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June 12, 2021

5 Top Tips From The YouTube SEO Checklist (Rank Sculpting Part 1)

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Today you’re going to learn 5 proven strategies to help get more traffic to your YouTube Videos.

For example, just one of these 5 strategies increased my video views traffic by ranking for multiple keywords without doing any extra work, with a simple tweak to the video title optimization.

And in this video you’ll see how this tip works...together with 4 others that you can implement today 

I'll also tell you how to access the latest YouTube SEO Checklist, which has just been updated with even more strategies just like these that will help you get more views on YouTube.

Just quickly before we begin, I would like to point out that many of these tips on this year's 2021 version of the checklist have actually been curated from watching over 100 Videos from some top YouTube SEO experts.

For example, I have included in this version of the YouTube SEO checklist

Tips from top YouTube creators like Brian Dean, Neil Patel, Ahrefs and more people you may not yet be as familiar with, but who drive tens of 1000s of views for every video that they upload.

This latest YouTube SEO Checklist has fewer items than the previous version, but these are the very best SEO tips that work and will move the needle for your video rankings and traffic

Here Are 5 Tips From The YouTube SEO Checklist

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Tip #1 Broad Optimize Your YouTube Title

I call this the YouTube Title ‘Rank Sculpting’ Technique

This strategy will get you rankings for multiple targeted keywords, by simply adding my broad optimization method

Here Are The Steps…

Front load your main keyword first with exact match

Add at least TWO more targeted keywords to your title (even if they are not in order)

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Tip #2 Speak Your Keywords

Think YouTube tags are dead?

Sure they are in the old sense, but not in the real sense which is when you speak them in your content

By speaking your keywords you can add them to your YouTube tags and if using a tool like TubeBuddy or VidIQ you can check your rankings instantly by going to the video page too, so by also adding your tags in the YouTube upload they’ll become your rank checker

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Tip #3 Use Timestamps (If You Want To Rank In Google)

Look at any Google search that has video on page one, and you'll notice they all have what Google calls 'Key Moments'.

If your competitors are using these key moments (table of contents, Chapters, Timestamps) in their YouTube video description, and you're not, then they will have a major advantage over your content for ranking in the Google search results

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Tip #4 Use RTO Formula For Your Description Intro

The RTO Formula, (More commonly known as ROT) stands for result, time and objection.

This is an effective first sentence for your YouTube description, then add your video title afterwards but within the first paragraph. This means your first three lines will have the RTO which people can see above the fold when watching your video.

Here is an example of the RTO formula

  • Result (e.g. How To Rank YouTube Videos)
  • Time (e.g. Within 48 Hours)
  • Objection (e.g Without Backlinks)

Full Title when you put it all together...
How To Rank YouTube Videos Within 48 Hours (Without Backlinks)

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Tip #5 Drive Targeted Traffic In the First 24 Hours

Use traffic that is warmer to your content, such as your

Email List (If you have one. If really should consider list building, I explain the easiest way to do this on the video)

Targeted Ads ( YouTube, Facebook Social Ads (anywhere the targeting is good)

Traffic Links (Quora, Forums)

Push Notifications (if you don't have it, check the video at link for this tip below)

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Bonus Tip - 3 CTAs (Calls To Action) You Should Have In Every Video 

1. The 'Subscribe To My Channel' CTA

“If you learned something new from this video, make sure to subscribe to my channel and get notified of new videos when I publish them, don’t forget to like and share this video too as it helps me with the YouTube algorithm" 

2. The Free Related Giveaway CTA - (Content Upgrade) In Exchange For An Email Opt In
“To Get The Very Latest Checklist, Which is Much Better Than Ever Before AND It’s FREE. Go To"

3. The 'Leave a Comment' CTA

“Please leave some feedback, it helps me product better videos for you. Let me know which tip grabbed your attention more?
Leave a comment below  to let me know right now"

Additional Checklist Items From The TubeKit Video Optimization Software

tip #1

CTR Optimize Your Title

Using Brackets, Year Or Question Mark (Proven To Increase Click Through Rate By Up to 38%)

Tip #2

CTR Optimize Your Thumbnail

Check Top Ranked Videos and High View Count Videos For Your Main Target Keyword, Looking For Common Elements (This Could Be For Example... Headshots, Smile, Logos, Icons, Product Image, Before and After, Visualization Of Results If They Watch The Video Etc.)

See If You Can Spot Similarities From Top Videos That Have Been Successful For Views And /Or Rankings

Tip #3

Target A Popular Video For Suggested Video Optimization

This is a Brian Dean Tip To Have Your Metadata Closely Resembling That Of A High Traffic Related Video. The Strategy Means That You Are Mainly Targeting The SVO and Not YouTube Search

I Tweaked This Strategy So That You Can Do Both By Adding Full Title Of The Video You're Targeting and Use Link To That Video As An OUTBOUND Link In Your Description. If Using Vid Optimizer Tools This Can Be Easily Done For Multiple Keywords With Checkbox Option.

Tip #4

More Description Optimization Tips

Make Sure Your Description Is At Least 250 Words Long With Closely Related Keywords Sprinkled Throughout. Add Your Keyword Optimized Video Title Within The First Paragraph.

tip 5

Use Hashtags

You'll Notice That Three Hashtags Appear ON YouTube Video Page When Watching A Video. 
Use This To Add Short Seed Keywords (Like - YouTube SEO, Video SEO, Video Marketing etc.)

Use It as Broad Topic Optimization.

tip 6

Add Your Video To a Playlist

Playlists Can Help Increase Time Spent On YouTube, Which is a Positive Algorithm Factor
Make The Name Of Your Playlist Benefit Driven
 (e.g. 'How To Rank YouTube Videos' Instead Of Just a Keyword like 'YouTube SEO')

Don't Forget To Assign a Thumbnail From One The Playlist Videos As The Playlist Thumbnail

Use Playlists As Official Series If Your Videos Are Like a Course For Example And Should Be Seen In Order

tip 7

ALWAYS Use The End Screen Video and Card Options When Uploading

YouTube Has Made This REALLY Easy To Do.

 I Normally Use a Playlist For The Card

You Can Choose Either Related Video To The One People Have Been Watching Or A High Retention Video.

Call Out a Reason To Watch The End Screen Video EARLY In Your Video.

tip 8

Do You Warm Traffic Strategy To Send High Retention Views Within The First 48 Hours?

I Discovered That This is Really Helpful In Ranking Your Video On Google Search.

High Retention is Needed In The First 24 Hours Ideally And The Easiest

tip 9

Join Our Exclusive YouTube Traffic Sculpting Program

Get 10,000 Views On Every Video You Apply Our ADVANCED YouTube Optimization System To.

We Need To Be Sure You Are The Right Fit.

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Want To Join The YouTube Traffic Sculpting Program?

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