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Syndlab Web 2.0 Syndication Tool…Review & Best Practices

My Rating: Recommended!

Used The Way I Will Show You On The Bonus Webinar This Will Be A Great Tool To Combine With WP Videosites & My Two RSS Plugins As Bonuses For The OTO 2.
Price 90%
Strategy 85%
Ease Of Use 85%
  • Easy To Use
  • Great Price
  • OTO 2 Has A WordPress Plugin
  • You Do Need To Purchase Social Accounts But I Will Be Recommending Where & Which Gig Offers Best Fit The Strategy.

Syndlab Is a New Web App That Syndicates To 21 Web 2.0 Sites

My first thoughts when i looked at Syndlab was that it was a competitor for my own Web 2.0 Alpha tool but soon realized that its more like syndwire but without monthly costs.

This was confirmed with a skype chat i had with Josh.

Lets Take A Look At The Syndlab Demo Video

As always with these launches there are some bonuses that are given out to all buyers, at the time of writing this i haven’t asked Josh for any exclusive bonuses but i think we can do better with something more customized so check out the end of this post to find out what my bonuses are.

Below is a screen grab of the bonus page that most affiliates will be using with the generic launch bonuses

I wanted to dig much deeper with this tool and i only got access today which is just a few hours from launch, So as i am unable to run my own campaigns i managed to twist Joshua’s arms into doing a quick Q&A interview with me and to do a live demo on the call.

Watch My Syndlab Demo & Interview With Joshua Zamora

How To Use Syndlab Effectively

Here’s Some Basic Suggestions…

  • Branded Social Accounts
  • Persona Accounts For Tiered Linking
  • Replacement For Onlywire For One Time Cost
  • Replacement For Syndwire

To Do the last two the OTO’s come in handy but they can still be done without them.

The OTO 1 has tiered linking which can automate syndication from branded accounts.

OTO 2 has a WordPress plugin which i was happy to see as we can use this to post money site content to branded accounts and for older posts in your WordPress sites too.

From these branded accounts you can add further syndication to your persona accounts on complete autopilot.

My Thoughts On Syndlab:

Honestly its a great tool to have, it can save you money if you are spending on onlywire or syndwire. Set up correctly it can be quite effective long term but what excites me most is having this automation added to the WP Videosites internal linking strategies.

Within the space of a week these two tools have been released and have completely transformed how we can automate WordPress SEO.

The only downside is that you need the OTO 2 to be able to do this quickly via the WordPress plugin but once its set up then its there long term and is pretty much set and forget.

My Syndlab Bonus:

  • I will do a webinar setting up live quality branded web 2.0 account syndication with automated persona tiered linking.
  • Those accounts will be with full profile and interlinking between the accounts.
  • We will then add some RSS magic to the strategy to take things to another level using video and WordPress )post, category and site) RSS feeds, IFTTT and Social Signals. (See Mindmap)

If You Purchase OTO 2 –   I Have Two very Special Bonuses

  • Get A Plugin From Me That Automated The WordPress RSS Xxtreme Strategy
  • Get My YouTube RSS Xrtreme Plugin Which Sold For $97.00

(These Plugins Will Be Licensed & Only Given Out To People On My JVzoo Account as Confirmed Purchasers From My Link

You have to purchase through my link to get this webinar training & WP RSS Xtreme and tyhe YouTube RSS Xtreme Plugins.

Syndlab launches today at 11am EST.

Click Here After 11am To Purchase Syndlab

Get Syndlab

You Need To Purchase From This Link  To Be Able To Get These Awesome Bonuses!

Bonuses Will Be Sent Out By Email. We Can Now Get List Of Buyers From Affiliate Links In JVzoo Accounts.

Timeframe For Bonuses

Webinar Registration Link For Syndlab Strategies As Mentioned In The Post – 24 Hours

RSS Plugins (Bonus For OTO 2) – 3 days

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