Identify Successful YouTube Creators To Model

As this course is really focussed on being a traffic system to learn and apply anytime you want and to any video you choose, we will keep things brutally simple and with as few steps as possible.

With YouTube, we have a massive advantage in that we can identify who is getting results and easily see what success looks like in terms of video views and engagements.

If we abide by some basic principles, then we will get multiple advantages that others not doing the same will not have.

For Example

  1. Keep track of what's happening within our niche to see trends as they happen in near real time (see 'The tail of 3 videos' lesson (below) on how that specific title and angle generated over 200,000 views within weeks between 3 content creators who are aware of each other.

  2. Look at what's been working well by spying on other people's channels.
    You can do this using the top videos tool within Tubekit vid optimizer then right-click on the channel name you identify and from there you can go to channel spy and sort out that channels videos by views, dates and some other filters.

  3. Make a note of the angles and modifiers within the title look at the thumbnail, what elements are common between that and other videos ranking on the YouTube search results for the main keyword that's driving traffic and specifically make comparisons like I did with the 3 videos targeting 'Fail-Proof method to $150 on Autopilot)

  4. Modeling what's working for specific videos can also help with suggested video optimization.

  5. Try to recognize more of these patterns and perhaps develop a branded thumbnail design that you can use again and again. For example, what has worked well in the make money online niche is an image of a person, visualization graphic of the results and Big Bold Text (Just 3 to 5 words) telling the result of watching your video, or creating curiosity or like Erik from incognito money channel did in his challenging the viewer to try to

Lesson 1

A Tale Of Three Videos (Modeling Strategy On Steroids)

Within 4 weeks, Chad Bartlett created a video that got 150,000 views based on modeling of the original Incognito Money Channels video that got 91,000 views. A third creator (Dave Mac) got less than 4000 views attempting the same, and it could be down to simple thumbnail differences.


  1. Identify 1 to 5 content creators that are successfully doing what you would like to do with YouTube traffic
  2. Go through their channels using the channel spy tool and identify their top 3 to 5 video TOPICS
  3. Make a note of any interesting terminology, modifiers and also look out for any similarities between successful videos, thumbnail and titles
  4. Create a Google Sheet With Your Notes

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