separate email!

We've also sent the details of your purchase to your email address. If you have any questions, please contact our support desk.


If you haven’t installed .NET Framework 4.6.2 yet, make sure to   DOWNLOAD IT HEREThis is NOT needed if you are running Windows 10 or above

If you are having issues with the desktop software not running views, you probably need to install C++ Redistribution files from Microsoft (link below)

SerpAttack Comes In TWO Parts

1. Web Application Which You Can Reach After You Confirm Your Email Here 

2. Desktop App Which Does Your CTR Clicks, Views, Website Visits etc. (Below)

3. Android Mobile App If Using The P2p Mobile Proxy Network

The SerpAttack desktop tool is a windows tool, you can use it with a VPS too

If you are having issues with the desktop software not running views, you probably need to

 CLICK HERE to Install C++ Redistribution files from Microsoft 

The SerpAttack desktop tool is a windows tool, you can use it with a VPS too

Welcome Vid Attack Alpha Customers

Here's what you need to know....

  • You have been upgraded to SerpAttack with the same features as Vid Attack Alpha
  • In fact, you have some extra tools now.
  • Now you have a web app to do the campaign settings and a desktop tool to do the views.
  • You do not have access to submit your campaigns to group projects or the P2P mobile proxy network, but if you want to upgrade let us know
  • You have 2 licenses with SerpAttack, one for the web app and one for the desktop toolPlease watch the software tutorials to get set up and join the telegram group (link below)


Webapp Access & Desktop Viewing Tool Steps:

  • Register at with YOUR OWN choice of username and password
  • When you have confirmed your email and logged into the web app, add your license key)
  • The product tutorials and download link for the desktop tool can be found here on this page
  • When you install the desktop tool, add the license which has been sent in a separate email from the web app license.
  • You will also need to go to the settings in the desktop app and add your username and password for the web app that you created in step 1 above.
  • To use SerpAttack, you'll need proxies. I suggest using The SerpAttack P2P Mobile Network. If that's not suitable, consider Squid Private proxies. Often, you can get a 30% discount on Squid proxies by searching "squid proxies discount" on Google.
  • You will need a captcha solver service, I recommend 2captcha, there is a link to their service directly from the desktop tool in captcha settings.
  • Join the Telegram group
  • Go through the videos on the first tab in the video section "Basic Software Settings & Tutorials"
  • You will need a spare phone for the mobile app. Please make sure it is not a Chinese phone. Preferably use a Samsung phone.

Using The SERPATTACK P2P Mobile Proxy Network?

Here's What You Need To Do...

  • mobile app setup

  • Video Of Setup

  • sharing IP Access


STEP #1 - 

  • Once logged into the web app, go to mobile proxies tab in the left
  • Click on the Mobile Proxy folders tab and add new folder.
  • Give Your folder an easy to remember for 1st folder you create (example Folder 1) and click save.

STEP #2 - 

  • Install the android mobile app on your android phone or device
  • You need to access the dropbox link for the APK file from your mobile device
  • Once the app is installed you need to open it and add your SerpAttack web app user name and password.


  • Open the app and choose the folder and click connect.

STEP #3 - 

  • You should see a green 'connected !' notification like the image below.
  • Now you can choose 'Auto Change IP'
  • You can set your IP to change from 1 minute upwards
  • Basic Software Settings & Tutorials
  • Case Studies
  • Channel Retention Tutorials
  • RankAttack Case studies
  • Webinar Replays
  • Webinar Slides
  • *****NEW FEATURES (Including GMB)*****
  • Resources

SerpAttack Settings Part 1: Web App Access, Desktop Tool & Upcoming Training

SerpAttack Project Settings: How To Set Up a Project Campaign (Complete Walkthrough)

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How To View Project Progress, Stats and Analytics AFTER a Project Has Started

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