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Major Ranking Factors For 2018 Automated

Vid Attack Alpha Searches For Your Video On Google Search Results & Views Video For High Retention Video Views & Improved Click Through Rates By searching for your video in Google rankings and clicking through and watching the video using Vid Attack Alpha.

By doing this we are increasing three of the most important ranking factors for video in 2016. Click through raterelevance to your keywords & retention views for faster and long term rankings.

Blog Browsing & Video Views!

Vid Attack Alpha Will Browse Your Blog Posts To Reduce Bounce Rate & Increase Click Through Rate! 

Improving visitors time on your site is also a major ranking factor by reducing bounce rate.
Vid Attack Alpha helps with that by finsing your blog post or any url on google search, increasing click through rate, while browsing your blog posts as well as watching YouTube videos in the post too for referal views:)

RSS Xtreme Included For Extra SEO Boost

Advanced YouTube RSS Strategy To Bolster Your Rankings Plus Syndicates Video To Multiple Social Websites!
An advanced RSS SEO strategy thats made push button simple. Coupled with social website syndication this increases backlinks to your videos, while increasing your video embeds for better rankings!
We have even built in a web 2.0 account creator to help you create hundreds of accounts to post to in minutes!

Rank Checker

We have included a rank checker so that you can find if you are ranking for a keyword before you set up a campaign.
The rank checker will check both Google & YouTube Seach Engines for your content URL plus the keywords you ask it to search for.

Here's Something Interesting That We Stumbled Upon!

Our Testing Shows That Increased High CTR Click Through From Search Engines Together With High Retention Video Views Increases Your Web Page Rankings!
... Watch The Case Study Below To Learn How

In our testing we found that increasing video views with high retention rates will increase the rankings of your money url if done in combination with high CTR click throughs from the search engines.

Several of my blog posts that i linked to from the video description jumped into page 3 from nowhere just with increasing CTR and high retention video views!
We have tested this multiple times now and the same results happen time and time again.

The Video Starts Ranking In Google First & Then Disappears From Google Search Results - But Is Replaced By Whatever Content Was Linked To In The YouTube Video Description.

This means that click through rate is definately a more ranking factor awhen combined with high retention views.
Even more interesting is that this indicates click through rates to be a more powerful ranking factor than bounce rate...This is my takeaway due to my own accidental testing for low time spent on the site. I accidently had my settings at 30 seconds per post, yet my rankings still increased!

Watch The Full Case Study Here...

Here's Another Recent One Where I Hit Page 1 For a Blog Post
With 5 High CTR - High Retention Video Views!

Other Top Marketers Know This Strategy Works Too...

Brian Dean Explains The Click Through Strategy Really Well In This Video

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1 Computer License
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Vid Attack Alpha

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Vid Attack Alpha


Vid Attack Alpha uses significant computer resources depending on how you use it for example if you choose the browser to open or hide it.
The software will detect your computer resources and will run as many campoaigns at one time as it detects your resources can handle.

Approximate views should be around 30 to 40 max per keyword targeted.

If you are having issues contact support and we will provide some tech support either via team viewer or skype. 

Geo targeting

To GEO target any Google search (.com or .co.uk for example) you will need to use proxies for that specific region


I recommend using dedicated proxies like SquidProxies, they are affordable and work well with our tools.


We recommend you use a VPS if you want to run Vid Attack Alpha 24/7, Our recommended VPS is Contabo.

I have included a special licensing deal for VPS users for 4 computer licenses with 25% discount as on the buy button to the right. We do not at this time provide any VPS + Vid Attack Alpha Combo packages.

If you have an existing license for the existing Search & Click Commando your license will work with Vid Attack Alpha. You do NOT need to purchase this tool if you are an existing Customer of Search & Click Commando.

As with all of our tools we have a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee. Just contact support at the url given to you in your license confirmation email and they will refund you immediately.

This strategy does NOT require thousands of views. Instead think of this tool as adding relevancy, improving click through rate and building audience retention stats in youtube and reducing bounce rate on your blogs.
Use it wisely and stick to 30 to 40 views maximum per keyword for each video and you will start to see an improvement in rankings!

Drip feed Your Campaigns For More natural views.

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