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June 18, 2021

3 Ways Your YouTube SEO Is Out-Of-Date For 2021 (How To Fix It)

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Anthony Hayes

YouTube SEO has changed rapidly in the past year or two. In fact, what we didn't know back then has now become really important for today.

3 Ways Your YouTube SEO Is Out Of Date... YouTube SEO has changed rapidly in the past year or two. In fact, what we didn't know back then, has now become really important for today.

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Anthony Hayes

You Probably Need To Fix Your YouTube SEO For 2021 (Here's How)

YouTube SEO has changed rapidly in the past year or two. In fact, what we didn't know back then has now become really important for today.

In this post I'll explain the problem and how to fix it so that you can drive traffic from YouTube with modern Video SEO methods that many of your competitors will not be using.

And yes, we have some video optimization tools that can help with this too. I have added details of those 4 YouTube SEO tools at the bottom of the post.

Modern Ranking Factor #1: You NEED Timestamps (Key Moments) If You Want To Rank On Google

Video SEO Google Search Key Moments table of contents chapters timestamps

If you want to rank on Google then you need to be using time stamps.

Fortunately the fix is quick and easy for new videos.

Just write an outline for your next video and you'll be able to insert some phrases that you can easily find later with the automated transcription to make an accurate table of contents for your video with correct timestamp optimization of your key moments.

Modern Ranking Factor #2: Tags (Are Dead?)

The Tags that you add to your YouTube videos when uploading are no longer useful as a ranking factor, however tags or keywords are not dead totally.

We just need to use them properly.


Speak Your Keywords Strategically With EAT

Speak Your Keywords Strategically With Expertise, Authority and Trust (EAT)

It's not just that you need to include your keywords, but you want a  script that allows you to strategically place not only your main target keywords (multiple times and in the right places),

But also 

Some related keywords and terminology that resonates with your audience, and lets google know that there is a form or EAT (Expertise, Authority and Trust) going on.

By doing this we can use the keywords both effectively for SEO and for engagement signals.

Let me know in the comments what you think of this strategy and engagement signals for YouTube SEO in 2021 🙂

quotation mark afs

Anthony Hayes

If you can combine my rank sculpting method (broad optimization) for your YouTube title together with CTR clicks for those exact keywords that you're targeting, then when people have searched for those keywords in the Search engines and they click on your content  you'll find it ranks REALLY fast for those exact keywords.
You can literally sculpt your rankings when you understand how to use this.

Your Title Optimization Could Be MUCH Better: You Need To Rank Sculpt (Bulk Optimize) Your Titles


Yep, you may have heard me teach this one before but my stuff often evolves fast and this one is no different.

This strategy is pretty straightforward and when you not only grasp it, but when you use it and see the results, then SEO changes for you forever.

I call this method the Rank Sculpting Method, because you can literally sculpt what words you are going to rank for.

Here's how it works...

Not only should we optimize for our main keyword and different targeted keywords within the title but we should also bulk optimize the 'angles' of your content too.

Here's how

1. Optimize for main keyword with front loading it in exact match

2. Now you're going to bulk optimize for at least two other keywords within your title, by ensuring that every word is found in the title.

Here's an example

If I have the following title...

YouTube Video SEO Software (NEW For 2021)

Then my keywords could be

  • YouTube video seo (exact match)
  • YouTube Video SEO Software (exact match)
  • YouTube SEO Software (broad match, because each word is found in title)
  • Video SEO 2021 (broad match)
  • SEO For YouTube (broad match )
  • New YouTube SEO For 2021 (broad match)
  • Video SEO Software (Exact)

You see how this works?

When I create my content and then optimize it i can literally sculpt my rankings.

If you can combine that with CTR clicks for those exact keywords when people have searched for those keywords in the Search engines then it ranks REALLY fast!
However, that's another strategy I cover in the ‘Traffic Sculpting’ course and it's completely white-hat how I teach it there.

Now we have the Bulk Optimized Title for keywords, but what about the angles?

So let's look at what angles we have so far

We have the YouTube SEO Software

And also

The 'New YouTube SEO Methods/strategies' angle is there too, although we didn't use the word method or strategy yet.


We could easily inject Traffic angle too

The Title length right now is 41 characters. so if we extend that to 

YouTube Video SEO Traffic Software (NEW Strategies For 2021)

Then we have title length of 59 characters (60 is perfect)

And our angles now are

  • The YouTube SEO Software angle
  • The 'Up To Date' YouTube SEO Strategies For 2021 angle
  • The Video traffic strategies angle

Normally i look for angles from the YouTube Search Results.

Not only have we optimized for a bunch of really good keywords, but we have also crafted three angles that are topical and in demand.

Obviously when we do this, we need to write at least a video outline (or a full video script) before we record the video.

And that takes us to a bonus tip.

Plan and prep first

Then you can take care of all three of these new strategies for getting traffic from YouTube video in 2021 before you even record your video, so that your content has a clear goal from start to finish.

vidiq keyword inspector

Using tools like VidIQ keyword inspector can reveal potential traffic volumes and also if you take a pro version then you can get trend stats too for recent and past timeframes.

However my favorite tool for researching YouTube is Vid Curate Alpha.

Yep, its one of my tools and its built to do exactly what i want it to do, in the video below you'll see exactly how i used this and why its a great tool for multiple ninja SEO hacks that can now be automated to make research, content ideas, and even creating and / or optimizing great playlists super simple

Vid Cuarate Alpha


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