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Tube Synd Alpha

An Easy Way To Automate YouTube Syndication For Dofollow Internal Links
Bypasses The Limitations Of YouTube API Key Credits

What If... 

You Could Quickly & Easily Apply Proven SEO Techniques To Your YouTube Videos To Get More Links, More rankings and More Traffic From Google And YouTube Search

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You'll know you have stumbled upon the right tool, when you realize that your videos are getting ranked and your views are growing daily on complete autopilot, by injecting traditional website SEO strategies into YouTube with algorithm busting impact AND... It continues to provide results long term.

YouTube SEO may not be as easy as it once was- but try succeeding without it.

You are struggling to get and hold your rankings, you know there's MASSIVE traffic on YouTube, but you just can't seem to make headway for the topics and keywords that matter.
Use Tube Synd Alpha, our brand-new YouTube SEO tool that forces the YouTube algorithm to rank and drive more traffic to your videos!

Advanced YouTube SEO Strategies Built-In...

You don't have to be an SEO expert or need to know ninja SEO strategies... with Tube Synd Alpha, the strategies are pre-built and made simple by clicking a few buttons.

Learn With  Step-by-Step Strategy Tutorials

The strategies almost develop themselves by taking ranking factors proven to work on websites and applying them to YouTube with automation and best practices.

Keep More Of Your Money

With Tube Synd Alpha, you won't need to buy elaborate SEO packages to get results. Instead, focus on better content and let the tool's automated built-in strategies rank it for you.

  • Tube Synd Alpha Full Version (All Tools) For Syndication, Guaranteed Traffic & Internal Links
  • Reupload Existing Videos With Translated Metadata Into Assigned Channels For Each Language 
  • Create Powerful Video Series Links In YouTube Descriptions, Adds To All Videos In the Series.
  • Create Playlists For Tube Synd Alpha Campaign Videos For Targeted Keywords In Just a Few Clicks
  • Triple 'Video Rank Checker' With Unlimited Use 
  • Built-In Advanced YouTube SEO Strategies
  •  Syndicate Videos To Unlimited YouTube Channels With Do-Follow Internal YouTube Links
  • Title, Tags, Description, Closed Captions Translated To Drive Global Rankings &  Traffic 
  • 5-Figure Per Month Affiliates Strategy For Fast Google Rankings. Will Work In Any Niche (Local, Ecom etc.)
  • Hands Free, Optimized Playlists Using Top Ranked Videos  And Your Video On Top, In Just 3 Clicks
  • Works On Google, YouTube & Google Video
  • With Simple 1-Click 'Checkbox Easy' Options

Common Myths About YouTube SEO

Myth No'1 -
YouTube Links Are Nofollow and Have No Value

Linking to another video or playlist on YouTube from a YouTube or playlist description or from the comments is do-follow, meaning that internal YouTube links have not been attributed a no follow tag. While external links (like links to your website) from YouTube descriptions and comments have been given the no follow tag, the internal links have not.

So the question is why?

The only possible answer can be that YouTube puts value on internal linking within YouTube.

Myth No'2 -
Internal Linking Only Has Value On Websites

Now that we have established that internal YouTube links are do-follow, then we know they have value. Besides, why would internal linking only work on websites? Because there are plugins for it on WordPress? It's a ridiculous notion, easily dispelled and in fact, because so many people haven't given much thought to it, it provides a massive advantage to you, especially if you are using automation to scale with built-in strategy and optimization that is both YouTube and Google friendly.

Myth No'3 -
Content Translated & Repurposed Will Get Penalized On YouTube

Let's use WordPress as an example again...
You can translate your content into different languages, and there are even plugins that will make different folders on your website for each language.
Given that this drives more traffic and rankings and is NOT penalized by Google, then why would the same not apply to YouTube?
The key is how it's done.
With The Vid Globalizer tool we have built into the Tube Synd Alpha software suite, we actually replicate the folders' strategy by creating channels.

The key here is that all metadata (titles, description, tags, thumbnail and closed caption subtitles are all translated and this creates a more user-friendly content marketing strategy for the viewer in their own language.

Besides, it's been tested and not only does it NOT get deindexed, it ranks and both Google and YouTube.

The Tube Synd Alpha Advantage

Tube Synd Alpha takes proven ranking factors for websites and lets you not only apply them to YouTube, but it allows automating them at speed and scale, by clicking a few buttons.

  • Cross-channel YouTube Internal Dofollow linking.
  • Translated content repurposing that ranks and gets traffic.
  • Multiple strategy options using the above features such as cross channel, building channel networks, tiered channel structures, internal do follow silos or cross-channel linkwheels. You're only limited by your imagination on the possibilities using the Tube Synd Alpha tools and automation.

Its Super EASY To Use...

Watch This LIVE Walkthrough

Imagine if there was a way to get more rankings, more backlinks and more organic traffic without having to do any of the hard work yourself. Well, there is a way, and it's called 'Automated Precision SEO'. With this approach, you can feed the YouTube and Google algorithms the right signals, and they will take care of the rest. So if you're looking for a way to get an edge over your competition, this is it.

