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This is a temporary page for download and tutorials until we have member site set up.


Your License Key Is Being Sent In A Separate Email

  • You will be sent the new member site details via aweber so please make sure you are opted into the list to get that and additional stuff as we build up to a proper launch.Please remember that you have purchased the OTO 2 version, so you will get all upgrades relevant to that version and we will be adding more to it including additional seo strategy tabs each month for at least 6 months.
  • When we do a proper launch in the next 2 or 3 weeks the price may look smaller on front end that you have paid, this is nothing to worry about as the launch will have a front end version  with far less features and upgrades than you have no and will be entitled to later. This is one of the perks of being on my list, you get the very best deal possible when i first release new seo software tools.
  • When we get closer to launch a few of my SEO product creator buddies will be adding some very cool bonuses for you, now as i do not do many big launches (by choice!) i will make sure that each bonus is relevant, unique, not over saturated on every other thank you page and something that’s complimentary to Web 2.0 syndication or WordPress SEO. These bonuses will appear in the member site so again make sure you white-list my email to receive those
  • Finally, a word about emails. I rarely email promotions, in fact its been less than once a week for several months. To be exact i have done about 4 promotions of other peoples products in the past 4 months or so. What you will receive is updates on my own tools, on free training webinars, on special offers at the lowest possible price for you as a subscriber and special offers too for existing software’s for weekly specials we are starting to do each weekend. In short, i wont spam you, most of my emails are special offers for my tools, new tools of mine or free training and if i do promote someone else’s product then you cab be sure its a damn good deal, a great product and will help your business and mine. Simple as that!
  • All good?…OK lets get started!

OK so first Download the software

Right Click And Save As Here


Next Make Sure You Have .NET 4.5 which you can get from here

Now Follow These Steps:

  1. Download the software
  2. Install the software, if your anti virus throws up a flag don’t worry, just click to continue anyway, there isn’t anything wrong with the tool.
  3. Add your license when requested
  4. Follow The video tutorials below to learn how to use the software, its extremely simple to use, nothing complicated, DO NOT OVERTHINK IT!…Just take action!
  5. Whitelist my email [email protected] and we will arrange for a webinar for next week, which will be sent out to you from this email address. You also need to have this email address for any support issues so whitelist in case you need to get in touch with us as this is where ALL communications go through.

Video 1 – Settings

[svpVideo v=1]

“Click Here to watch Video in Youtube”

Video 2 – The Account Creator

[svpVideo v=2]

“Click Here to watch Video in Youtube”


Video 3 – Adding YOUR OWN YouTube, Facebook and Blogger Accounts

[svpVideo v=3]

“Click Here to watch Video in Youtube”


Video 4 – Connecting Accounts to IFTTT and

Demo of creating Recipes, Its as EASY AS 1,2,3 Dont Overthink It!

[svpVideo v=4]

“Click Here to watch Video in Youtube”


Video 5 – A Walk Through of Each SEO Strategy Tab

[svpVideo v=5]

“Click Here to watch Video in Youtube”


More Videos to Come Tomorrow Morning My Time Guys

For the additional 4 Tabs, my voice has gone LOL:)

Got Any Problems & Need Support?

Easiest way to connect with support is either

  1. Send an email to [email protected]
  2. Go Via the ticket desk here https://anthonyhayes.me/supportdesk
  3. If you are finding response slow and you are in the facebook group connect with Yosh Anown who is member of the FB group and he will get your ticket chased up for you
  4. Any technical issues that cannot be resolved after the first support ticket response will trigger an invitation from my well trained (honest we  really are trying!) new support team of Carl Picot, Yosh Anown (Erloel on skype) and CJ.  Who will invite you onto skype and set up a Team Viewr session with one of our coders. 99% of the time any tech issues get resolved this way.
  5. Please remember that we are in Asia (Thailand and Philippines) so there may be delay in responding due to time zone differences but usually either CJ or Erloel are around.

Thats it.

Some additional info that may be useful!

  • Want to submit your own SEO strategy recipes? Please do!. if i like that we will add them to the software for everyone’s benefit. We will have a Google Doc contact form for you to ado that in member site when its up and running.Just send in screenshot of your completed recipes using “awesome screenshot” chrome or firefox plugin, remember sto choose entire page option in the awesome screenshot extension settings.
  • We do weekly training webinars which are focused on whats working now strategies, these webinars are FREE, no charge, and they are informative and better quality info than some courses you would be paying a lot of money for. All of these webinars are announced by email and you will find replays on this blog by going to the home page, tutorials tab in main menu and you can choose from the drop down menu which subject you want to learn more about. Currently we have YouTube SEO webinar series replays, How to build your own private blog network series and we are currently doing a new series on press release seo and after that we will do a series on WordPress SEO. Its good training, its free and its always focused on whats working now.

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