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June 16, 2021

YouTube Traffic Sculpting FAQs

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Anthony Hayes

The Story

The YouTube Traffic Sculpting Technique Is an Instant Traffic Method Through Paid Ads That Triggers YouTube SEO Algorithms, For Organic Traffic.

I will be running a small group training and providing a step by step system, training and tools with lifetime access.

I've previously created some initial content and information about this system in the two earlier posts and emails.
Both these posts go into the strategy a little.

The THREE YouTube Video Algorithms Hack (Traffic Sculpting Part1)
Rank YouTube Videos On Google (3 NEW Hacks)

In this post i will answer some common questions that we have had so far, and a few other things that i thought i should include to make the offer clear enough that you will know if this is for you or not.

What Are The Guarantees?

I can guarantee that if you put in the work you will have reasonable retention time of your videos and that you will get 10,000 views minimum on every video. Sure we use paid traffic, but we have the tools and strategies and creativity to do that in multiple ways and each with their own advantage.

For example you can get 10,000 YouTube views at a penny each ($100) but that won't count towards the watch time in the YouTube search algorithm.
However, it will still get you 10,000 targeted views on an offer (your video) and that's a significant audience for your content.

Look at it this way.

If i run a warriorplus launch and i get 10,000 hits on my sales page from affiliates, and it converts at 10% then that would be 100 sales, and it would have cost me 50% revenue for the affiliates traffic.

If I run sol

o ads for list building and I get 100 clicks for $150 then that traffic would cost me $1150 for 1000 hits (not even ten thousand!)

Although video views can't be a like for like comparison, you start to see the huge value of what we are doing here.

If your Call to action converts then you are looking at rapid growth hacking in sales, trials, leads and list building.

So, the focus has to be on the planning and preparation as well as the traffic.

But yeah, I can guarantee that if you follow my system and use the tools I provide to make it so easy to do, you’ll get at least 10,000 views on every video that you apply this system to.

What I cannot guarantee is the effort you put into your content quality and conversion.
Some things you have to be willing to put the time and effort into to give yourself the best chance at success.

Content quality and conversion is something that every marketer should be willing to put time and effort into throughout their career. 

That's kinda non negotiable for a real marketer, wouldn't you agree?

How Is This Different From The Free Training That You Provided In The Past Week?

This is a step by step system.

If you think what i have revealed this far is good, then you'll be blown away with whats not yet revealed.

Knowing that you can drive paid traffic to YouTube videos is nothing new, we even have existing tools that i designed for complete beginners to do that. For example, the AdBlasta discovery ads tool helps you to drive penny click traffic without going through a learning curve and with complete predictability of cost and results, as the settings are done for you in a software.

However, this isn't enough, in fact its too predictable if you want to scale.

We need new audiences in an on-going basis and we need to pre qualify them before exposure to our videos that we want views for.

What you do not know about this system is the types of ads, targeting, ad scripts, and when to use each within that system.

The SEO part of this system is easy, the traffic part is easy too and will be made simpler with tools we are building but this system is designed for quality from the video through to the traffic implementation. It's not designed for high volume videos, its designed to take one video and blow it up with traffic over a period of days to hit the algorithms, and then if you're proficient maybe you can manage to do one per week at most.

The group gives accountability too, sometimes you need that extra edge to succeed, otherwise you absorb stuff without taking action, which is where many people in the internet marketing niche end up unfortunately, full of knowledge and no action....what a waste.

Will This Work In Competitive Niches?

This will get you a minimum of 10,000 views in any niche. This would be hard to do just through SEO but this system will bypass the slow start SEO and kick start the high velocity views from a targeted audience.

Would that be a success to you to get 10,000 views in a competitive niche?
You get 10,000 target viewers to your offer and you WILL trigger some algorithms along the way.
If your content is good and other metrics align positively then it will affect you positively for SEO too.

How Can I Use This For Local SEO?

Yes you can, but be clear about your goal first. This is also a great way to show a client what you can do for them at a very low cost to get long term recurring revenue and build a larger customer base quickly.
Proving that you can deliver target traffic is a powerful tactic with obvious appeal to every business that wants more customers.

What Tools Are Included With The Program?

You will get access to the exact same tools that I use, nothing more and nothing less.
Right now that would be Adblasta, TubeKit and Leadblasta Full Versions

We will be building out At Least TWO New Tools For Adblasta, specifically For The Traffic Sculpting Method.
If you already have them then you’ll have extra licenses that you can get a Virtual Assistant to use for you to allow you to focus on growth.

What Algorithm Gets Triggered With This Traffic?

Multiple algorithm factors can be triggered, but let's look at just Google search algorithm as an example.
It requires three things which are high retention views (not watch time which is something different within YouTube), Timestamps with solid SEO and a surge of views within a short period of time seems to work really well for me.

Getting extra traffic from Google search then adds to watch time in YouTube
And so you see, it has knock on effects.

What Training Is Provided?

Some strategies and methods I have deliberately let out already but there are tactics and twists and strategies within those strategies. We will have a step by step system to follow PLUS we will be testing new stuff as we go forward too. I already have enough for you to succeed as long as you do the work and have quality content.

How Is The Program Supported For On Going Training and Support?

We will have a small skype group initially, we may move to another platform later as we grow but for the first few people in the case study group then we will work, discuss, exchange ideas and results and continue training in skype.

There will also be some Streamyard sessions too for strategies that need more explanation or have nuances to a strategy or method for example,  that I may need to communicate more clearly and with a demonstration and FAQ.

Will This Work For Me?

Would 10,000 views to every video that you apply the Traffic Sculpting system to feel like success?

Then yes.

But the ROI depends on your content. 

Do You Provide Done For You Services For This?

For some traffic methods, yes we have services but not all.
I am looking for quality, fast turnaround and reasonable cost Video ad creators and short video creators as well as proven script writers too.
The faster we can work with high quality materials, the better and the quicker we can get positive ROI and ‘SCALE’.

How Soon Can I Get Started And Access The Training?

We will start a group on skype immediately and that will be followed by introduction sessions via private webinar and Streamyard sessions, these will be recorded. On top of that there will be some tutorials already done and recorded, for the SEO optimization methods we apply before sending traffic.

Why Are You Limiting The Spots Available When You Need Case Studies?

I have a limited amount of time and I need just a few action takers who believe in this enough to want to make it happen, and who are willing to put in the work. It's harder to find that in larger groups.

Why Is The Program Costing $997.00?

This training has multiple lifetime access tools plus the strategies are high value and really should be kept within a small group and for the groups benefit. For Example:
If you want to hit specific niches and 3000 other people have the same info with the same intentions, then the probability of success decreases. This is high value content, training and methods and that's before we talk about lifetime access to the tools.

After this case study group the price will be $1997.00, todays offer is half that price in order to get the first people in, working and getting results.

Want To Join The YouTube Traffic Sculpting Program?

We will be working with a small group for the initial release of YouTube traffic sculpting. 
This is for serious, action takers only and costs $997.00

However, we need to pre-qualify anyone interested to make sure we have the right fit.

Click below if you're interested to know more.


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