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Ready for a YouTube Kick-start?

Sick of wasting HOURS on YouTube optimization that barely gets results? Fed up with 'gurus' selling you outdated tricks while YOUR videos languish unseen? If you're ready to ditch the frustration and FINALLY start dominating YouTube, listen up...

What if I told you that you could have pro-level YouTube optimization done for you... without lifting a finger?

No more mind-numbing keyword research, no more staring at a blank title box. Imagine YouTube success on autopilot...

Enough with 'might' and 'could' – VidReoptimizer is the tool that gets you REAL results. We're talking page #1 rankings, skyrocketing views, and the kind of engaged audience that actually CONVERTS. And it's all ridiculously easy...

Let me guess...You've spent countless hours trying to crack the YouTube code. Maybe you even bought some overpriced course that promised the moon, only to be left with the same crickets chirping under your latest upload. I was there too. Desperate for a solution that actually WORKED.

That's why I built VidReoptimizer. Not from some 'get rich on YouTube' fantasy, but from true necessity. It started as a clunky set of scripts for my own channels...until I realized THIS was the solution thousands of YouTubers needed.

Tube Vif Re-Optimixer

YouTube Vid Re-Optimizer

AI-Powered Optimization

Vid Reoptimizer uses advanced algorithms to generate titles, descriptions, and tags that resonate with your audience.

Bulk Reoptimization

Save time and effort by reoptimizing several videos simultaneously with just a few clicks.

Transcript-Based Analysis

The tool pulls transcripts from YouTube, ensuring that your metadata aligns perfectly with your video content.

Key Moments Highlight

Automatically add timestamps to your video description, guiding viewers to the most important segments.

Built-in CTA Snippet Tool

Create and store multiple CTAs, and seamlessly integrate them into your videos for increased viewer interaction.

Revitalize Older Content

Give your older videos a second chance to shine by updating their metadata to current standards.

First Commenter CTA Tool

Turn Views into Action: Automatically drive clicks and conversions with perfectly crafted, on-brand comments.

Vid Series Optimizer

Maximize Every Upload: Boost watch time, increase subscribers, and cross-promote effortlessly with Paul Murphy's proven strategy – now at your fingertips.

Channel Description Tool

Stop Guessing, Start Captivating! Channel descriptions that build trust, showcase your value, and get those CTA clicks.

Triple Search Engine Rank Checker

Track Your Progress in Real-Time: Laser-focus your efforts with YouTube, Google, and Google Video ranking insights that ensure your optimization is paying off.

Super Simple To Use!

Step 1: Create Project

  • Create your project
  • Choose your YouTube channel
  • Choose your preferred AI

Step 2: Optimize in ONE Click

  • Import your video(s) 
  • Generate Meta Data in ONE Click

Step 3: Add CTAs

  • Create Your CTAs
  • Apply your chosen CTA to the project

Step 4: Update on YouTube Without Leaving The Software

  • Double click to view your SEO Optimised Meta Data (you can make changes if you like)
  • Click to upload to YouTube

Step 5: Add Timestamps

  • Add your Key Time Stamps

Step 6: Add Custom Social Links

  • Add CTA
  • Add Your Social URL

With the Vid Re Optimizer Bundle You ALSO GET:

UPGRADE 1: Vid Re Optimizer Pro

The PRO-Level tools you need to dominate your niche. Introducing VidReoptimizer Pro – the advanced toolkit that automates those crucial engagement and growth strategies, unlocking your true potential as a YouTube creator

  • First Comment CTA Tool: Turn Views into Action: Automatically drive clicks and conversions with perfectly crafted, on-brand comments.
  • Vid Series Tool: Maximize Every Upload: Boost watch time, increase subscribers, and cross-promote effortlessly with Paul Murphy's proven strategy – now at your fingertips.
  • Channel Description Tool: Stop Guessing, Start Captivating! Channel descriptions that build trust, showcase your value, and get those CTA clicks.
  • Triple Search Engine Rank Checker: Track Your Progress in Real-Time: Laser-focus your efforts with YouTube, Google, and Google Video ranking insights that ensure your optimization is paying off.

UPGRADE 2: Vid Re Optimizer Unlimited

Ready to turn your YouTube passion into serious profits? If the 10-channel limit is holding you back, VidReoptimizer Unlimited is your key to unlocking explosive revenue growth.

  • Multi-Channel Mastery: Juggle dozens of channels with ease, testing new concepts without sacrificing existing ones.
  • Faceless Channel Freedom: Launch and optimize without limits –perfect for those building content empires.
  • The Agency Advantage: Impress clients with a professional suite of tools, offering optimization services at scale.
  • Save Time and Effort: Batch process videos across multiple channels, streamlining your workflow.
  • ROI Amplifier: Maximize revenue potential – more channels = more opportunities to monetize your content.

UPGRADE 3: Video Content Edge

Double your content and double your traffic. Tap into Expert Authority and turn videos into unique, high-quality content.

  • Tap into a Limitless Idea Engine: Never run out of fresh content angles with expert-backed inspiration from videos across ANY niche.
  • Save Time AND Money: Generate premium, optimized content in mere minutes, slashing your content creation costs.
  • Become THE Authority: Share valuable insights while establishing your own brand as the go-to source, even if you're not the original expert.
  • Content Creation on Autopilot: Turn a single video into a library of articles, social posts, and more – scale your content effortlessly.
  • Data-Driven Domination: Use proven video engagement signals to guide your content strategy, ensuring maximum impact.

