Welcome to my new internet marketing blog for product creation related info and thanks for stopping by!

The site is created purely for the enjoyment of blogging about things related i am interested in, which is internet marketing product creation. Other product creators and those wishing to create I.M products will get more from this than customers of my Commando SEO software’s. If it’s SEO training you are looking for then i suggest you head over to my KISS I.M Blog which has loads of free training videos. This blog is mainly about product creation, product launch strategies, creating effective and converting sales funnels and building a business as a product creator.

It will cover list building and relationships and other related topics and i have started this completely differently from any other site i have built in the past but writing 49 different headlines and saving them to draft and all are about things i have learned since i started creating products in 2011.

anthony hayesThis blog will also have a section called My Story, which will be some personal things i like to do and talk about, expect some real honesty in the section as i journey through life and leave random thoughts and pictures of my travels.

You will also notice i am not optimizing this site for SEO in a normal way, this is a blog that will have traffic from my connections in the internet marketing world and it is written in my own words and not focused on keywords at all. If you stumbled on this blog then take the time to read through some very thought provoking and revealing posts which i hope you will take the time to add a comment and some feedback.

I will be revealing some case studies that i hope will inspire people, i will reveal my multiple 6 figure a year recurring membership product blueprint, and will be creating some challenges along the way for you to join in and get results.

To hit 6 figure incomes for any product you need to have leverage in the marketplace. Most people will tell you that you need to have affiliates to do that and while its true in some ways i have done it just from my own list and my latest software suite “Commando HQ” which is a video marketing SEO suite with a collection of over 15 software’s. Sure i had a couple of affiliates mailing for it but they didn’t do that many sales yet and i still get sales for it every day from my own efforts.

Lets break that down a little and i will share some stuff that other people might not be willing to about their own businesses. At the current time i have over 230 people paying me $37 to $47 per month for Commando HQ. I needed 225 members to give me a 6 figure a year business. While there are cancellations i have now gotten it to the point where i have new people joining daily too.

I will do a complete breakdown of everything that i have done as a case study to create the product, get a list big enough to generate the sales, build relationships, and also the mistakes i have made and the challenges i have had along the way.

Let me ask you this, if i gave you the blueprint that you could replicate this in a 3 month period, how many 6 figure businesses would you build in a year?

That is the point where i am at right now, and the answer is NOT four!… There is nothing to stop me or you creating multiple products at one time and you do not need to do it all with your own list which i have achieved for the commando HQ suite. With affiliates help you can easily expect to hit 450 sales if it was a properly prepared launch and you have the relationships to get people mailing for you. What is key is the price point, the value you stack in the product and the ability to keep sales coming in daily.

All of this will be covered in detail throughout the blog so please come back  and visit and keep an eye for some special consulting offers along the way as i expect that when this info starts to become more widespread among the I.M community that i will inevitably be asked to help others achieve the same.

Don’t get me wrong, i help others every day, but time is limited and some of this knowledge is pure gold. For me to work with anyone i would need to be sure they are the right fit, that they can go and get results and have the ability to create products of the highest quality, that are unique and that they can invest the time and money into getting the products, funnels and other stuff done.

Its not done from a standing start either. By that i mean that i already have a responsive list, i have created leverage in the market place and i positioned the release of commando HQ to be a main part of the sales funnel after 2 launches i know were going to give me significant front end sales and estimated front end sales of 1200 to 1500 …which means that the list size grows considerably with that too. However, i will share the planning which goes back 6 months or so before those launches happened and also what i am working on now which is another suite that was actually built before commando HQ but is not being promoted at the money and two more currently in production.

One more thing, the blueprint for 6 figure a year product memberships is great, but there are multiple other revenue streams in the mix too.

Typically product creators make money from promotions for other people products and launches, from doing private launches, special offers, webinars and a bunch of other stuff.

How i do these things will be covered in detail but i can tell you i make a very decent living from revenue streams outside of the Commando HQ product, in fact i had to in order to be able to build it in the first place. But HQ revenue is now funding the creation of two more suites and a major update to the Tube SEO Commando suite too….These will all become additional 6 figure products!

The other revenue streams is what i live on and believe me, it gives me a very decent standard of living. Thats the starting point for anyone and so i will start the blog with that in mind and build knowledge, insights, case studies and training as we go along.

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