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June 15, 2021

How To Rank YouTube Videos On Google (3 New Hacks)

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In my previous post about The THREE YouTube Video Algorithms Hack i told you about how we can use traffic to trigger algorithm factors that in turn help us to get long term SEO benefits for YouTube videos.

And in today's post i am going to show you more of this technique that i discovered recently and how it works.

But first a quick background story...

Up until now i thought Video SEO was straightforward

  • I would create a video
  • I would do some solid SEO best practices for YouTube videos
  • and publish

Yes, this stuff still helps for video SEO

But in today's world of massive traffic SEO on YouTube, its not enough.

To rank for competitive terms, you're up against top content creators.

Many of whom have (by the way) gone on to become multi-millionaires...

And so, they have added some serious resources on top of their already significant insights, skills and hard work that got them there.

Take for example

People like Brian Dean in the SEO niche.

Look up google how much he is worth, then sit down before you hit the enter button.


Estimated $25 million!

Personally i think Brian deserves every penny and a lot more, even his free content is really high quality and were lucky that he shares much of his content freely.

That's just one example of the competition with video marketing today, and it's like that with just about every niche of any value on YouTube.

So how do we compete, can we get a slice of the action with so many top quality creators already in just about every niche?

Let me share something that will open your eyes and inject some hope back into your system, lol.

So here's a major insight i learned about recently.

Most people think that you need to do SEO on YouTube videos before you get long term organic traffic

But the truth is

That you can choose to get traffic first, which will then trigger algorithms we traditionally optimize for with SEO.

For example

There are three algorithms we traditionally optimize for with YouTube videos

  • YouTube Search Algorithm
  • YouTube Suggested Video Algorithm
  • Google Search Algorithm

Each has their own built-in triggers.

Let's take a look at the Google search algorithm as an example.

To rank video on the first page of google

  • We know that it now requires timestamps (key moments) in the video description
  • As well as retention time (this is separate from the YouTube watch time algorithm)
  • And from my own experience... Fast high retention views in the first 24 hours has worked really well for me

And so by applying these 3 principles to a video, and driving those high retention views within the first 24 hours

- It Gets initial rankings on Google
- Which in turn gets more traffic from organic search results
- Which in turn increases watch time from that free organic traffic, to trigger the YouTube algorithm too.

So you see

We can and should still apply the solid SEO to our videos.

But we can choose to switch on the traffic first, so that the optimization we have done will take effect and help maintain rankings.

So go ahead and give this new technique a try. (leave a comment below if you do)

Think about it this way

You can start your campaigns with targeted traffic even in competitive niches and expect that you'll trigger the SEO algorithms too.

And if you follow my exact steps with YouTube discovery ads you'll get penny click video views

So for every 10 dollars spent, you'll expect to get 1000 views

In other words, 10,000 white hat, real targeted YouTube views costs just 100 bucks

If you could convert that traffic into leads, then how many dollars would you spend?

In My next post i will show you an example of how i did that and share some astounding results

Stay Tuned!

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