UPGRADE 4: Vid Curate Alpha

Boost your YouTube traffic and SEO with ease! Discover the secret to effortless video curation and traffic generation with Vid Curate!

  • Instant Traffic Access: Tap into high-traffic niches using others' videos – no content creation needed!
  • Playlist Power: Leverage YouTube playlists for improved rankings and extended viewer engagement.
  • Social Expansion: Automatically share and up-vote your content across multiple high-traffic platforms.
  • Creative Commons Freedom: Utilize high-quality videos freely for your own gains with our advanced filters.
  • Evergreen Traffic Generation: Create unlimited traffic streams with real-time content curation.

Introducing YouTube Vid Re-Optimizer

Ranking Proof!



All I can say is wow!!! I have a Youtube channel for my business which I previously made a lot of videos for but recently I've been too busy to update. I got my hands on Re Vid Optimizer which promised to reinvigorate my videos by essentially using AI (and quite possibly a little bit of magic 😉) and it did just that.

Some of my older videos had fallen off page 1 and were headed to obscurity but once I used Re Vid Optimizer to recreate 3 of them, two videos were straight back on page 1 within 4 hours and the third returned after 24 hours. I plan on using this software now to redo 25 of my videos and expect if they all perform like the ones above then I'll be dominating page 1 in my niche in no time at all. I thoroughly recommend Re Vid Optimizer (unless you're a competitor in my niche 😃).

Jose Marquez Customer

For years I have trusted any software coming from Tony and this one is no different. I have been using YouTube Vid Re-Optimizer with all the videos from one of my YouTube channels and it works very, very well. Once you set it up, it works quickly allowing you to implement some of the best techniques that work today. What was amazing is that when I finished doing the optimization some of my videos that were nowhere close to the first page started showing in the second page and later in the first page and some of my videos that were already on page one but far from the top started climbing up as well.

Soon I will start optimizing all the videos from another of my channels. This software will definitely help you grow your channel and your business. My advice is: Get It!

Greg Allbee Customer

As I watched the video of Tony Hayes demonstrating YouTube Vid Re-Optimizer, I got excited. I thought Tony had done it again, I must have this tool. But quickly these thoughts entered my head: I am old, I am not too techy, I will never be able to do what I just saw Tony do and the software will probably be full of bugs and not working in 90 days.

I am old, not techy and I was able to do exactly what Tony did in his video demo. And I remembered Tony builds these tools for his own use and like with the other Tony Hayes tools, they are constantly updated and improved. My son, the cautious reluctant Personal Injury Attorney let me reoptimize a couple of his videos and write some video scripts that he can use. He is no longer cautious or reluctant. I never was! YouTube Vid Re-Optimizer is a valuable tool.

Benjamin Hübner Customer

Coming up with a good video title, an optimized video description, and the right tags are crucial for success on YouTube, as we all know! Especially in this era where creating videos is easier than ever, I spend most of my time optimizing the video's metadata (not to mention the time saved by the other software features). While a tutorial video can be recorded in 10 minutes, it takes me twice the time to upload and optimize the video details!  Thanks to Tony's Vid Re-Optimizer Software, this can now be done in just a few clicks, even for several videos at once! The time to add timestamps or related videos is something I often didn't take, but now it's just one more click away! This software really solves a real problem and can save hours of time! Thanks for the work you put into this tool!

John devuono Customer

VidReoptimizer is a cutting-edge video optimization tool. This software is designed to optimize your YouTube videos, boost your channel visibility, and drive traffic. Whether you’re a YouTuber or just starting out, VidReoptimizer delivers results. Even if you’ve never dabbled in video SEO before, this software makes it ridiculously easy. Craft compelling titles, detailed descriptions, and relevant tags effortlessly. It also optimizes multiple YouTube videos at once and adds key timestamps and a lot more. 

Check out these bonuses!

The Ultimate YouTube Success Bundle – Get EVERYTHING Below at a Massive Discount

  • Instant Access, Incredible Savings: Skip the individual upsells and unlock the FULL power of VidReoptimizer, Video Content Edge, the Vid Curate Alpha Suite, PLUS all pro features and unlimited channels... for a ONE-TIME payment of just $297!
  • Dominate Your Niche: This isn't just software, it's your complete toolkit to optimize videos, rank playlists, create endless content, and outpace the competition.
  • Time = Money: Save HOURS on video optimization, content creation, and rank tracking. Invest that time into growing your channel and maximizing revenue instead.
  • Exclusive Value: The Vid Curate Alpha Suite alone retailed for $497. Get it as part of this bundle, along with tools designed to multiply your results.
  • Limited-Time Offer: This launch-exclusive bundle pricing won't last. Upgrade NOW and start building your YouTube empire on autopilot!


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Vid Re Optimizer


  • Vid Re Optimizer
  • Unlimited Channels
  • Transcript-Based Analysis
  • Key Moments Tool
  • Built-In CTA Snippet Tool
  • RankChecker
  • ScriptBlasta
  • First Commenter Tool
  • Channel Description Tool
  • Vid Series Optimizer
  • Custom Social Links
  • Vid Curate Alpha (Value $497)

Please Note That This Is A Windows Only Software. Mac users can access it through a VPS.


If, for any reason, you don't like this software, you can get a full refund anytime within 7 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a full refund.

Our 7-day refund window allows you enough time to thoroughly evaluate Vid Re Optimizer's power. We're committed to protecting our valuable intellectual property while ensuring you have the opportunity to make a confident, informed decision.

100 % Money Back

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