Learn How You Can Build Private Networks FASTER & EASIER Than Ever Before At LOW COST

Alpha Networks Basics & General Private Networks Best Practices & Tips For 2017

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In this PBN training which is tailored for working with Alpha Networks we go through some of the basics of traditional private blog networks.

Alpha networks can be used to create sites in seconds by adding in your domain details and choosing the type of site that you want built. With so many things that are already taken care of in the background with this new system, i have skipped some PBN basics that you might expect to be covered.

Some of the already built in features:

  • We have over 1000 unique IP subnets being used and users also have the option to use cloudflare for some of their domains if they choose. 
  • More IP diversity will be added soon too with plans to at least double what we have now within the next few weeks.
  • We redirect all previous urls from the domains added via htaccess so that any previous link juice will flow through to the home page.
  • We choose random templates and themes for every site and more templates are being added.
  • With our unique options to build out private networks with choice of blogs, video sharing sites and social bookmark sites we have unqiue one click tried linking systems built in.
  • Alpha networks has a stand aalone Desktop posting tool whilst still being able to easy work with established authority sites within our Video Synd Alpha and Live Stream Alpha softwares which also  have the Alpha Networks posting ability.
  • We have instant indexing and pinging for any campaigns done within the system and we are intergrated with well known and established 3rd party indexing services.
  • Users can create group networks with colleagues and friends to be able to cut down or share costs on expired domains by simply adding other members by their user names when adding sites to the system.
  • All sites are categorized and you choose categories when posting and they appear after posts have been made for any category.
  • We have built in url shortners and even mixed in a percantage of short url services that have 302 redirect instead of 301 to keep things as natural as possible, but using shortners or anchor text or naked urls is always the users choice.
  • Of course we have spintax ability built in too and will be adding integration with some third party content tools like article builder, kontent machine etc this week too.

That's just a few things we have from the top of my head writing this, and we will continue to tweak, add features and improve the tool over time with a lot planned for the coming days and weeks already mapped out and being worked on.

So here's todays question for you... 

Some of you reading this have probably attempted to build a private blog network, some may have had the work done for them and some probably have baulked at the costs or the effort needed previously of building out these networks.

There are some good PBN systems out there including one i have been a fan of for a long time, but how many systems are you aware of that lets you add sites in seconds, manage your sites, share your sites within groups and has a very simple tool for posting into your network sites?

How many systems offer instant backlinking, indexing, pinging and tiered linking with either a checkbox option when setting up campaigns or a couple of clicks?

You have probably noticed some websites rank everything they publish effortlessly and many of these sites are building authority fast, but you may not see them getting a whole lot of social engagement (from real people or influencers) to get those results. They may well be using high quality private blog networks to achieve this and i know for a fact that many are. 

So What's the "SECRET" that can turn your own website into a consistent content-ranking POWERHOUSE? 

It's Private Networks that you can build, manage, share and post into at ease, that you can build FAST and LOW COST! 

And the FUN thing about this is that there's an EASY way to SHARE AUTHORITY from your PBN websites by working in groups within the Alpha Networks system to mae it even more powerful, diverse and low cost. 

Want to learn more? 

In this Advanced SEO Tactics training session you'll learn:

  • What is a Private Blog Network
  • Benefits of using Private Blog Networks
  • Basic Footprints To Be Aware Of….
  • Some Other Basic PBN Tips
  • Some Tips For Working With Alpha Networks Private Networks System
  • Advice On What Types Of Sites To Use & How Many Within The Alpha Networks System
  • How You Can Monetize Your Networks
  • Tips For Working In Group Networks Within The  Alpha Networks System
  • Tips & Advice For Outbound Linking  FROM Your Private Network Sites
  • Tips & Advice For Inbound Linking To Your PBN's

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