Don't Miss This Limited Opportunity. Kickstart Your YouTube SEO In Minutes And Gain An Unfair Advantage By Triggering The YouTube Algorithms In Your Favor With Campaigns That Drive More Rankings, More Targeted Traffic & More Video Views.

Here's How The Tube Synd Alpha Software Triggers The Google, YouTube SEO & YouTube Suggested Video Algorithms...

  • Do-Follow Internal Links 
    As you can see from the first image below using SEO Quake, the internal YouTube links do NOT have dofollow tag, whereas the external links are nofollow. This creates multiple opportunities for creating silos and syndication linking to your most important videos and send backlinks to the syndicated videos linking to your main videos to pass on some link juice.
  • Strategic Internal YouTube Syndication
    There are multiple possibilities and strategies that can be used with YouTube syndication. I recommend working with fewer videos when syndicating, and focusing more on strategies that will build  internal links without risking getting channels closed. We will cover these strategies in the member area through tutorial videos.
  • Hands Free Foreign Traffic With Just A Few Clicks
    The power in this strategy is that you can get more traffic for your existing videos and it's automated to be able to target multiple languages in just a few clicks in each campaign. Get used to using this tool as part of your YouTube SEO and traffic will increase.
  • Earned Views, Increased Watch Time, Channel Growth and More Subscribers.  Creating a video series and linking to all videos in the sequence, from each video, within in your descriptions can generate more views. This should ideally be mentioned in your videos as a call to action and those earned views will help build more traffic to your other videos while increasing watch time and session time.

SEO Quake Do-Follow Links Test For 'Internal YouTube Links'

YouTube Internal dofollow links

Drive Foreign Rankings & Traffic With Hands Free Automation

Foreign Traffic 1 Tube Synd Alpha

Video Series Description Optimization In Just a Few Clicks

YouTube Video Syndication & Optimization In Just a Few Clicks

The products included with Tube Synd Alpha are...


Syndicate Videos To Unlimited YouTube Channels With Do-Follow Internal YouTube Links BYPASSING The YouTube API Key limitations With Our Own Proprietary Internal API.



Reupload and Repurpose Existing Videos With Translated Metadata Into Assigned Channels For Each Language Including Title, Tags, Description, Closed Captions Translated To Drive Global Rankings &  Traffic 


Create Powerful Video Series Links In YouTube Descriptions, Adds To All Videos In the Series. This is a Proven 5-Figure Per Month Super AffiliatesStrategy For Fast Google Rankings. Will Work In Any Niche (Local, Ecom etc.)


Triple 'Video Rank Checker' With Unlimited Use. Works On Google, YouTube & Google Video


Your Video RSS Feed Syndicated For More Traffic and Fast Indexing On Other Search Engines. Plus My Top Tips On Taking This Further With Social Sharing Sites and Automation.


When you can spot whats working for  top ranking videos it makes your task clearer, we have TWO instant research tools to find top videos and to identify opportunities for content angles.


Get the most common tags used from top ranked videos, aggregated to let you tap into other peoples keyword research secrets in seconds.


The first comment under your videos can be used as a call-to-action as well as an internal do follow YouTube link. This is also a prominent place to add external links to get people to visit your website, blog posts, sales pages or affiliate offers.


Automated bulk syndication requires every step to be made push button simple. The automated thumbnail creator is designed to do exactly that, giving you the finishing touches to your campaigns with checkbox options.


Bonuses - First 50 Sales ONLY

These bonuses cost more than the price you'll pay today for the software, these are high quality bonuses designed to help you hit the ground running..
We'll Throw In 1000 SerpAttack Crowdsourced CTR Credits
Bonuses will be delivered within 48 hours
You do NOT need to contact us to get your bonuses. 
Our support will reach out and contact you
... at the SAME email used with your Paypal Purchase.

Press Release Video Embeds

We'll write the press release from a pre-written template good enough to get accepted by press release sites, and distribute it with your video embedded.  These are high domain authority backlinks and some gatekeeper links that Google loves too (Higher value). 
The number of links can vary from 200 to 400 depending on what sites accept it, either way it's a high quality hands-free bonus.
Value $47.00

Set of 10 YouTube API Keys Done For You

Although we have built an internal API for video uploads, comments and thumbnails, you'll still need YouTube API keys for the Vid Globalizer tool, and you can use them on other tools too.
Remember, this is ONLY available for the first 50 sales.
Value $47.00

Vid Curate Alpha (LITE)

Don't be fooled by the 'LITE' version name. this is a powerful tool for creating YouTube playlists, syndication and has some neat and ninja strategies built in, includes main playlist builder, Serp Curate and playlist cloning tools.
ONLY available for the first 50 Sales
Value $97.00

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Tube Synd Alpha

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Else Do I Need?

  • strategy

  • Can I use this software on a Mac?

What else do I need to use this tool efficiently?

You may need some captchas if logging into Google a lot, we recommend to use 2captcha, but we integrate with 4 captcha solving services that you can choose which one to work with.

You do NOT need proxies for logging into your Google accounts.

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