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November 3, 2021

Traffic Sculpting – Build Your Own ‘Go To’ Traffic Sources

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What If You Could Get More Traffic, Through Multiple Laser Targeted Audiences That Grow Automatically, Without Any Previous Experience...
And, That You Can Tap Into and Use Any Time You Need!

The Traffic Sculpting Highlights

This series of short videos go into detail about the Traffic Sculpting Course, Tools, Workshops, Structure and more.

What Is Traffic Sculpting?

Start Building Your Own 'GO TO' Traffic Sources Today!

Sculpt, build and grow your own personal ‘go to traffic sources’ through YouTube & Google video ads with a step by step system that works.

The Traffic Sculpting Structure, Delivery and Tool (LONGER VERSION)

What's Included, What's New and What's To Come

Traffic Sculpting Strategy Videos
Step By Step Core Training Videos
Chrome Extension With Resources & Checklists
Member's Only Google Group
Skype Group
Regular Workshops

The Traffic Sculpting Structure (Shorter Version)

Use this section to highlight the main features and/or main benefits of your product.

The Chrome extension will host all the training, with some training guides added to website.
The Google group will be for updates and group notifications, while we will also KEEP the Skype group.
You NEED to be part of the Google group to be able to access the Chrome extension.

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Tony Hayes

Hey Guys, we are going to be running workshops every two weeks, with the first one for new members being Scheduled for the first week in December. Please fill in the form if you are interested. and meantime here is some basic info on what Traffic Sculpting is about, what it includes and the various elements of the product.

** For existing Traffic Sculpting customers, we will have a workshop around 17th November to coincide with new tools in the new web app version of AdBlasta, and new training course pre recorded and within the Chrome Extension.
 All members can attend multiple workshops as and when we run them, you are not limited to just one.

The Traffic Sculpting Tools

This package has everything you need and everything i use myself, this set of tools and assets is way beyond any membership for YouTube traffic anywhere and there is even more to come!

Traffic Sculpting Workshops, Tools and Assets

Join In The Group Workshops With Significant Group Traffic Campaigns To An Affiliate Offer

The Group Will Drive Targeted Traffic
Affiliate Marketing Group Project
Split Testing Of Video Ads and Landing Page Templates
200,000 Video Views
Get a DFY WordPress Mini Site & All Ad Assets
Shared Access To Audiences & Email Lists

The Traffic Sculpting Landing Page Templates and Mini Sites (With Automated Webinar Tool Built In)

Get High-Converting Landing Pages 

Yep, you read that right, we have rebuilt what works for other people who have been driving 100s of thousands of YouTube ad views. These are the exact landing pages used, built into a mini site, deployed by WordPress Alpha and even with an In-Built Webinar Replay Tool To Replay 'Masterclass or  Webinar Replays' every 15 minutes.
Pretty Cool Huh?

The Traffic Sculpting Tools For Members

Traffic Sculpting Membership Tools Are Way Beyond ANY Other Traffic Course Anywhere!

AdBlasta YouTube Targeting Tools
AdBlasta NEW Web App (Bing SKAG & More To Come)
WordPress Alpha Affiliate Mini Site With Webinar Funnels
Automated Webinar Tool Built Into the Mini Site
TubeKit Alpha (Full Version)
Vid Curate Alpha LITE (The CORE Part Of The Software Suite)

Want To Join The YouTube Traffic Sculpting Program?

We will be working with a small group for the initial release of YouTube traffic sculpting. 
This is for serious, action takers only and costs $997.00 to $1997.00

However, we need to pre-qualify anyone interested to make sure we have the right fit.

Click below if you're interested to know more and when we have new workshops we will open more spots up.


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