Weekend Special!...

Tired Of Using SEO Tools?

Test Our NEW Video Creation & Ranking Service!

Gain Access To An Exclusive Video Creation, Ranking & Marketing Traffic System
To Dominate Page One With Multiple Listings. 


So What Is This Service All About?

It's A Unique Video Creation Service And Ranking Strategy Done For You!

Using a Combination of Our Existing Tools and NEW Tools That We Will NOT be Releasing To The Public!

Over the past few months we have been quietly building a new super tool "Live Steam Alpha" for in house use only, so that we can focus more on quality SEO, Ranking and Traffic services. The goal is to take away the hassles of learning new software and get you straight to results as fast as possible without having to worry about the learning curve, or additional expenses such as proxies, captchas and more.

Over the past week or so we have been training an additional 3 assistants to create YouTube PVA accounts create videos and use our brand new Live Stream Alpha tool. 

As we are now able to produce campaigns faster and easier we have decided to revisit the price points of the service. But, to test the service using our additional assistants before we do that, we decided to do a weekend special on the bronze package of Vrank.

For this weekend only you can purchase the bronze package as a one time - one off purchase (not recurring) at just $47.00 which is a 20 bucks discount. This is for us to test our new VA's and this discount os for this weekend only!

This package is 80 videos, posted to multiple YouTube channels, spread over one month, linking to your money url and with additional SEO built in too.

Just To Recap ... Here's What You'll Get ...

This Is What We Do For You!

  • Creating Live Streamed Videos YES!
  • Create up to 8 YouTube PVA Accounts YES!
  • RSS Xtreme For Every Video URL YES!
  • Creating 105 Unique Video URLs For Each Video We Create YES!
  • Indexing & Pinging For All URLs YES!
  • Creating Tiered Backlinks YES!
  • Does It Work YES!
  • Secret SEO Strategies YES!

We Will Be Creating Multiple Similar Videos In Each Campaign For The Purpose Of Taking Over Page 1 For Keyword Phrases!

  • Use this to link to money URLs or money videos.
  • We halp you to craft compelling headlines as these videos will rank on their own too!
  • ALWAYS use a call to action in the video headlines and ideally have a landing page in your Traffic Funnel that you direct people to in order to build a list & retarget!



Let's Rank!...

This Is A Weekend Special Offer

...One Order Per Customer Only!

See Below For Details Of The VRank System

Monthly Options Will Not Be Made Available After We Have The First 80 Customers Subscribed!

The Weekend Special Package

80 Videos Per Month

YouTube & Google Accounts Creation

RSS Xtreme

Black Hat SEO Strategies

Does It Work...OH YEAH!


...Or When Countdown Timer Ends In...


Instant Ranking Using
The Video Domination System!


  • Is This Safe To Use?

Answer: Yes, the way we use it is safe to use & we will advise you properly where you should be linking to. We have tested this system thorougly and know exactly how to get the best out of it!

  • What Sort Of Quality Are The Videos You Create?

Answer: High definition live streamed HD videos.

  • What is The NEW Power Tool & Why Won't You Sell It?

There Are Actually TWO New Power Tools.  

I have decided that too many people won't invest time in learning how to use existing tools & that support is being stretched enough as it is.  

With our new power tools not being sold (no exceptions to this!) means that our services will remain unique, unsaturated & simpler to execute. 

Our focus for 2016 & beyond is creating tools based around our strategies that we train our own staff to use and provide done for you services instead :)

  • What Do I Need To Give You To Get My Campaigns Started?


When you order you will be redirected to a form where you will submit your campaign details along with your transaction id & zaxaa user name. We cannot proceed with the project if this form is not filled correctly.

  1. Your money URL, this could be either a video URL or your web site URL. 
  2. The video we should use or if your prefer, between 20-30 images we can use to produce the videos.
  3. Your main & secondary keywords (we will find 80-200 semantically related keyword for you).
  4. A good description for us to use (we will spin it).

We may have to advise you if we feel you are not understanding the power of this system correctly.

  • Can I Upgrade At Any Time Or Order Additional Campaigns?

Yes you can if you are one of the first 50 customers, just contact support at http://support.anthonyhayes.me/hc/en-us and we can upgrade you.

  • Can I Order Single Campaigns Or Just For One Package Without Recurring Monthly Costs?

There is a single month option, although the true power of this system comes from having hundreds of powerful YT links pointing to your money site or money video. Having hundreds of live streamed YouTube videos pointing to your site or video means the site will rank for those keyword phrases.

  • Who Is This Service For?

This video ranking system is ideal for local SEO, launch jacking, affiliate marketing & lead generation!

  • Guarantee

Because of the fickle nature of Youtube ad Google, we cannot guarantee the videos we create will never be de-listed or banned. We can and do however guarantee that if the videos are flagged or an account is taken down within the first 30 days, we will replace the accounts and vidoes free of charge. It is our experience that once the videos are over a month old the videos they are seldom if ever banned.

 © 2016. Anthony Hayes. All Rights Reserved

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