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March 27, 2021

The THREE YouTube Video Algorithms Hack (Traffic Sculpting Part1)

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Most people believe that you need to focus just on great SEO, get rankings, and be above your competitors in the search results to crack the YouTube algorithm and rank long term with free organic traffic, but the truth is, you can drive targeted unlimited traffic today and use that traffic to generate the organic ranking algorithm signals that you need to rank long term but with much faster results.

Anthony Hayes

 “In fact, I struggled with this for years and would try all sorts of crazy tactics to try and get my videos ranking for big keywords. It sucked. And I specifically avoided even looking at white hat strategies that top YouTubers were doing, as I thought it works for them, but would take me ten times longer and if I didn't see it through with an epic effort that would make things even worse”. 

Then while cycling along the beach road here in Pattaya, pondering things as I do every morning, a light bulk went off in my head... I had a thought that almost made me leap off my bike. 

I realized that for YouTube videos we actually have THREE different algorithms, and if we could trigger just one to start making an impact on the other two, then everything changes... And i mean everything!

We have these three algorithms to optimize for with YouTube SEO...

  • The YouTube Search Algorithm
  • The Suggested Video Algorithm
  • The Google Search Algorithm

Triggering ANY ONE of these can positively affect the other two.

Boom! Game Changer...

What an Aha moment… I almost leapt off my bike (for real LOL)

Here’s why

We can SEND TRAFFIC FIRST to a well optimized video.

But, the type of traffic and the timing has to be right.

Just running YouTube ads, for example, won’t do it.

In fact, it has to be multiple traffic sources, and it needs to be executed with precision. 

But the good news is, that it’s REALLY easy, it’s so simple I could have kicked myself for not seeing it earlier, because i had actually used this method before and hadn’t realized it.

And in the part 2, I’m going to show you some results I got for that same video that I used this exact same strategy with, (before I even knew the implications) that went on to get over 10,000 video views and thousands of email opt ins.

Stay tuned, more to come.

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